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Neighbour In Danger

MXM’s / Produce 101’s Im Youngmin X Reader 

TW: mentions of alcohol, smoking, violence, sexual harassment 

Word count: 1868

• You’re walking back down a shady ass lane after school 

• it’s hella creepy so something’s bound to happen 

• neighbour! Youngmin ( saves the day ) says hi  

• ft. created character Jessica 



thank you for requesting this anon, hope you like it :))) sorry it took SO INCREDIBLY LONG I SHOULD QUIT 

Fun fact: my school actually has night study sessions 


You groaned, rubbing your temples and slammed your mathematics textbook shut, the sudden thud cut through the graveyard like silence in the library yet every student was too focussed on their material to even flinch at the noise. 

You glanced at the clock. 

10.12 pm. 

You should have started to head back home about an hour ago, as your house was pretty far away from your college but of course, you were too engrossed in your notes and hadn’t realised how fast time had flown by. It had been an exhausting Friday at school, the last thing you wanted was to stay any later for night study. 

Your best friend, Jessica, who you had come to the night study session with, barely noticed when you stood up and pushed you chair in. Of course, you could wait for her to wrap up and take a taxi home together but she lived within walking distance… it was late and dangerous for anyone out though. 

“Jess, let’s go. It’s so late already,” you hissed, tapping on her shoulder. 

She nodded, packing up her books and stationery. You bid the sleeping librarian goodbye and ventured out into the night. It was weird to see campus which was usually bustling with life deserted like a ghost town. 

“There’s no way we can get a taxi at this hour, school’s too inconvenient. We have to walk out and I might as well just walk home,” Jess said, half asleep.

“Do you want me to walk you home? Are you okay?” You offered. 

“No, no. Thanks but you stay really far away and I don’t want to detour you any further. Walk out. Grab a taxi, go home,” Jessica insisted, declining your offer.

She had a point, a good one at that. 

So, you hugged her goodbye and made sure she was safely across the street until you flagged a taxi and began your journey home. It was so dark in that part of town it made you shudder, at least around campus was better lit but this estate is more rundown than the one I live in, you thought. 

I hope my parents have gone to sleep already, waiting for me would be too late.

“Oh my god!” You yelped as the taxi ran over something, after that, something felt amiss. “Uhm…" 

"Sorry miss, I think it’s a flat tire. This is how far I can bring you. My apologies, I hope you get home safely,” the driver apologised as you paid him for the ride.

“It’s okay, accidents happen. Goodnight, be safe,” you replied despite the displeasure of walking the remaining journey home. You knew there was a stretch of famous bars before your house, it was pretty freaky at night and you hated to even look at it, much less walk pass. 

Whatever, I’ll just ignore them and have the police on speed dial. 

When you stuffed your hand into your pocket, you discovered you had forgotten to bring along your ear pieces. Now you had to just put up with the horrible and loud music playing from the clubs.  

Is today just a series of unfortunate events? 

Slowly but steadily, you stumbled along the street that lead to your house. To your delight, it did get more brightly lit as you ventured closer towards the more developed housing estate but you knew what was coming up soon. Maybe I should have just crashed at Jessica’s penthouse…… 


You shivered but not because of the cold gust of wind that blew by. Your ears could already pick up the sound of shitty music in a near region. To make matters worse, it was a Friday night. To clubbers, the night was still young and you knew more people would be arriving to party. 

The stretch approached, it was just across from where you hid, behind a large tree. You hoped you could avoid it. 

Should I call my dad to come and get me?….No! No! He’s probably sleeping after working so hard… or he’s still in the hospital working. 

You shook your head free of unreasonable ideas and inhaled a deep breath. “Okay, Y/N. You can do this, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” you told yourself then poked your head round to check. 

Ew, there were people smoking outside. 

Not that you had anything against it or them, you just hated the smell of smoke. Tentatively, you took a small step but quickened your pace as you passed club after club, bar after bar. You tuned out to the wolf whistles, cat calls and shouts, trying to attract your attention. 

“Hey! You! School girl!” ( that kink can fcking die already )

“Someone’s got cake!" 

"Join us!" 

You forced yourself to look away and continued walking, jogging almost. 

"Hey! Come back!" 

"Don’t ignore us!" 

You could feel the anxiety and fear bubbling inside of you. The second you heard a beer bottle smash on the ground and fast footsteps approaching, you tore off down the road. 


Thud. Thud. Thud. 

You weren’t sure if that was the sound of your heart or the sound of footsteps pounding on the pavement. Beads of perspiration trickled down the side of your face but you didn’t even stop to wipe it off, all you could concentrate on was making a break from those weird guys. 

