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@trifiesta DAY 1 - June 12th - Connections - They are seen by/meet with other characters of couples in the Junjou/Sekaiichi universe.

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For those who are unaware of this week, it’s just a whole week full of Trifecta (hell yeh <3) you can see the prompt in the blog listed above!

But enough mod talk, this is my contribution for day 1!

I just went casual with this one, like, mixing characters you might not actually see together which I personally would love to interact? (Tori and Yokozawa are cooking bros and that’s fucking canon, bless) So yeah, let’s have a fun week!


me: this article of 5 fascinating facts about mark antony is extremely biased and treats political propaganda against him as if it’s fact


me: every single word of this article is true and correct


Scrumdiddlyumptious! Guess These Candies with the Cast and Friends of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Opening Night!


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue

Cheers by Sleeping With Sirens

↳ Shouldn’t matter what they say because
We march to a beat of a different drum

dirkweek day 2 : Happy Dirk!!!

if u pretend hard enough it will seem like i am actually on time for two prompts. alas those are happy tears, dirk’s havin’ a nice after!game laugh-so-hard-you-cry moment!!

Suitors - Part One

Request: Since you do TBS imagines….how about the reader is a member of royalty who has to choose between two suitors, Peter and Newt, two polar opposites who try to win over her heart. Pan is the one who’s a little dangerous, cocky and all, and Newt is more reserved and safe. Y'know, like the characters are:) thanks!

Warnings: none

Notes: you guys really like Victorian/King & Queen eras don’t you? Also, once you’re done reading this, SEND ME AN ASK saying who she should choose, and I’ll write a part two to it!

Part Two

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Today was a special day. Today, two kingdoms would be coming to yours with their eldest sons. You see, you were a princess. And it was time for your betrothal. It was your time to be wed. You were the eldest daughter. So two Princes were coming along with their fathers. They were going to take part in small challenges and whatnot to try and win you over. Prince Peter of Neverland and Prince Newt of Maze were coming to meet you. You’d never met them in your life, and quite frankly, you weren’t interested. You didn’t want to get married. Not yet. Though you had no choice.

“Are you finished, my darling?” Your mother asked kindly through the door of your changing room.

“Yes, Mum,” you rolled your eyes.

You were dressed for the occasion. You had on an elegant dress that was of royal blue and silver, the two main colours of your kingdom. It had lace and sequins and made of silk. It wasn’t poofy, but it did fall to your feet. You had on baby heels, beautiful jewelry, and you were wearing your tiara. Your hair was up in a beautiful braided bun, your tiara fitting perfectly around it.

“You look lovely,” your mother smiled wide once she caught sight of you. “Those boys will be ogling you the second they lay eyes on you.” You groaned in annoyance.

“Mum, do I really have to do this? Why can’t we marry off Ellis?” Ellis was your younger sister. Though she was much too young to be wedded. 

“Because she’s not of age and you are. Believe me, you’ll enjoy these boys. They both come from different backgrounds. I personally would love it if you chose Prince Newt of Maze. They’re more civil and well-connected than the Neverland Kingdom. Though your father really wants you to choose Prince Peter of Neverland because he thinks they’ll give your life adventure,” your mother explained, shaking her head. Great. One parent wanted you to choose Prince Newt while the other wanted Prince Peter.

Your mother rushed you out of the changing room, leaving the handmaidens who helped dressed you to clean up the clothes on the floor. She informed you how they were waiting for you to make your appearance. Turned out, there was more people coming than expected. Not only was it the Princes and their fathers, but their mothers joined along with some other higher-ups. A few guards and knights came, it was more people than expected.

You and your mother made a grand entrance in the Coronation Hall. Although it wasn’t your coronation day, this was where things were being held today. The loud sounds coming from multiple mouths instantly silenced. Everyone who was sitting stood up as they welcomed you and your mother. You both walked down, calmly smiling at others as you walked past them. You saw your father standing in front of his throne, your little sister next to him. Off to the side, at the front with your father and Ellis, were two strapping young men with older men accompanying the. These must be your two suitors and their fathers.

