omfg so much i never posted lol

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When I was waiting for chap5 part2 i was really nervous because the previous chapters were so fucking GOOD that I was afraid that part was like not gonna reach that level of greatness)? cause I thought like "could this get even better?" But OMFG yes it could and It DID. So I just wanna tell that you're incredible and this story jut keeps getting better and better!! So please never stop writing you're so talented and I love you so much for your dedication and for being so lovely❤️❤️

oh my god you and me both literally that’s me with every chapter i post lol and it’ll always be like i never think the new chapter i post is up to par with the rest but you know that’s a self-esteem thing lmao

thank you SO much though i appreciate your message and ilysm for it ❤️