omfg that took ages


It’s here, Feyrien Lavellan’s custom outfit post. This took forever. I put in his older sister, Eli, just because why not. The glasses are just shits n giggles but I still totally HC them as a thing lol. Also the numbers are age.

Took this boy damn near 40 years to put on actual shoes

Each image has a caption


❀ 160227 ❀

Hide&seek - Pink stage outfit 

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I don’t want a never ending life, I just want to be alive while I’m here

Some pre-52 Dickbat+Damian (bonus Steph)

Nice Batman made the angry Robin apologize for calling me fatty. Still want to punch that twerp I know he can take it. #onlyingotham

saw batman smiling. very weird. someone call the justice league it might be mind control. #onlyingotham @OfficialJusticeLeague

omfg batman+robin just got froyo. robin took ages: tart. batman: raspberry+fruitypebbles asked if we hv frosted flakes #onlyingotham

new robin such a brat: kicked over my bike bcos it was ‘in the way’. batman got mad. haha #lookwhosgrounded #onlyingotham

overheard new robin sorta flirting with new batgirl. lol kid she’s way out of ur league. #lookwhosgotacrush #batgirlmarryme #onlyingotham