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“Don’t let go,” Kurapika said. Calmly. Seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had turned from a controlled electric field into a force of nature. “Just let it burn out, it’s alright. It’s just St. Elmo’s fire, perfectly safe. You did nothing wrong. Leorio?” He could say nothing in reply. “Leorio, are you listening to me, you did nothing wrong. I had speculated this would happen.”

There was only one question on his mind.


this is my piece for the hxhbb!! I got @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic Cauda Pavonis (which is on AO3 go read it!!). it was such an honor to read this fic (even though I was slow with it) and it was so so good! i’m am honestly so amazed by how wonderful this fic was it was so magical (*wink wink*) and the writing is superb. 

it was a beautifully written dreamseer AU and i cried when i finished it. it was honestly so so good I could go on and on about it, but please go read it.  70k+ words that are completely worth it.

i feel so lucky to have gotten to draw for this (even though i feel I can’t do it justice) and i definitely plan to make more pieces in the future for the fic in general!! i just ran out of time lol. this whole experience with the hxhbb was so much fun and a great way to get to know people and their work. thank you


“Let’s live while doing things we like” 

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Drew this pretty dork ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・fresh young blueberry son


omg so i was so nervous when i met them and they were so sweet. the dude had told us only 1 picture so i said to them “hey can we just do like one derpy face”? and dan was like “oh yeah yeah sure. Lets do 2. 1 regular and the other derpy. and i was like omfg. they took the time to talk to me and sign my badge and they were just amazing. i was freaking like the 372th person they saw and they still were so nice. 

Phils hugs really are amazing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


as the song approaches its ending,
my heart starts to crumble

~Seunghoon x Color Ring~