But of course, you were beyond dead-tired and your heavy bag and books weighed you down tremendously. There was no way you could outrun them… but you had to try. The ground was bumpy and made it hard for you to get a stable grip, your ankles throbbed from all the exertion. The tears which had welled up in your eyes because of your fear started to drip down your cheeks when you felt your legs buckling in, worn out. 

"Aww, she’s crying.” One of them said, slime dripping from his words. Another yanked you up by your hair, causing you to scream. “She’s a loud one. Let’s see how loud she can really be tonight." 

"Don’t touch me!” You shouted, kicking but it was useless, they were just too strong for you. Their chortles disgusted you to no end and you wanted it to all end but there was only one ending to situations like these. You felt fury, not fear rise in your chest. You opened your mouth to retaliate but someone cut you off.


There wasn’t time for the first dude to react, he was on the floor, knocked out cold with his nose bleeding profusely in seconds. 

Your eyes shot up to the person who had punched him but it became a blur after that. Managing to wrangle free from the other man’s grasp, you escaped to a safer corner while a knight dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans battled with the other two sickos. He seemed to be really young, you got a glimpse of his face. 

Wait, wasn’t that Im Youngmin? My new neighbour? He had briefly introduced himself a few weeks ago. 

You couldn’t be sure but at least you had a suspect. 

Wow, he’s so strong…and handsome. Shut up! This isn’t time for you to be thinking about that! 

You blushed at the memory of you watching Youngmin watering his plants shirtless early in the morning as you were doing some morning stretches. 

Y/N, no! 

You gasped when Youngmin didn’t notice the other man come up from behind with a glass shard, he was too busy fighting the other one off. 

Instead of yelling ‘look out’ helplessly, you grabbed your 10cm thick, hard cover with 400 pages of text mathematics textbook and ran forward. There was an advantage from a back attack, using all your might, you brought the book down on the man’s head, before he could spin round, you hit him again with the book and he collapsed on the ground, writhing in both shock and pain. 

Hmm, I suppose math textbooks are now important. 

Youngmin managed to subdue the other guy, he didn’t take a second glance but grabbed your arm and together, raced down the street. 

“Wow, Miss Y/N. I didn’t know you were such a badass,” he finally broke the silence. 

Playing along, you scoffed, “That’s my neighbourhood you moved into, kid. You don’t know anything.” But despite your brave exterior, you were still badly shaken from the incident, your clammy palms was a dead giveaway. 

“Hey, you okay?” Youngmin asked in a soft, comforting tone. He even stopped in front to look you in the eye. Cautiously, as if not to spook you, he placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you. 

Your breath caught at the sudden close proximity but Youngmin didn’t seem affected by it so you tried to control yourself. “I-i’m fine…thanks." 

"You sure? That was… a really rough incident you had,” he asked again. 

You nodded, unable to manage uttering words, at least intelligibly. 

“Why were you out so late?" 

"I could ask the same for you." 

"Ahh, there she is. The infamous little chilli padi I hear about from my neighbours. Well, Donghyun wanted to watch a movie but we realised we had like zero snacks so he sent me out on a convenience store run,” he revealed without hesitation. 

Donghyun? Another other attractive boy?

But you couldn’t lie and say that you weren’t more attracted to Youngmin, especially after he had saved you. “College night study session,” you answered, looking down at your feet as you continued walking. 

“Ahh! It must be finals season. Well, all the best, study hard." 

"T-thank you,” you whispered, face reddening. 

“Aww! You’re so cute!” Youngmin complimented, his eyes twinkling brightly. 

You were grateful you arrived at your gate, unable to tolerate anymore of the handsome boy who had rescued you. “Uhm, thanks…really…f-for w-what happened just now,” you stammered out, ashamed. 

Youngmin adopted a more sincere tone and posture. “Hey, don’t worry about it. Please take care of yourself, okay? Don’t be too shaken by it, I know it’s scary and traumatic but I’m right across the street. I’ll come when you call me. Please do. Okay?" 

Giggling, you agreed, at least it helped you banish whatever had just happened from your mind for now. "How about I come over tomorrow?” You boldly suggested. 

Youngmin clapped. “Wow. A pretty girl wants to come over to my house. How can I say no?” He smiled at you. “Sure, I can introduce you to Donghyun. I think he’ll love you….Well, goodnight Y/N….Oh! Let’s go to the police station tomorrow, I’m not going to let those bastards off.” He waved goodbye and blew a kiss. 

You pretended to catch it, "Goodnight, don’t dream of me too much." 

You knew Youngmin was watching to make sure you entered your house safely. Tonight had been wild, it was scary and something you would never forget. At least Youngmin was there to help. You settled onto your bed, sighing, cheeks blushing bright pink. You could see from your window that Youngmin was opening the gate to his own house, he had got home safely too. 

That made you feel more assured that your new crush friend was safe.