omfg so ugly


Robert Downey Jr’s cameo in Chef (2014) directed by Jon Favreau

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Are you really comparing taylor to kesha, wow, first of all kesha was actually raped and had this awful man affecting her career financially, taylors just had someone put their hand on her flat ass and is doing this because she doesnt want to pay $4million, stop pretending like she is this brave survivor, its insulting to people who actually are

omfg you’re so ugly????? 

obviously taylor and kesha’s situations are different but are you really going to sit here and pretend to be woke at the same time you mock taylor swift for being sexually assaulted and say she’s doing this so she doesn’t have to pay the piece of trash who groped her 3 million????? what the fuck is wrong with you honest to god 

“stop acting like she is this brave survivor” fam take your head out of your ass so you can sit that ass down in a chair and understand that taylor swift was sexually assaulted several years ago, the guy decided now that he should sue her for $3 million, so she countersued him for $1 to take a stand not only for herself but for women everywhere who are sexually assaulted and then made to believe that they shouldn’t or cannot speak up about it.