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This is what a blessing looks like. 


I’d imagine that the Azir and Nasus would, on the rare occasion that both had the free time to, would end up playing a couple of board games against one another, talking shop the whole while.

Although sometimes Nasus might drag the poor hawk away from whatever he was fussing over, to give him a long-overdue break.

Except most of the time they couldn’t choose which one to settle on, and just play several at the same time.

If I read one more whining post about why all the female characters are so ugly in ME:Andromeda I’m going to go on a comments rampage. Quite aside from the fact that the characters are NOT ugly (and it shouldn’t matter even if by your shit subjective pov if they are), suck it up dumbass. Women are not put on earth solely for your dubious pleasures. We had to live with a decidedly off-putting male gaze throughout ME and I sincerely hope they’ve abandoned that this time round.

30+ Daenery Targaryen Icons + Doodles [requested by @daenyrstargryen ]

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Pocky Game, 3rd Years OT3 Edition ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Chat: Zen vs Jumin Me: More like Zen x Jumin @mysticleafy

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