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Oh, you’re Mr. Live-it-up. Mulder, you really are Mr. Squeeze-every-last-drop-out-of-this-sweet-life, aren’t you? On this precious Saturday you’ve got us grabbing life by the testies stealing reference books from the FBI library in order to go through New Mexico newspaper obituaries for the years 1940 to 1949 and for what joyful purpose?

Who’s eating sweet candys, reading some ryuklight/lawlight fanfictions. Watching the old good anime, reading the manga, reading the roasts on tumblr, washing his eyes to death with some good fanarts. ME! CAUSE NETFLIX’S AMERICAN DEATH NOTE FucKeD mE uP??¿
—  Death note lovers.

thesunnychan  asked:

Maybe Tenten accidentally mentions infront of everyone how uptight Neji can be, and how he's a huge dork/genius. But instead of taking it in a positive way, because he is a super smart dork, Neji takes this to heart and shows up unexpectedly outside Tenten's house with a leather jacket and cool sunglasses on, even though its night out. Because he wants the girl he admires to think he's 'cool'.


Designs for Royal!Haikyuu Charms! I hope to get them in time for SacAnime Summer 2015. ^Q^ I have an unhealthy addiction to the HQ!! babies in royal garments but this is probably the only time I’ve drawn HQ!! merch with them wearing their uniforms lmfao. 

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

okay but Danny showing Draco muggle things like pens and stuff and Draco being WAY overenthusathic like "wtf these quills don't need to be reinked?? what is this" "you can fucking talk to people instantly without facing them??" "


he’d probably get HUGE culture shock omfg poor bab probably doesn’t even know what a toaster does

on another note tuck would have an absolute ball introducing draco to technology