omfg this is just too funny

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OMFG THIS IS SO FUNNY HFJGUKSJFB well thank you! and it’s too bad, if you knew it was me you should have said hi to me!!


fucking get rekt, maxie

oh my god this headcanon was so funny i had to go all out with it omfg thANK YOU

all i could imagine was ex team magma and aqua on vacation. with the bad tourist polo shirts and cargo shorts and tube socks and everything. and i just imagined archie dragging all of them to the front row of the shamu show on purpose and yeAH

now all i imagine is maxie screaming ‘archie, my shorts are CHAFING’ and archie is just too giddy to care

can we take a moment to appreciate that St Trinian’s was basically built around Colin Firth being in that film because it kills me like: 

 - compulsory colin firth wet shirt scene 

- colin pushed into a fountain (cheeky nod to “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” quite possibly?)

 - reference to his appearance in “Girl With The Pearl Earring” which is also the painting they try to steal from the national gallery  - one of the answers during their quiz show being Pride & Prejudice (may just be coincidence but Man cmon its too good) 

 - dog is called Mr Darcy and when it stars humping Colin’s leg he shakes it off and it flies out of a window and into a lawNMOWER???? 

 - references between colin and rupert everett to the film “Another Country” which they both starred in

basically if you needed any more reason to watch st trinian’s this is it (also, yknow, colin firth is in it)

Hardships of a Fangirl
  • Me: *reads a fanfic on my phone in public*
  • Fanfic: *cute scene happens*
  • Person: she's really interested in her phone I wonder what she's thinking
  • Me: *internally screaming* my otp omfg what even gave you the right stop that I can't handle omfg adskjfa;sklf STOP THAT I CANT EVEN I JUST CANT UGH MY FEEL GOD DANGIT stupid dorks I hate you but I love you guys too ugh wtf I WANNA SCREAM ABOUT MY OTP AND SHARE MY FEELINGS WITH OTHERS NOW BUT I CANT
  • Person: yea she's really interested in it, I wonder why she can't stop smiling. It must be something really funny.
Simon: Lock the door

Requested: Anon ‘Can you make a SMUT (idk what it standa for but its for older audiences) about a sidemen walking in on you RIGHT AFTER the climax of the sex. It would be hilarious. After the most intense part a sidemen would walk in. Omfg this would be so funny. Do it for Tobi and Simon plz’

Warnings: Sexual events, swearing (nothing too major though)

A/N: This was the funniest thing to write ever! Got some other boys imagines coming very soon, I’ve realised that I’ve done way more Simon imagines than any other guy oops. Anyway, thank you for requesting and enjoy! x

Both of you were panting heavily, sweaty foreheads pressed together, moans escaping.

“Hey Simon, are you ready for-holy shit never mind.” Tobi said, backing away and quickly running out slamming the door behind.

You both just stared at one other and Simon started laugh, before you whacked him in the chest, making him stop.

“Simon!” You shouted, feeling mortified at what just happened.

“Ouch. That hurt.” He pouted, rubbing the area you just hit him at.

“How can you be laughing right now? Tobi just walked in on us doing the dirty and all you can do is laugh?” You questioned.

“It’s not that bad, we were under the covers and I was on top. It’s not like he fully saw you naked.” He explained sitting up, not really making you feel better in this situation.

“You were the one who said that you locked the damn door! I knew I should’ve checked!” You exasperated.

“Calm down babe, there are more embarrassing things he could’ve walked into, It’s not the end of the world, besides at least it wasn’t JJ.” Simon reassured you.

“I guess you’re right.” You sighed,

“I’m always right.” He stated, smugly.

“Yeah alright.” You said, rolling your eyes at him.

“I’m right about loving you.” Simon smiled, holding your hands.

“That you are. And next time, I’ll lock the door.” You stated.

“Oooh, there’s going to be a next time aye.” He joked, you hit him again.

“There won’t be if you keep acting like this, Mr.” You playfully warned him.

“Whatever you say, I know you can’t resist me.”

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Um, yeah, bad at making friends anon here. A REALLY CUTE GIRL FROM MY SCHOOL IS NOW FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM AND NOW SHE'S TALKING TO ME AND I PANICKED BECAUSE SHE MEANT TO TYPE HEY BUT SAID HEU INSTEAD AND I WAS LIKE 'whatdoesthatmean??? Isthisinternetslangidontknow???? Wat' AND IM YELLING (I'm so gay and this girl is too cute for me I'm dying help me, she followed me because I'm funny apparently)

FAM SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE LIKES YOU 0 : heck you’ve been blessed!! just be yourself and keep talking to her, she’s clearly interested in talking to you so you’ve already got an advantage :D This is rlly gay keep it up omfg

The Signs According To People I Know
  • Aries: Really sweet, kindhearted, gets annoyed easily
  • Taurus: foodie :)
  • Gemini: you talk way too much but I like it because you can keep a conversation going. But the split personalities drive me nuts
  • Cancer: emotional but really adorable and goofy when with friends :)
  • Leo: self centered omfg you have no chill at all, you love getting attention from people but you have a really bad temper
  • Virgo: really chill, intelligent, and you're like funny and shit idk
  • Libra: you flirt with almost everyone but it's fine, it's just who you are I guess, oh and eyebrows stay on point
  • Scorpio: bitch face always activated, you hate almost everyone, no chill whatsoever, really funny and a good liar
  • Sagittarius: sassy, sarcastic, nice, you have a great way with words and you're really honest oh & babe asf ❤️
  • Capricorn: mommy af you Caps keep me focused when Scorpio got me about to lose my shit
  • Aquarius: I'm sorry for your future children... Jkjk um you guys are funny as hell, you like being alone when your upset but then again so do I ;)
  • Pisces: I'm sorry but I don't trust most of you, you guys enjoy getting high, you're usually really bubbly and happy, most of you I know daydream a lot, shortest attention span ever.

