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4/4 You Get in a Fight With Another Member

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Author: Brittany (I’m back from the dead omfg)


  • Ok so I really liked the idea of this pref because I haven’t really seen a lot of ones like it (and Ashton’s is my favorite)
  • Please note that (especially in Michael’s) I know none of the boys would ever be so mean, just pretend for the sake of this pref
  • part 2???


“Hey, babe!” Cal called you from the bedroom, “The lads are coming over tonight, is that ok?”

You were in the kitchen getting ready to start dinner preparations. To be completely honest, you really weren’t in the mood to host three other immature guys. You had had a really rough week at work and still had more to do. You felt bad depriving your boyfriend of his mates so gave in. “Yeah, sure,” You wiped your forehead, “I’ll make more for dinner. Just try not to be too crazy, ok? I’m pooped.”

When the guys got there, you were sitting at your desk, trying to finish your work for the night. You were completely stumped and really needed to focus, but there they were. “Can you guys please be quieter?” You asked, “I’m kinda working over here.”

“Of course,” Luke smiled, “Sorry.”
“Not a problem,” You laughed a little and pulled him closer, “It’s not you who’s making all the noise.” You both glanced over at Ashton who was just cackling away at nothing.

Michael overheard your interaction with Luke and decided to do something about it since Calum was in the bathroom. “Hey, Ash,” Mikey hushed him, “Y/N’s needs quiet.”

“Yeah, no problem,” The drummer seemed to shrug him off and continued talking. Mikey shot you a sympathetic look and Luke rubbed your back. You sighed and got back to your work.

Just minutes later, Calum announced that he was going to run down to the corner store to get a couple of beers. Ashton seemed to be getting gradually louder by the second. Finally, you couldn’t take it any longer. “WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY? NO ONE CARES!” You yelled and watched his face fall. All the guys around you froze. “God, you have absolutely no respect for the people around you, do you?” You snapped.

You immediately regretted what you said as soon as you saw Ashton’s face. He looked so hurt. His mouth hung open. Ashton got up and ran to the bathroom. You heard the lock click and knew what you said was wrong. “Should we go?” Luke asked.

You shook your head, knowing Cal would be upset if his friends left without explanation. “No,” You mumbled, “I’ll fix this.” You traced Ashton’s footsteps towards the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Ash, I’m sorry,” You pleaded, “Please, I didn’t mean it. Open the door.”

“Just go away, Y/N,” His voice muffled, “You were right, ok?”

“Just open the door for fuck’s sake,” You persisted. You heard some shuffling around and the door clicked open. You walked in and Ashton sat in the corner, beside the toilet. You weren’t quite sure of why he was so upset over what you said, but wanted to talk it out. “Honestly, Ash,” You sighed, “I think you’re kind of overreacting. I’m sorry for what I said, but it’s not a big deal!”

A fury lit in his eyes. “You just don’t understand!” He stood up and knocked over a vase of flowers sitting on the sink, “All throughout high school, I was pretty much ignored. No one cared about me. That’s why I am the way that I am. It doesn’t matter. If nobody cares here about me like you said, I’ll just go.”

Ashton stormed out of your apartment and you tried to yell after him. “I didn’t mean it like that!” You called, “I didn’t know!” The door slammed and you were too late.

Michael and Luke came over to comfort you and Calum came back to a distraught household. “Shit,” Your boyfriend said sadly, “What happened?”


“So what are you up to today?” Mikey asked you over the phone. He was away, visiting his parents and constantly checked up on you. He always wanted to know how your day was and craved every detail. He could listen to you talk for hours.

“Well,” You said, balancing the phone in the crook of your neck while you painted your nails, “Calum promised to take me out. We’re going out to lunch and then to the zoo! I’m so excited.”

Your boyfriend laughed and chimed, “Alright, just don’t let him steal you away from me!”

“Yeah right,” You chuckled, “Calum’s the one who set us up in the first place. I highly doubt he’d try to take me away from you. I just can’t wait to see my best friend. It’s been too long.”

“Have fun, darling,” Michael said goodbye and hung up the phone, leaving you to get ready for your day out with Cal.

Calum had been your best friend for years and years. He was the one who introduced you to Michael and ultimately set you guys up. Lately, he had been distancing himself and it was really getting you down. When Cal called and asked if you wanted to hang out, you felt like you were on cloud nine. He told you all about what the two of you were going to do and you were giddy just thinking about it.

