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Well, first year is about halfway done (material-wise) so here’s a bit of a recap for what’s happened so far!

Sonic and the Room of Requirement (first year)

  1. Sonic received his letter, Professor Vanilla Rabbit journeyed to Green Hill Zone to retrieve him, Sonic ventured through Diagon Alley with Professor Vanilla and her young daughter Cream, and he got lost once in a moment of sheer terror.
  2. Sonic traveled to the school on the Sylvania Express, with a shockingly wet surprise, and he was sorted into his house. To round out the evening, he met two of the ghosts that inhabit the castle, an angsty third year, and noticed a troubling connection between said third year and a professor by the name of Maria Robotnik.
  3. Toward the end of September, Sonic met Knuckles, creating a tenuous friendship through sheer happenstance.
  4. Sonic developed a healthy dose of suspicion about Shadow (well, it’s healthy in his opinion; Knuckles disagrees and sorta thinks that his new friend is crazy), and he vowed to figure out what the third year is up to.
  5. In the middle of October, Sonic stumbled on the Master Emerald (after pointedly following Knuckles, so he tripped over something he was looking for), and helped Knuckles find a permanent hiding place for it in the Room of Requirement. After that, Knuckles taught Sonic about Chaos and how it affected everything–including him.
  6. It was around this point that Sonic had a creeping realization that his magic wasn’t working like his classmates’. Professor Robotnik mentioned something about Chaos, but Sonic was far too preoccupied just trying to get wingardium leviosa to work.
  7. Halloween dawned as a welcome distraction, both with the mystery of the Secret Room and by allowing Sonic and Knuckles to get to know the ghosts Mighty and Ray better.
  8. In November, the first Quidditch match was Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin! Sonic was totally excited, but also distracted by Espio’s suspicious behavior right before the match. Later, they discovered why and helped Espio and Vector with a very large problem.
  9. December brought Little Planet to Never Lake, which the school was situated on, and along with it the End of the Year Ball. Sonic was too young to attend so he spent the evening staring up at the planet, contemplating his place in the world.
  10. After the winter break ended and the next term began in January, Sonic stumbled (actually stumbled this time) on the Mirror of Erised one night. It revealed a few shadowy figures standing around him, not that he knew who they were. It was only after dragging Knuckles there and the echidna revealing that he saw his long-dead parents in it that Sonic began to feel uneasy about the whole thing. Finally, Professor Pickle appeared on the third night to set Sonic straight and the mirror disappeared after that.
  11. March began the famed Echidna Lesson in History of Magic for second year Knuckles. He struggled to stay numb to the whole thing, even as his own history was told to him like a mythology, but an innocent question from a fellow student set him off. Later, Sonic found him sobbing in the Room of Requirement and he tried his best to help him through his grief.

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FOR all NEW people getting into KPOP

HELLO and welcome to KPOP lol *laughs at myself* I will tell you about loads of kpop groups I like, will link you the MV’s and shows!

This is especially FOR @dithyk :D


Includes: BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, iKON, Jay Park, DAY6, DEAN, EXO

it’ll be updated along the way

Here’s a masterlist of several groups and their music videos, shows, social media, etc.!

Part 1 || BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, iKON, Jay Park

Part 2 || DAY6, DEAN, EXO

HELLO and welcome to KPOP lol *laughs at myself* I will tell you about loads of kpop groups I like, will link you the MV’s and shows!

This is especially FOR @dithyk :D


Includes: BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, iKON, Jay Park, DAY6, DEAN, EXO

it’ll be updated along the way



“Don’t let go,” Kurapika said. Calmly. Seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had turned from a controlled electric field into a force of nature. “Just let it burn out, it’s alright. It’s just St. Elmo’s fire, perfectly safe. You did nothing wrong. Leorio?” He could say nothing in reply. “Leorio, are you listening to me, you did nothing wrong. I had speculated this would happen.”

