omfg these two why

Welp… I was planning to just redrawn the Screencap of Yuuri.  But during the progress, the picture felt so lonely so I added Viktor in there… (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I don’t like coloring…I tried…  (´_`。)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Viktor~~

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Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.

spring break is approaching and i genuinely can’t decide if i want to let the tiny catch up on S2.

on the one hand, she adores alex. (”but why do you like her?” “she can do everything!”) I let her go in blind on the front 8 episodes and her only response to the coming-out arc was bubbly enthusiasm that her fave got the happy ending, so she’ll be pleased about that going forward. she will love alex’s developing relationship with her space gun and seeing her get one over on cadmus in 2x15. she will love the handful of moments with spacedad and kara.

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, there’s all of kara’s relationship garbage. the tiny finds this boring to begin with, but i’m still gonna be stuck doing all the emotional labor of correcting the mixed messaging and weak writing as we go. like. that’s at least eight hours of my life that i’m gonna have to spend pausing episodes every five minutes to both check for comprehension and discuss ethics. with an 11-year-old.

not only is that the opposite of fun for all parties, but prefacing behavioral learning with “don’t do this” is also a terrible teaching method, which is a large part of why i’m so frustrated with this season.

representation is only as valuable as our role models are good for us.

and i really don’t feel like there’s a whole lot in 2B that’s worth pointing at and calling “good.”

hiatus (July 18-August 12)

hey guys, I’m going to be on a trip overseas during the times stated above, so if I don’t reply to a message duly or such, I apologize ^^; If I am online, you’ll most likely find me on twitter ( or instagram (susurrare) :)