You sat on the steps outside your apartment, waiting for Calum to pick you up. You glanced at the time. It was 12:48 pm. Cal was due at your apartment by 1:00 so you still had some time. You tapped your feet while waiting. 12:59. 1:00. 1:06. 1:24. 1:47. Where the hell was he?

It wasn’t like Calum to be so late. You trudged back into your apartment and flopped onto the couch. You pulled out your phone and called him. No answer. Well, maybe he was just in traffic.

2:13. 2:38. 3:01. 3:25. 3:59. 4:09.

Anger flowed through your blood. Why would Calum ditch you like this? Were you even important to him anymore? You went on twitter and saw that he tweeted. @Calum5sos: With this beautiful girl xxx and a picture attached of him and some girl you’d never seen before. They were kissing and you immediately put the pieces together. Your best friend had ditched you for his girlfriend.

@Y/T/N: Forget something? Asshole.

Just minutes later, your phone rang. You had just changed into sweats and put your hair up. You had given up on the day. “Hello,” You grumbled into the phone.

“Y/N! I’m so sorry, I completely forgot,” Cal’s voice claimed through the speakers.

“I get it, Calum,” You said sternly, “Your girlfriend who you see all the time is more important than your best friend who you’ve been shutting out.”

“That’s not true!” His voice was strained and hurt, “I honestly just forgot. It doesn’t even matter. Just get over it.”

Tears welled up in your eyes. “Yeah, ok,” You whimpered weakly, “It doesn’t matter.” You sniffled as you noticed you were crying harder.

Calum caught on and softened his tone, “Y/N, you ok?”

Disgusted, you hung up the phone and bawled. Not knowing what to do next, you dialed Michael immediately and it was evident he saw both tweets. He snarled, “I’m gonna kill him.”


You stormed into your apartment and turned off the TV he was watching. “I’m mad at you!” You screamed, getting right to the point.

Your boyfriend stood up and got in your face, “Well, good!” He yelled and you took a step back. “Because I’m mad at you too!”

“Why are you mad?” You were appalled since you were the one with an actual reason.

“What do you mean why am I mad? You should know exactly why!” He snapped, “And I should be the one asking you why you’re mad considering I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong!”

You sat on the couch and ran your fingers through hair in frustration. Your voice grew tired and weak, “You’re cheating on me, Ash.”

Ashton looked utterly confused. “Wait, what?” He shook his head and sat down next to you, searching for answers in your eyes, “Y/N, you know I’d never in a million years.”

“I know you wouldn’t,” A tear slipped down your face, “It’s just that someone very close to me told me you were. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Just tell me what I’ve done to hurt you.”

He let out a deep breath and said, “You were talking badly about my siblings. You know how much I care about them. I just can’t believe you would do that to us.”

You wiped your face and looked up at him. “I love Lauren and Harry like they were my own siblings,” You scrunched up your face, “Where would you even get that?”

“Um,” Ashton looked like he got an idea, “Who told you I was cheating?”

“Ash, I don’t think I should-“


You groaned, “Fine, it was Luke.”

“Huh,” He scratched his chin, “He’s the one who told me those things you said.”

“And none of what he said was true…” You started thinking, “Is Luke trying to break us up?”

Ashton raised an eyebrow and picked up his phone. He punched in a couple of numbers and held the phone to his ear. “Yeah, hi, Luke,” He said, gritting his teeth, “Wanna come over for dinner?”

Later that night, Luke showed up looking very shaky. He knew something was up. As soon as he walked in the door, Ashton tried to take the gentle approach. “So,” He started as the three of you sat down, “Y/N and I were talking and it seems that there’s been some miscommunication and –“

“Why are you trying to break us up, string bean?” You growled bluntly.

Luke knew there was no backing out of this, so he gave in immediately, getting very angry. “I hate you guys together!” He raised his voice.

You softened your voice, truly curious, “Why? What have we ever done to you?”

“I hate it,” He mumbled then yelled, “I hate who you’ve both become! Ashton, you’ve become obsessed with Y/N. Like, you never let her out of your sight and it takes a toll on all of us because you’re just not present. Y/N, I’ve never seen you more desperate in your entire life! Seriously, you used to never be a clingy bitch! What the hell happened to you?” You bit your lip, trying to hold back tears. What Luke said really hurt you.

