omfg thank you artist

IT’S HERE!!!!! :’D I got @nisat’s Symmetra fanbook, Namaskaram, and it’s just absolutely gorgeous ;AAA; <3

My phone camera really can’t do this justice!

Artist Line-Up: #11 Takei (○゚ε^○)

Tumblr: @takei-draws   |   Twitter: TakeiShun

“Takei’s art, like Takei, is way too adorable! Their lineart is a masterpiece of intricate details and much focus is put on many little things. The body-language of their art is very lovely and soft! THE LINES, THE HAIR IS LIVELY AND FLOOFY. Takei doesn’t draw hair, Takei shampoos and conditions every character’s hair personally. ” - anonymous

“Takei’s art is that childhood best friend who was in all your classes. You have 50 inside jokes with them, and trust them to make you feel better when you have a shitty day. You kinda want to lie next to them on a bed and tell them you love them, but you’re also kinda beyond what those words mean! =u=“ - anonymous

“One of the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever met on the internet. You just have the urge to wrap them up in an owl blanket and talk with them for hours, days, months and ever years about anime and manga plus also about art and drawing! Takei’s drawing style is very sweet but at the same time so mature. Putting lots of thoughts in the characterization of the figure they are drawing, and also being brave and not shying away from giving them unique features, which is admirable. I personally wish to be that good one day! Also, OYA~ OYA~ OYA~” - anonymous

“Takei, as a person, is very honest and doesn’t beat around the bush. This same feature is blatantly expressed in their art. I admire the feelings evoked and depicted in their art, be it emotions like love, sadness, angst, the characters and expressions are very beautifully drawn. And its admirable, the love they have for Bokuto and Akaashi (many more characters!) Hnnng. *Kokoro shatters into pieces.*” - anonymous

“AAAHH!!! I can’t stop looking at Takei’s art! ;o; It kind of just pulls you in; especially all those sweet cuddles and kisses, I can keep staring at them all day!! MORE CUDDLES AND KISSES! Makes you want to enter the art and stroke the hair and body and hgfdughsdiu the lines. AND THE SHADING!! PLUS THE DETAILS!! EVERY LITTLE THING!! KISSES! OMG! AND THE EYELASHES!! ESPECIALLY BOKUTO!!!” - anonymous

-SMOOCHES- to the one who draws beautiful hair, has an amazing skill with lines and strokes, drawings lovely kisses and kisses and kisses, did I say KISSES!?!!? Thank you so much for joining this project, Takei! (☆´3`)

Looking forward to receiving and spreading lots of kisses over the coming months with the Kiss-deity, TAKEI!~

[P.S. Kindly click the image and read through the content to know more about the artist!]

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Ily you're amazing just FYI. No one else draws hot dad Jinn like you!!! I'm going to write you so much Jedi Dad Jinn fic after my exams are over

He’s not a normal Hot Dad, he’s a Cool Jedi Space Hot Dad.

[Not pictured: Obi-Wan rolling his eyes hard enough to give himself a headache]

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Just wanted to say that I've been following u for almost a year now and I've really loved watching u grow and improve as an artist 💕 love ur art

Omfg bless ur soul thank you so much I’m like crying this is so damn sweet