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Part 3:

After awhile of me and Ash just dancing, or trying to dance at least. And a few glares from Sam, we decided to leave and go through the drive through at Steak & Shake.

He took me home about a couple hours later, because we honestly just sat in his car and talked for an hour and then drove around for another hour just getting to know each other.

When we pulled up at the drive way at my house, I gave him a quick hug and I told him I’ll call him if anything happened between me and Sam and I told him the same.

Apparently this girl has been leading him on for about six months now and the person she stood him up for was his brother and that’s why he refrained from punching the guy in the face when he saw them together.

We said our good byes and I walked towards my front door making sure not to dirty my dress in any way.
Once I stepped inside I immediately saw Jack and Johnson with both they’re dates. They were just sitting on the couch with the tv on but paid no attention to it, talking amongst them selves.
Something that caught my attention though, was that Sam and Ashley weren’t there.
It worried me a little bit, but again for the fifth time tonight I brushed it off and decided to trust him.

“Where’s Sam and Ashley?” I asked taking my heels off, suddenly becoming 5 inches shorter.

“Upstairs in the guest bedroom.” Jack wiggles his eyebrows in a playful manner that made everyone chuckle but me choke on my breath.

“Oh, well like.. what are they doing in there?” My worries started to show because Mallory looked at me kinda funny, and Jack rolled his eyes.

“Taking a nap (y/n). What the hell do you think they’re doing.” The sarcasm dripping from his voice made my heart drop and tears rush too my eyes so quick I couldn’t help but let a tear fall.

I turned quickly going towards the stairs, just wanting to go in my bedroom and cry for the rest of the night.

“Are you sure you want to go up there? They can be pretty loud.” Johnson laughed with everyone else and I shrugged too show them that I really don’t care, when in fact I could practically feel my heart crumbling in my chest at the the mere thought of Sam sleeping or even sharing affection to anyone that isn’t me.

“I’m tired, I’m just gonna go straight to bed.” Without a glance back, I ran up the stairs and passed the guest bedroom where Sam was currently having sex with a girl he swore was nothing more than friend to him.

But I should’ve known better.

I knew my makeup was ruined by now, with back stained cheeks and my hair was messily thrown into a bun. Right when I got out of the dress I went straight to comfort of my many sheets and pillows.

Now laying here, with tears running down my cheeks and my heart literally aching in my chest is when I let it all out.

The fact that he promised me I had nothing to worry about, and swore that they were just going as friends really gets to me. He told me too trust him, and I did. And I obviously shouldn’t have done it, and was too stupid to think otherwise.
Even though we haven’t been dating for 2 months yet, we still told each other I love you and how much we meant to each other.
But I guess it was only true from my part.

He led me too believe that he had these ‘unexplainable’ feelings towards me and that I was before anyone. It was like literally every word he said too me was just bullshit and excuses to get a good make-out session out of me, and those 'unexplainable’ feelings were something he couldn’t explain because he never felt them.

I hugged my pillow close to my chest, feeling like an idiot because the big sweatshirt that’s his was clad on my body and I enjoyed the fact that I could still smell the stupid cologne he knows I love.
The same cologne that he was wearing just yesterday, when he told me how much he cared about me and how much he loves me and never wanted to let me go.

Now I’m left here, with soft sobs passing my lips and my heart on my sleeve all because i believed that someone could actually love me.

*Sam’s P.O.V*

And here I thought we were just having a talk.

In stead I have Ashley, straddling while she pinned my hands above my head.

“Ashley, please stop. I don’t want to do this with you.” My voice was firm, but my lower region was telling a different story.

“Really? Because I could think otherwise.” She smirked, gesturing to the growing bulge in my pants.

“Well maybe if you weren’t grinding your ass on it.” The sarcasm coming from my voice seemed to only further her anticipation.

I was trying to get my hands free but she had a literal death grip on them.

She dipped her head down to my neck kissing up the side of it, rocking her hips even more against me and I suppressed a moan not wanting to give her the satisfaction she wanted.

My constant pleas for her to let me go only made it seem more like a game too her. For a moment I was actually thinking of giving in to her, and let her have her way with me.

But as Ashley started to kiss down my chest, I saw it. I saw (y/n)’s heartbroken face in my mind, with hot tears staining her cheeks and devastation filling her eyes.

I couldn’t do this to her, I couldn’t break my promise with her.
She means to much to me.

“Ashley, I’m not doing this with you.” I said, finally getting the common sense that I am stronger than her and pulled my wrists’ from her grip.

I sat up quickly, making her fall off of me and onto the floor with a thud.
“What the fuck.” She shouted, getting to her feet and trying to fix her hair.

“I told you I’m not having sex with you.” I buttoned my shirt while heading to the door.
“So I’m not having sex with you.” I shrugged, opening the door and making a beeline towards the stairs before she can get out another word.

I sat down at the couch while Gilinsky and Johnson were giving me suggestive looks, raising they’re eyebrows while Mallory and Paige - Gilinskys 'date’ -
Were just giggling next to them.

“What?” I asked, pretty irritated with them.

“Was it good?” Johnson asked earning a slap in the arm from Mallory.

“We didn’t do anything, I didn’t want to.” I mumbled as Ashley came trudging down the stairs with a pissed expression.
She didn’t even say bye, just gave me the finger and slammed the door behind her.

“I wonder how she’s gonna get home If was her ride.” Mallory laughed.

“Hey, uh where’s your sister?” I nodded to Jack, trying to look as uninterested as possible but the hint of urgency in my voice made it seem weird.

“She got home like 20 minutes ago. So maybe in her room or taking a shower. Why are you asking?” He rose his eyebrows, making me nervous and stupidly avert my eyes.

“I was just wondering because it was getting late and I saw that he was with that guy Ash at the dance.” I refrained from rolling my eyes at the mention of his name.

“Well, uh no. She’s home.” He furrowed his eyebrows at me, and continued talking to everyone else while I just sat there acting like I was listening.


After awhile, when it finally hit 2 in the morning Mallory and Paige decided to leave while me and Johnson were staying the night like always.

I waited impatiently for them too fall asleep so I can go see (y/n), and when they finally did I practically ran too her room.

My hand turned the doorknob quietly but it was locked, so I knocked a couple times trying to see if she would wake up if she even was asleep.
The door knob finally clicked and turned, and a silly grin grew on my face.

She opened it slightly, the light coming out from above her head and under her door illuminating her face.

When she looked up at me an immediate scowl was on her face, and I was just about to step inside her room when she blocked my way.
“What are you doing here?” Her voice was hoarse as if she was crying. Her eyes were red but I just assumed she was just tired.

“I always come here- hey, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” I placed my pointer finger under her chin and lifting it to meet her dull eyes.

She pulled her head away, blinking back what seemed to be tears.
“Just go away Sam.” She whispered, her voice quivering.

“What did I do?” My question was sincere but the glare she gave me made it look like I was mocking her.

And suddenly her whole attitude changed, she went from upset too pissed in less than 2 seconds.

“I just don’t understand you. You say all these things to me and make me feel so special and wanted and then you sleep with your ex-girlfriend in my own house after you swore to me that I had nothing to worry about and- just, you know what? Don’t talk to me anymore. I can’t believe I ever thought you would actually feel the same way about me that I did about you.” Without another word out of my mouth, she slammed the door shut in my face leaving me speechless and confused.

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