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A quick doodle of were!Mccree finding a helpless & passed out young!Hanzo. (damsel in distress)

He likes the smell of this human and decides to take care of him like a good alpha that he is. Also, he rolled Hanzo into a burrito so that he doesn’t get cold.

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Draco Malfoy

okay first of all i would like to say i do not feel my interpretation of the character Draco Malfoy or my interpretation of the ship drarry is fact or law and you can interpret him any way you want, also if you would like to come discuss your view on him as well as any other character or ship I am all for listening and talking to you about it! with that said lets jump right into this ya

  • okay so i would like to discuss Draco for a second 
  • first off i would like to say that, personally, Draco Malfoy is one of the most interesting characters of the series and the MOVIES DID NOT DO HIM JUSTICE why you may ask? because what the movies did was make Draco just the bad guy, they made him the enemy and that is the only perspective we got of him
  • on the flip side i feel the fandom has made Draco something he is not also, like a shadow of his personality almost
  • in a lot of fics and headcanons that i have read he is the flamboyant dramatic sassy character, which is fine if that’s how you see him and that’s how you write him, and its fun to read fics with him like this in there but thats not all he is? i guess is what im trying to say
  • Yes Draco is sassy and dramatic but he has SO much more depth to him and that is left out a lot of the time
  • Draco has grown up under very old way thinking, the standard pureblood way of thinking i guess you could say
  • And he has been surrounded by people, his age and older, that fully support these ideas 
  • so he never really had time or a chance to make his own opinions and decide things for himself
  • i mean he was 17 at the battle of Hogwarts like, they were all so young omfg, thats whats so sad to me about Draco
  • the fact that he was thrust into a war because of his family’s opinions that he didn’t even know if he agreed with, all he knew was “Father knows best and this is what he wants me to do” and he did it why? because he loved and respected his father so much he wanted to make him proud so he joined a literal madman trying to take over the world to please him like, at least thats how it was in the beginning 
  • over the years though we can see Malfoy no longer staying on Voldemort’s side out of loyalty but out of survival
  • Here is another thing i want to make clear and repeat again Draco Malfoy is NOT brave, he is smart(extremely smart), he is cunning and he is sneaky but brave my loves he is not
  • To him it was stay with Voldemort and keep himself and his family safe or risk everything and try to escape, and hes not a risk taker 
  • he plans out things until he is confident in his plans and then does them, but running away from his home, potentially his family and everything he knows? for a side that might not even win? Ofc he wouldn’t do it
  • So he stays on the wrong side of the war and acts like the good little pureblood he is supposed to be, because if he does maybe he’ll survive 
  • there is a pic set i saw a long time ago that had draco and harry in it and it said “the boy who lived” and “the boy who had no choice”and i really liked it  because he,nor Harry, really did not have a choice, their fate was pretty much planned from the moment they were born 
  • and then we read that he didn’t identify harry at the manor, and, at least to me, my whole perception of him changed. 
  • i know a lot of drarry fans, myself included, would like to see it as Draco protecting Harry because he likes him or something
  • and he is protecting Harry, but not because he likes him. He does it because in that moment Draco knows that if Harry is found, if he dies then the war is lost, and maybe a little tiny part of Draco believes that if he helps Harry, if he says no then he would die knowing he had a part in defeating Voldemort. Because the one person Draco hated more then anything in the world other than the mark on his arm, is the man that gave it to him and Draco knows the odds of him surviving are very slim 
  • i think this was one of the bravest things a character has done and it came from one of the most cowardly characters of the series 
  • because if someone found out about Draco lying, and with a home full of dark wizards that probably all knew how to read his mind, it was likely someone would find out, not only would he be dead, but so would his father who even though he was the one that got them into this whole mess he still loves dearly and so would his mother. and i believe Narcissia is the one person Draco would do absolutely anything to protect, as would Narcissia with Draco, this is just my little headcanon but i think they were each others outlets, the one person they could trust in all the mess that was happening
  • and Draco believed enough in Harry Potter that he put all their lives on the line for him
  • so no Draco is not all that good of a person but he is so much more then the evil classmate or the flamboyant lover

So yeah, thats basically just my view on Draco’s character it’s okay if you don’t agree i whole heatedly understand if you don’t but i just saw a lot of these going around and wanted to share my perceptive of him

Birds-eye view, Awake the stars ‘cuz they're all around you!

i literally like… i cant get over the fact that david castro is 20??? hes so young omfg?? he was nineteen when they were filming s1 like what a baby and hes so good he was such a good raphael and hes only 20!!!!! im floored honestly hes so good. hes so much younger than so many cast members and he was on their level if not excelling above in some scenes,,, at 20 years old!!! what the hell!!!