Ashton was furious and started pushing his friend. “Get the fuck out! You asshole! Don’t you ever come back here, Luke!” He screamed and slammed the door in his face.


You and Luke were lying in bed one night and he could tell something was wrong. You had your hand and head on his chest while he twirled your hair around one finger. He could feel how tense you were and needed to know you were ok before going to sleep. “So are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?” His voice was tired.

“Nothing’s bothering me, Luke,” You said and nuzzled into his warm embrace, “Just go to bed, you’re exhausted.”

“You know I’m not going to get a wink of sleep until you tell me what’s wrong. I need to know my princess is ok.”

You sat up a little and sighed. “It’s just,” You started with hesitance, “When you introduced me to all your friends, they all seemed to like me except one. I thought maybe it was just my imagination but as I spend more and more times with the guys, I’ve realized Michael really doesn’t talk to me at all. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.”

Luke rubbed his eyes, trying to stay awake for you. “You’ve done nothing wrong, you’re perfect,” He smiled and booped your nose, “I hate to do this, but can we talk about this in the morning? I’m about to pass out.”

“We don’t need to talk about it, but yeah, you should go to sleep,” You sighed “Night, babe.” You kissed his forehead, but he was already asleep.

In the morning, you woke up to a half empty bed. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. It was weird because normally you were up before Luke. You got out of bed and walked into his kitchen. There, sitting at the table, was Michael Clifford.

“What are you doing in Luke’s apartment?” He snarled.

“Uh, I spent the night,” You raised an eyebrow, “I am his girlfriend you know.” He didn’t reply. “So where is he?”

Michael shrugged, “He called me over here and then skipped out to get some breakfast. I wasn’t told you were going to be here too.”

“And I sure wasn’t expecting to be greeted by you first thing in the morning, sunshine,” You rolled your eyes and he scoffed at the nickname.

A couple of minutes of silence went by with complete and utter silence. Michael continuously glared at you and you were getting sick of it. “What is your problem with me?” You blurted out all of the sudden. He stayed quiet. “Come on, Michael,” You urged, “Just spill it.”

“Alright, you really want to know?” Michael questioned and stood up. You nodded eagerly. “Fine!” He shouted, “I think you’re playing him?”

You widened your eyes in shock. “What?” You exclaimed, “Dude, what are you talking about?”

He knocked over the chair he had been sitting on. “You’re probably only with him for the fame and money,” Michael sneered, “And I think you’re a dirty little whore who doesn’t have anyone else to go to.”

“Shut up!”

“Do not tell me to shut up, slut!” Michael threw the bowl of fruit sitting on the table and you screamed, “Luke doesn’t deserve you!”

You ran out of the apartment, sobbing, and scared out of your mind. You ran into Luke as you fled down the stairs. He caught you just as you were about to fall. “Oh my god, Y/N, what happened?” Luke’s voice shook when he saw how distressed you were.

“I’m not just with you for the money I swear!” You bawled.

“What? I know that!” Luke claimed, and then realized what had happened, “What did Michael say to you?”

You clung onto his shirt and wept, “I love you, Luke. Please believe me!”

“I know, I know-,” He cut himself off, “Wait, you love me?” It was the first time either of you had said it…

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I dont think anyone could understand my love for Key

I mean just look at him

his aegyo is just adorable

his smile is just perfect, he is perfect

I love him so much, hes the cutest thing ever

But behind this cute boy is the following…



*fucking cries*

I have no words…


And behind this sexy and cute boy, hes is the major diva of SHINee and Kpop


Perfect just perfect <3

What do you get when you cross sexy and a diva? Key <3

And besides his diva self, he can make any outfit or hair look daebak. But my favorite hair style of his was the blonde and pink

He just looks really adorable AND sexy AND cute in this hair

I just love this hair style for some reason (just like how I love Jonghyun’s brown with blonde hair like in 2009 or 2010)


I have an Obsession (hehe pun) to this hair xD

Anyways Key is part of one of my OTPs Jongkey <3

Jongkey is fucking love ok? Look how fucking cute this is

The best part about this picture is that its real

These 2 gifs of them grinding up against each other is proof Jongkey is real because this happened very recently ;) Ive noticed Jongkey has been VERRRRY affectionate lately ever since Key was on WGM


And that concludes my explanation of how much I love Key and Ill never EVER stop <3