04.30.2015 - “You don’t have to act so brave.”

Finally finished this! I wanted to draw Ed for a while, and when I found out Netflix is pulling fma off their list, I just had to watch Brotherhood one last time. FMA is like.. all cool and funny, but at it’s core, it’s a really sad heartfelt story. I cry so many times watching it! I love Ed and Alphonse! ;A; soo much.. will make this a print for fanime too

me trying to decide what my favorite song from Waitress is
  • Me: "She Used to Be Mine" is just amazing
  • Me: But "Everything Changes" and "I Didn't Plan It" are such amazing solos too!
  • Me: And "Door Number Three" is lowkey a really good solo too (minus Earl talking)
  • Me: But the group numbers...
  • Me: "When He Sees Me" is so funny omfg
  • Me: "Bad Idea" though (and its reprise because who doesn't love some "In the dark dark-chocolate pie")
  • Me: "It Only Takes A Taste" and "You Matter to Me" are both so GOOD how am I supposed to decide on this?
  • Me: And "What's Inside" starts off the show on such a good note ugh deciding this is so hard.
  • Me: "Lulu's Pie Song" will probs make you cry but like I don't mind because it's so adorable????
  • Me: Also any time Ogie "Never Getting Rid of Me" and "I Love You Like A Table." HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THOSE?
  • Me: OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT ABOUT "A Soft Place To Land." THE HARMONIES!!!!!!1111!!!11!!
  • Me: But "Waiting Room" has literally been stuck in my head all day so maybe that's my favorite?
  • Me:
  • Me: Yeah I can't choose either.

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iyo what are the weirdest ben c interviews

tbf every single one is weird in varying ways but this is peak, it’s so chaotic and kinda uncomfortable i guess, but ultimately wholesome, he’s an angel

the three-word stories and madlib theatre games with jimmy fallon are weird too but in a different way, he’s just.. being his genuinely really weird self and it’s funny and cute

also fghjfkfnfjkf goddddddddddddddddd

the signs based off people i know

Aries: really punk rock. loud and outspoken. always seem confident, even if deep down they aren’t. fun to be around.
Taurus: sweet, strong, highly intelligent. athletic. the kind of people who are nice to you even if you’re outside of their clique and you really don’t have much in common.
Gemini: hilarious omfg. always knows the right things to say. loves reading and learning about what they find interesting. asks really good questions. also has cute clothes. 
Cancer: super emotional. can’t function if things don’t go their way. funny, but easily offended. it’s like they have too many emotions to fit into their feeble human bodies or something idk what their deal is but i try to stay away from the ones i know 
Leo: i know some who are really loud and others who are really quiet but either way they speak with confidence and pretty much just radiate positive energy all the time. they always try to make everyone happy.
Virgo: total drama queens but that’s ok. the ones i know are either drug addicts or really fuckin talented musicians or both. the ones who party all night but still get good grades.
Libra: probably can be found in a garden or something. laughs a lot. also cries a lot. they do a good job of making people think they are happy and carefree but sometimes they just break down out of nowhere. 
Scorpio: rockstar aesthetic. most likely to have tons of tattoos and a leather jacket. really funny and also have a sweet/sensitive side. super romantic and caring. tries to live life to the fullest.
Sagittarius: loves to party. really pretty, really loud, really dramatic. sometimes they get annoying tbh but it’s usually just because they’re having fun and i still like to have them around.
Capricorn: they need to be in control. they have no idea how to express their emotions and you’ll probably never know what’s really going on in their head. most likely to rip your heart into a million tiny pieces with a smile on their face
Aquarius: mystical creatures who have no emotions. possibly aliens in disguise. good at art and telling jokes. also good at confusing you but they look fabulous while doin it
Pisces: emo cry babies with a good sense of humor. good at musical things. also nerdy but in a way that everyone still wants to be friends with them. 


“Don’t let go,” Kurapika said. Calmly. Seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had turned from a controlled electric field into a force of nature. “Just let it burn out, it’s alright. It’s just St. Elmo’s fire, perfectly safe. You did nothing wrong. Leorio?” He could say nothing in reply. “Leorio, are you listening to me, you did nothing wrong. I had speculated this would happen.”

There was only one question on his mind.


this is my piece for the hxhbb!! I got @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic Cauda Pavonis (which is on AO3 go read it!!). it was such an honor to read this fic (even though I was slow with it) and it was so so good! i’m am honestly so amazed by how wonderful this fic was it was so magical (*wink wink*) and the writing is superb. 

it was a beautifully written dreamseer AU and i cried when i finished it. it was honestly so so good I could go on and on about it, but please go read it.  70k+ words that are completely worth it.

i feel so lucky to have gotten to draw for this (even though i feel I can’t do it justice) and i definitely plan to make more pieces in the future for the fic in general!! i just ran out of time lol. this whole experience with the hxhbb was so much fun and a great way to get to know people and their work. thank you