omfg stfu

  • Person A: How do people do dating?
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: How do people do that? The dating stuff?
  • Person B: Uh...
  • Person A: Do they suddenly mutually start to feel the same? Are they physically so attracted to each other that they want to try it? Or is it the stars? The moon? DESTINY? GOD???
  • Person B: ....
  • Person A: I don't get it! I mean that sounds so fake when people feel the same thing for each-
  • Aomine: *gives popsicles to everyone except Kise*
  • Kise: Aominecchi is so mean! Where is mine?!
  • Aomine: Here. *smirks & points at his own D*
  • Kise: Oh my god AOMINECCHI!! (/□\*)・゜
  • Everyone else: *CHOKES*

fandom: jack only wants to impress ralph!!! he hunts because of him!!! he does everything because of him!!! he’s so jealous of piggy!!!

book: he is a manipulator who is jealous of ralph and constantly puts him down so he can feel good, hunts so he can have an advantage in front of the other boys compared to ralph, looks for stealing as much authority as possible from ralph, succeeds in the end, steals and somehow manages to eliminate ralph’s few followers, doesn’t give two shits about ralph once he steals his position, literally sees ralph a pesky fly in the way of his absolute rule so he has to eliminate him through murder, which he almost does by pushing his spear through ralph, making a huge gash in him before setting the island on fire so he can find ralph and finish him

fandom: omfg stfu no one asked u!!!

This is some discourse material but i have A Concept: Both Keith and Lance learn from their mistakes and their carelessness and they both grow as characters and neither of them deserve growth more than the other, they both deserve to grow as characters both individually and as partners, they’re both equally interesting and lovable and they’re both flawed but that’s what makes them three-dimensional likable characters and stanning for one of them to bring down the other is silly and fucking dumb okay have a gr8 friday everyone