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Victory, they cry,
and I cheer with bullets clenched between my teeth
and a stomach roiling with leftover grenades.

Victory, they cry,
and I clap with my fingers still pinched around a trigger
and a heart beating in time the staccato rhythm of gunfire.  

Victory! they cry.
Freedom! they declare. 
Home! they say.

and I follow the trail of the empty bullet casings
     of the last echoing threads of death rattles
     of the trenches scarred into every countryside
     of the bombed out buildings staring like emptied skulls–
I follow the trail back home.

Ah, but no one ever said 
Victory just means surviving longer
     until the skies drop snow instead of explosives
     until home is a dream you don’t recognize in reality
     until your skin know nothing but the feel of camouflage
          and your feet know to keep marching in their sleep.

No one ever said 
if you hold on to surviving long enough
your lungs will remember how to breathe
and your heart will remember how to beat
and your bones will remember how to stand
but you
     will not remember
          how to live.

—  you win the war but you lose everything else ( j.p. )

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Cw caps:.....Had a woman come inside and complain that we missed an item on her order in drive. So she shows me her receipt. I didn't even ring her up for it. Which means She DIDN'T CHECK HER SCREEN. I was order taking at the time. I. A L W A Y S. ask if the screen looks perfect. She got mad at Me for it. GIRL I SWEAR. LEARN TO LISTEN. Actually Check The Screen When Asked To. This isnt the first time this has happened w people omfg I'm tired


“ Really is that all ya got ? Ain’t had enough from ya’ll… “
       ___ Blackwatch McCree

   {{ // McCree back in Blackwatch he’s a fearsome soldier. Operation complete with no target left. Combat way always adapted on situation that he face. Common weapon is 2 6-shots revolver, high accurancy with no miss on one target. Promote to: Side commander // }– {//Report end// Commander Reyes//}  
  [ He looks like Billy the Kid but more deadlier, later become Clint Westwood pffftttt , and I just dying that what the heck I’m doing in this drawing ;;;;____;;;;;] ]  

 Ah well 2/3 of the process I streamed online but then my streaming time was unconvenience for a lot of people so I did this timelapse video of my drawing from start to finish
 I hope you guys enjoy it m and sorry for the quality because the vid is from the livestream

{ I want you a lot }

Cheritz, thank you for making this game and letting me meet my ideal 2d boyfriend (●´□`)♡ I LOVE MYSTIC MESSENGER ///

I want to draw more but there’s still some school work I need to do….

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