omfg this is new

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


omfg i just learned something new about botw

so i always knew that you could take selfies with the camera rune but i only thought that link could make this one serious face 

well today i discovered that link HAS POSES 

there’s tony the tiger 

the price is right model 

the ‘bout to drop some receipts’ smile

and my personal favorite…

blue steel 

I have three things i need to say.
1-Roar is aesthetically pleasing to watch.
2-Roar is aesthetically pleasing to listen to.
3-Please go watch it.