omfg the memories


BH thought that Flug is going to take him on a dateoo-
Welp, too bad. Bitch Hat will have to spend rest of the day alone.

Also Demencia on the last panel: *404 Windows Error*
5.0.5 don’t even know what to think about it.

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                           I. AM. SHOOK ! ! ! ! ! I don’t think I ever thought I’d be able to reach such a high milestone ! ! ! Ever since starting tumblr , I never knew that so many people would enjoy my writing and ocs ! Especially over a 1000k ! But , I am so happy to see this number. Not only because that many of you have stayed with me for so long , but also that I am blessed with many of you being just as good of writers and will soon strive through that big path of writing and enjoying the experience with others ! 

I can’t thank you all enough for this amazing moment ! Thank you all so much for the experiences and I will NEVER forget all of the fun we’ve had ! I can’t wait for more in the future and I’m only looking forward to it all ! 


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“근데 니가 마크형랑 밥 먹으러 갔잖아”
But you went to go eat with Mark hyung.

hey so why doesnt yosuke have a cameo in p5????

any theories???????????? u guys?????


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black and white. powder puffs. red lipstick. winged eyeliner. white kitten heels. black lace lingerie. icy blue eyes. rain. abandoned cars. skeletons. acid. poison. voyeurism. switchblades. strangling. overcoats. looking over your shoulder. trans-atlantic accents. private detectives. dinner parties. haunted mansions. cobwebs. perfect blonde curls. kitchen knives. shock. cellars. dust. ghosts. dark alleys. empty streets. horn-rimmed glasses. radiation. zombies. serial murder. suspicion. paranoia. the city. witches. the devil. cannibalism. conspiracies. amulets. abject terror. the American South. the American Northeast. England. analog cameras.


aliens. blinding light. dark woods. driving at night. claw marks. bite marks. men in black. memory loss. dismembered bodies. sewers. flashlights. cell phones. video cameras. cars with tinted windows. unlabeled cassette tapes. bugs. big cities. urban crimes. clowns. something rustling outside your window. glowing light. unsolved mysteries. suburbia. mirrors. the american pacific northwest. the american midwest. hiking. backpacking.


gaslights. corsets. ballrooms. candlelight. mist. starless nights. full moons. cobbled streets. horse-drawn carriages. mysterious strangers. bogs. moors. forests. mountains. castles. velvet. silver. brass. gold. jewels. domino masks. the opera. dangerous romances. tragic romances. violins. roses. lilies. empty graves. crosses. cemeteries. snow. ice. the gallows. crows. milk-white skin. ambiguous illness. fangs. pointed nails. something howling in the night. capes. gloves. top hats. straight razors. lightning. pipe organs. underground caverns. bats. mice. rats. ravens. cats. pearls. attics. talismans. axes. wood. isolation in a room full of people. vampires. werewolves. ghosts. coffins. western europe. eastern europe. bones. churches. catacombs. mausoleums. books.


malevolent spirits. seances. spells. missing bodies. hidden graves. white noise. static. flickering lights. rings of salt. demons. poltergeists. dark histories. old buildings. cold air. wells. urban exploration. a dog barking at unseen things. iconoclasm. black ooze. old photographs. dark bodies of water. crucifixes. priests. possession. exorcisms. dolls.


bloodbaths. massacres. wanton nudity. newspapers. leather jackets. letterman jackets. converse sneakers. obscured faces. social unrest. bonfires. lakes. babysitters. high school. lockers. dead leaves in the fall. jack-o’-lanterns. passing shadows. outdated television sets. nightmares. psychiatrists. hospitals. unstoppable forces. gunfire. police. landline telephones. improvised weapons. halloween. secrets. revelations. cut wires. character masks. scrunchies. wild curls. jeering children. parties. fire. swearing. revulsion. california. the american midwest. ambulances.


daylight. fluorescent lighting. morgues. unwavering eye contact. tension. lit rooms empty rooms. killer in plain sight. a dog digging in the newly-planted flower bed. steely gazes. paperwork. anagrams. codes. convicted killers. missing persons. law enforcement. federal agents. small towns. suspicion. paranoia. subdued terror. dimly-lit parking lots. a noise in the distance

throwback to the time we were playing laser tag at summer camp and my team was getting rekt as i was hiding behind this bunker with my friend. someone from the other team rushed over to try to take us out. but we found out my gun was broken – in the sense that it would shoot, but my life counter got stuck on 1 and wouldn’t go down to 0. so this guy tried to shoot me, but it didn’t work, so i shot him instead… and then i got up and ran thru the bunkers to shoot all the other team with my broken ass gun and needless to say, my team won