omfg this is my favourite thing ever

Okay, you win Hussie. 

Jade, Dave, and Karat going on shitty archeology adventures is cute. 

And their hive with the crab doorhandles and the SBAHJ doormat and the little potted plants that are clearly Jade’s work?  IS EVEN CUTER. 

I don’t usually go for poly ships, and I love DaveKat by itself to death.  But Jade not having to be alone anymore because of these loud, dumb, hilarious bisexual boys is maybe my favourite thing ever.  

Like, if anyone could pull it off, I think it’s them?  Karkat and Dave’s commitment to open communication post-retcon is exactly what you need in that kind of situation… especially if you’re Jade, who is constantly repressing what she really feels. 

(And no, possibly being poly does NOT mean that Dave and Karat aren’t head over heels for each other, omfg.)

morgaleigh  asked:

8 and 21 please :)

8. Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?

BON/RIN! c’x <3 (just answering for Ao no Exorcist. My first ship ever? I can’t remember. Probs either InuYasha/Sesshomaru or Naruto/Sasuke XDD omfg I was such a weeb) 

21. Favourite thing you’ve ever created for a ship?

Already answered! c’x 

honestly though the night of the malec kiss was one of my favourite things ever and how the week before satan Matt Daddario had us convinced it was not happening like the amount of speculation that was going on was hilarious and how he said not one theory was right and we were freaking the fuck out and then we were all her live blogging and waiting and then it happened it actually happened and I did not even fucking believe that it was real that man had me believing it was not fucking real i was physically shaking and squeeling and tumblr blew up like omfg everyone was talking about it people who hadnt even heard of the show were watching the scene repeat, people started watching the show because of that one scene and everyone was congratulating us i and many others in different timezones literally did not sleep i stayed up right through till morning my mother was here at 8am like wtf are you doing up so early? As soon as that shit came on Netflix i watched it on repeat i can recite every fucking line from that scene honestly nothing will top that moment all i ever saw for at least a month was gifs of the kiss it was such a glorious gay time in our lives. Iconic

5sos dancing

thrust thrust thrust

i swear to god they cant even dance they just thrust


they’re so cute





i cant

i fucking love them



what a cutie

look at his arms omg

they’re in sync aw 

omfg cake

one macca two macca three maccarena 

oh my jesus 

how long do you think they practiced that?

why do i even like this band

fuck yeah grandpa calum

this is my favourite thing ever