omfg the colouring is so shit

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Relationship Status: single 

Favorite color: i like blue and also purple. i think i like cold colours mostly

Pets: none bc student accommodation lol

Coke or Pepsi: i like both but i prefer coke (cocaine lol amiright jk pls don’t arrest me)

Day or Night: night bc it’s when i get most of my shit done 

Text or call: texting usually

Lipstick or chapstick: tinted chapstick is the answer y’all 💋 - i was gonna change the answer but i think ur onto something here omfg

Last book I read:  i’m currently working my way through a book about the enlightenment for my essay lol

Last song I listened to: i won’t say i’m in love from hercules

Last movie I watched: shrek

Top 3 TV shows: idk of any rly good whump tv shows tbh but: yoi, b99 and htgawm spring to mind

Top 3 Characters:  vitya, yuuri and phichit not even sorry

Top three ships: viktuuri, chris/vitya, phichit/chris

idk who has done this already so?? i shall tag @feverflushed and @kotyonoksnz 


Some pics lol idk I wanted to show you all some shit.
I got some sick posters and buttons from the con, and hhh I love them.
The water colour Rick and OPM were done by
And I should have grabbed the other artist’s card but I forgot, but it has his signature (btw that guy was funny as hell and so cool omfg)

anonymous asked:

He basically invented every hair colour but blonde minseok is just soooooo urghhh i cant explain my potato he's such a hot blonde. Please do a spam for blonde minseok but only when you're free and up to it. No rush here ok? 😎

i don’t really want to admit it….

but he looks the best with this color

such a king

asdfghjkl so cute

suho tho omg

can you not?

holy shit minseok

so hoooooot


I’m in love bye



he’s an angel



who allowed him to be this hot?

hellooooo angeeeeeel


this. is. not. okay.

is he even real? IS HE REAL?

omfg i wanna cry


so pretty :(((((

boi you need to chill wtf

as a xiustan, I hit the lotto everyday

my dancing king



~After the snow, comes the flowers~

Summery Kylo [cos i got so many Huxs] for @boredbyreality

jokes on me it actually looks like padmé funeral omfg