omfg these two why

im rewatching some quality red team moments from s4 and i live for donut and simmons bickering with each other oh my god


//On the side note… not sure why Anon asked me specifically but thank you for sending the question, I appreciate it! I will put my thoughts under the cut :)

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Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

Opps. Hi!

What I say: I’m fine.
What I mean: Okay but everyone made jokes about Chandler being gay plus he was like “well I could get this guy if I wanted” and got super offended. Plus him and Joey shared a coach and had a deep talk at night- also Joey kissed Chandler on New Years and they hugged. Bert and Ernie were not just roommates so what makes people think that chandler and Joey were just roommates? Like they shared a pizza on their laps as a table and I mean they had to have at least slept together or hooked up once? I mean seriously like Joey kissed Chandler on the lips- like Joey didn’t have to do that- like what guy friends do that as a joke or to be funny- like that had to be something!? I MEAN JOEY KISSED CHANDLER ON THE LIPS- THEY LIVE TOGETHER- THEY BOUGHT A TABLE TOGETHER- THEY ARE ROOMMATES- LIKE I WAS ALREADY SHIPPING IT BEFORE THE SHOW HAD TO GO AND MAKE IT OBVIOUS- AND THEY ALWAYS HUG SO CUTE AND JOEY IS A CUDDLELER DONT TELL ME HE NEVER WANT INTO CHANDLERS ROOM IF HE GOT SCARED OR LONELY I SWEAR OMFG I SHIP THOSE TWO SO MUCH- SO DAMN IT WHY DIDNT THEY END UP TOGETHER- THEYRE LITERALLY THE 90S VERSION OF DESTIEL; “STRAIGHT” BEST FRIENDS THAT ARE FLIRTY WITH EACH OTHER SO WHY WHY EHY THAT SHOW WASNT EVEN AGAINST GAY COUPLES OR ANYTHING SO WHY DIDNT THOSE TWO END UP TOGSTHER!?

(40) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Gladio: You know, Iggy, if I was an animal, I’d like to be a worm.
Ignis: I thought you’d want to be a lion or a bird like Bennu?
Gladio: Worm it is. Thing is, they’ve got 5 hearts. If I had that many hearts, I’d have space enough for my love for you to fit in. One is not enough. Five would just barely manage to hold it, but…
Ignis: …
Ignis: That’s…actually pretty swee-
Noctis: Hahaha, a worm. That’s pathetic. I’d be a dragon.
Prompto: I still want to be a chocobo. Got the hair already. And I’ve practiced my k’we, wanna hear it?
Gladio: I swear to the AstrALS I HATE YOU TWO SO MUCH.

PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.

the stupidest and most unrealistic thing about the bold type, from what i’ve seen on my dash, is that a black woman is asking ignorant and culturally insensitive questions and the muslim lesbian is put into the position wherein she has to answer basic questions about the hijab as if the black woman is just a typical white dude. and like, you can just tell that a white person wrote this because in what world does a black woman not understand how society puts people into boxes, and in what world would a black woman be asking such awful questions? the writers have clearly never witnessed an actual interaction between two women of color omfg 


(special video) SEVENTEEN - 아낀다 (adore u) part switch ver.

watching you have fun makes us happy ♡ ◡‿◡


happy birthday to my beautiful gf (´∀`)♥

i know i’m a day late in this but i just watched the eastern state penitentiary q+a and i need to explain that i fucking adore it

  • shane looking like a hipster dad
  • the exact way shane says ‘little old ladies’
  • literally all and everything that had to do with that
  • ryan calling a movie a “picture” in his jigsaw impression
  • ryan downplaying syphilis
  • ryan making direct eye contact with the camera while shane denies the spirit box: “oh my god”
  • “peddle some lies this week”
  • teejmonster?! what the fuck—who are these people—
  • watching ryan internally scream at tj’s #whistlewitness
  • shane instantly changing track to “yeah it’s a whistling ghost” just to calm ryan the fuck down
  • when shane looks scared, i get scared, so i am fucking relieved that shane’s off behavior in the last ep can literally come down to bad hotdogs
  • holy
  • shit
  • i can never watch the episode again because i’ll be laughing too much
  • my man just needed to take a shit. dear fucking christ
  • “we’re fucked #shaniac”
  • tHeRe’S a D3mOn EpISoDe nExT weEk

anonymous asked:

You answered the last ask wrong, the 2ps and 1ps are the fathers. Their daughter brought her boyfriend for dinner.

Oh shoot sorry! 

America:..wait what?

England:….you too have some explaining to do.

France: Honhonhon, into that I see.

Russia: Hehehe, Boyfriend, would you pass me my knife

China: There was some things I do not need to hear, that was one of them.

Canada: Eh? But she said Dadd-ohhhhh

Italy: Ve? Haha you must have been mistaken boyfriend!

Germany: What is the meaning of this?

Japan: I see, so that is how it is. 



Austria: How vulgar. Daughter, you can scrub the floors tomorrow since you like being on your hands and knees so much.

2p America: Ha! You two better keep it clean and wrapped.

2p England: Daddy? Why would you answer to that boyfriend?

2p France: I am too sober for this.

2p Russia: Care to explain what just happened?

2p China: Aiyyyyyy I see what you two are up to.

2p Italy:…I’m going to count to 3, if you, boyfriend, are still here when I say three, you will be sleeping with the fishes.

2p Germany: Welp, if you two are going to be like that, then don’t make it so obvious.

2p Japan:…I’m not surprised that my daughter is kinky.


2p Prussia: Gilen has passed out from shock

2p Austria: Huh, did not expect to this to happen.