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“There’s something not quite real about Stevie. She seems to have stepped out of some young girls painting or dreams or maybe out of a novel. She laughs when I mention this. "Tom Petty always says to me. "Honey, you are not living in the real world; and I say, "Do you live in the real world then, Tom?” He grins and goes, “Well, I live in a more real world than you do.”


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~

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And the last one number 141 for the Sterek prompt challenge. Hope this makes it easier for you dear ♡

I THINK THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE I’VE WRITTEN SO FAR!!! Here’s #141: “Use your words.”

“I still can’t believe you did this,” Stiles smiled, digging his toes in the sand with each step he took.

They were in Puerto Rico, Derek rented a small hut for them just along the beach. The past few days have been a dream of tropical drinks, swimming, sightseeing, shopping, watching Derek speak a foreign language; which was hot as fuck if Stiles had anything to say about it. Also a lot of sex, and he almost felt bad for the housekeepers that would come every so often to clean up.


Derek squeezed his hand, pulling him from his thoughts, “you deserve it.”

“Don’t get sappy on me my macho werewolf boyfriend…but thank you, this is amazing,” Stiles said, eyes glancing over to the water, the sun setting at the horizon now.

“It was not sappy, just the truth,” Derek said and they both paused as he added, “okay that one was pretty sappy.”

Stiles laughed pressing a kiss to his nose where the setting sun illuminated the soft dusting of freckles there. For a while the kept walking along the shore, the warm ocean lapping at their feet at they walked. The salty breeze pulled at their clothes and the silence was more comfortable than stale. They were just enjoying each other’s company, that being all they needed at the moment.

“I–” Derek started but cut short, not continuing on.

Stiles looked over to him with an arched look, “what?”

Derek shook his head, face heating up and his ears turning pink. He took it upon himself and stopped them both, moving to he was in front of Derek. The man looked down at the sand below and Stiles wasn’t having that. He cupped Derek’s face in his hands and forced them to make eye contact.

There was this nervous and shy look in Derek’s blue-green eyes that put a knot of worry in Stiles’ gut, “use your words.”

It was Derek, so he wasn’t going to use his words, but much to Stiles’ surprise there were suddenly lips on his that melted his worry away. He let out a soft hum and let his eyes slip shut, but he didn’t get to savor the kiss for too long because Derek was gone a moment later leaving him mouthing at the air.

“What–?” He asked, opening his eyes to not see Derek but the beach.

He looked down and…oh…Derek is on one knee getting with a simple silver band in his fingers. Stiles stopped breathing for a moment, frozen as he listened to Derek finally use his words.

“I’d use your real name…but I can’t pronounce it even though your dad tried to help me learn. So Stiles Stilinski, will you marry me? That way we have the rest of our lives to help me with Polish pronunciation?” Derek asked, a nervous smile crossing his face.

Stiles used his hands to wipe the tears from his face as he let out a laugh, dropping to his knees to pull Derek in close.

“You’re such a fucking sap,” he cried.

“Is that a yes?” Derek asked, pulling back with the ring still in hand.

Stiles took it and slipped it on, for the first time noticing the small triskele etched into it. It put a blinding smile on his face, “that’s a yes you dork.”

“Dork and a sap?” Derek teased.

“I wouldn’t want you any other way.”