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Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

Sober me: sure we’re going to a karaoke bar for the end of term event but I’m not fucking singing

Drunk me: sometiMES I FEEL IVE GOT TO *snap snap* RUN AWAY, IVE GOT TO *stamp stamp* GET AWAY

PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.

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What I say: I’m fine.
What I mean: Okay but everyone made jokes about Chandler being gay plus he was like “well I could get this guy if I wanted” and got super offended. Plus him and Joey shared a coach and had a deep talk at night- also Joey kissed Chandler on New Years and they hugged. Bert and Ernie were not just roommates so what makes people think that chandler and Joey were just roommates? Like they shared a pizza on their laps as a table and I mean they had to have at least slept together or hooked up once? I mean seriously like Joey kissed Chandler on the lips- like Joey didn’t have to do that- like what guy friends do that as a joke or to be funny- like that had to be something!? I MEAN JOEY KISSED CHANDLER ON THE LIPS- THEY LIVE TOGETHER- THEY BOUGHT A TABLE TOGETHER- THEY ARE ROOMMATES- LIKE I WAS ALREADY SHIPPING IT BEFORE THE SHOW HAD TO GO AND MAKE IT OBVIOUS- AND THEY ALWAYS HUG SO CUTE AND JOEY IS A CUDDLELER DONT TELL ME HE NEVER WANT INTO CHANDLERS ROOM IF HE GOT SCARED OR LONELY I SWEAR OMFG I SHIP THOSE TWO SO MUCH- SO DAMN IT WHY DIDNT THEY END UP TOGETHER- THEYRE LITERALLY THE 90S VERSION OF DESTIEL; “STRAIGHT” BEST FRIENDS THAT ARE FLIRTY WITH EACH OTHER SO WHY WHY EHY THAT SHOW WASNT EVEN AGAINST GAY COUPLES OR ANYTHING SO WHY DIDNT THOSE TWO END UP TOGSTHER!?


happy birthday to my beautiful gf (´∀`)♥

Welp… I was planning to just redrawn the Screencap of Yuuri.  But during the progress, the picture felt so lonely so I added Viktor in there… (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I don’t like coloring…I tried…  (´_`。)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Viktor~~

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Ugh, I was gonna do more prompted drabbles but I’m coming down with something and feel like shit tbh, so I’m just gonna go watch some more SnK instead

I have 21 prompts remaining (10 of which are the crackship prompts my 2 besties spammed me with while we were drinking last weekend lol and those have low priority cos I’m not even sure I can write them)

I’ll try do more tomorrow if I’m feeling better

If anyone is curious, the ships (not including the ones my friends sent me) remaining are:

Drarry x3
Nottbottom x2

The ones my friends sent me *grumblegrumble*:

Fluffy/Mirror of Erised x2 (omfg why are there two?!?!)
Nearly Headless Nick/Bloody Baron

Pretty sure I’m not even gonna be able to do half of those crackship prompts tbh 


myunggyu back hugging at KTR ㅡ.ㅡ)♥(ˋㄱˊ