omfg this picture makes me really happy

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can I request nyo Prussia? Your art style is so cool tho omfg I thought it was canon pics and I missed episodes at first omg

It means a lot really! ;; u;; and I hope you like the picture <’3

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Oh my goodness I absolutely love your Karezi drawing with Dave in the tree... Made my day 413% better, all your art is so amazing :) have a nice day!

omfg thank you! and you’re welcome B)

Anon: I love that snow picture of yours.  It’s so beautiful and the colors you used are absolutely enchanting.  And I also really love Roxy’s gobsmacked reaction to the snow because she just looks so amazed.  I just love your art in general.  Okay, bye.

Anon: You probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say how much I love seeing your posts everyday and those colors in your winter alpha kid drawing is so amazing it makes me so happy gahhhhh ur so amazing!!!

Anon: Both you and your art are lovely as hell

thanks a lot! <3