omfg this site is dumb

i aggressively side eye everyone who says jared is “trying too hard”, “doing the most” or whatever the fuck for his role for the joker when they hear about being method throughout filming.

like uh…that’s nothing new?? he’s not doing it to be “edgy” or get attention.

he’s been method since he started acting. he literally starved himself and refused to have sex with his bomb ass former bae while filming requiem for a dream. he gained weight for the role he played in chapter 27 and he lost a dramatic amount of weight for dbc. even his cast members from dbc said they never met jared leto until press started.

so jared sending bullets to will, sending margot a live rat and staying entirely in character during the duration of filming is nothing new. this jared being jared. he’s always been a method actor.

he’s not trying to hype himself up or whatever ridiculous nonsense you think he’s doing.

that’s just jared being jared when he acts.

so kindly stfu.