There was only one question on his mind.


this is my piece for the hxhbb!! I got @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic Cauda Pavonis (which is on AO3 go read it!!). it was such an honor to read this fic (even though I was slow with it) and it was so so good! i’m am honestly so amazed by how wonderful this fic was it was so magical (*wink wink*) and the writing is superb. 

it was a beautifully written dreamseer AU and i cried when i finished it. it was honestly so so good I could go on and on about it, but please go read it.  70k+ words that are completely worth it.

i feel so lucky to have gotten to draw for this (even though i feel I can’t do it justice) and i definitely plan to make more pieces in the future for the fic in general!! i just ran out of time lol. this whole experience with the hxhbb was so much fun and a great way to get to know people and their work. thank you


make me choose: Oscar Isaac or Rami Malek (asked by roykhaan)


Drew this pretty dork ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・fresh young blueberry son


taehyung teasing the puppy

Original: 冬コミ新刊2冊目表紙と青火漫画
Artist: 成馬なる
Series: KnB
Pairing: AoKaga
Translation: Tonie
Requested: nekogirlloveshomestuck
Notes: An idiotic cute story about pervert Ahomine and angel Bakagami. Aomine is such a big pervert…
And sorry about my ugly cleaning and awful edit OTL ;w;

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.:Got7 reaction:. When their crush sits besides them

Hello there! I’m sorry for the long wait 😭🔫 tbh is so DIFFICULT TO DO THESE IN PHONE (COMPUTER COME BAAACK) But here it is! Thank you and sorry again 💜

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He would be a blushing mess and he wouldn’t be able to hide his uncontrollable smile

You: Hi… I’m going to sit here, I hope it’s OK?
Yugyeom: No… NO! I-I mean… Yes, it’s OK… *laughs nervously*


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He would be so happy like, gosh. He would start dancing suddenly when you weren’t looking at him and his friends would be like: “Friend CHILL”

You: It’s too cold where I sit and here it’s more warmly and you don’t have a seatmate so… Can I sit here?
Jr: Yes, yes, sit here. *gif (and please ignore Mark(?) even if it’s difficult ignore him lol)*


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At first he would be a bit shy, he likes u and you’re suddenly by his side. Probably you would sit with him because he seemed cool and all and you probably wanted to be his friend.

You: Uhm… May I sit here?
Mark: If you want to… Then yes.

He would be the one who could act calm and be cool about it but internally he would be dying

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But then, after you two became more intimate with each other, who knows? Probably he would even became flirty with you. *gif*


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Because you where always loud with your friends, the only way the teacher could think of to make you stay quiet was changing where you sit. And, you know what? Yes, your teacher made Yugyeom and you change places, leaving you with Bambam

You: So… Now we are seatmates. Hi *smile*
Bambam: Yes, we are… *unable to hold back his smile*

He would want to talk a lot with you and even crack jokes here and there, probably one of the ones who will become easily your friend (or something else too…?)


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O.M.G. Literally, he wouldn’t even try to hide how excited he is AT ALL. Like you would come to sit with him because there where no seats or idk, and then he would start laughing and screaming and you would be like: ????

Jackson: Hey Y/N let’s eat together
You: Eat? Like… In lunch time?
Jackson: No, right now. *tries to take you out of the classroom*
You: OMG, WHAT??


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THIS SUNSHINE! I swear, you probably would sit with him because there where no more available seats for you and it was between him or someone who looked creepy af and you decided that the best decision was to sit with him, and gosh, the smile he gifted you when you did made you think it was the best decision ever.

Youngjae: Hello, my name is Youngjae *unable to think what to say, he looks to Mark for help, then at you again and when he saw you noticed it he smiled shyly*


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Would be cool about it… Only for 3 seconds because he wouldn’t be able to STOP STARING YOU. Like you where like really late and you had to sit here, because heck, Why not? So literally you where doing some flowers in your notebook (when you were supposed to be doing math problems) and you felt his gaze and turned around to see him

You: Well… Hello there?
Jb: *evades your gaze looking down a bit shyly while smiling /gif/*


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