Your mother made it to her throne. You made it to your seat as well, though yours was in the center since this was your day. You stayed standing as the first suitor came up. 

“Princess Y/N, King Malcolm and his son, Prince Peter of Neverland.” The King bowed as you looked at Prince Peter. You waited for him to bow as well, but he only smirked at you. His face was rough, shoulders broad. He looked intimidating. He was tall and fit. Nice swept, light brown hair and green eyes. He seemed confident. He finally bowed and you curtsied.

“King Issac and his son, Prince Newt of Maze.” Once again, they bowed and you curtsied. Newt had much nicer features. His hair was a little more scraggly, more dirty blond. He had dark brown eyes and a nice jawline. He seemed shy, but he was also tall like Prince Peter. He was lanky, too.

As time passed, more things were said, things truly began. The two suitors participated in challenges. They ran through an obstacle course to prove that they were quick on their feet, and quick to solve puzzles in case of any battles that could come up in the future. Prince Newt won that challenge. He was quick on his feet despite having a limp somehow, and he seemed to not even need to think how to solve such an obstacle course.  Prince Peter almost got it, but stumbled a few times, and it took him much longer to finish the course.

The next challenge dealt with weapons, such as archery. Prince Peter was much better at handling weapons when it came to bows and arrows, and his swordsmanship was superb. Though Prince Newt was good with daggers, not so much long swords or archery.

You found all this unnecessary though. These skills didn’t impress you. They both passed the obstacle course, both were good with different weapons. They were good in different ways. But finally after several other challenges, they each got to spend one hour with you. Alone. Of course you wouldn’t be entirely alone. Guards would be watching from all over the place to make sure nothing disturbed you and your suitor. You were to spend one hour with Prince Peter first.

“So, um, Prince Peter, tell me about yourself?” You asked awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

“Well, before I start, Princess, you do look captivating in that dress.” You blushed at his words, grinning. “And myself? I’m at the top when it comes to weapons if you hadn’t seen earlier. I’m quite slick, too. Sneaky. I’d be the best for you I think. I mean, we look great together, I’m sure.” He held your hand and you let him. 

Prince Peter was cocky and full of himself, that was a known fact. He was handsome though. You two sat there for a moment, just holding hands. You wanted to get the feeling of what it would feel like to hold his hand and to touch him. His hands were rough and big. They almost engulfed yours.

“Hey, let’s go do something,” Prince Peter smirked. You hesitantly agreed, and he took you someplace else. You were in the courtyard of your palace. It was huge and covered in plants. Prince Peter thought it’d be fun to climb a tree despite the clothes you were both in.

“Prince Peter… I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m not in proper clothes. I’ve never even climbed a tree before.”

“Princess, there is always time to try new things. And any idea is a good idea if it’s by me,” he winked, climbing up. He told you where to grab and where to put feet. You took off your shoes, climbing up. At least you could move in this dress.

“Now that you’re up here finally, let’s climb to the very top, and jump into the next one. It’s tons of fun.”

“Jump into another tree? Prince Peter, I can’t. I’m in a dress, it isn’t very proper of me to be climbing in trees and jumping into other ones,” you stated firmly. “I’m not doing that.”

He rolled his eyes. “Fine. As you wish, Princess.. How about we just sit here then, hm?” You agreed to that.

For the remainder of the time, you learned more about Prince Peter. He did have an extreme adventurous side to him. He was confident and snarky. Sarcastic and dark in some aspects. He was interesting though. Mysterious. He talked about things that seemed out of this world, and kept you interested in whatever the topic was. But at the very end of this one hour, Prince Peter kissed you. Of course you accepted his kiss. You had to give him a chance.

When it came to being with Prince Newt, you two stayed in the courtyard the entire time. He was shy and quiet, but he opened up eventually. He was much sweeter than Prince Peter. He was also just as cute as Prince Peter.

“Prince Newt?” 

“You can call me Newt,” he grinned softly.

“Newt, can you tell me about yourself?”

“Of course, my Princess,” his eyes went a little wide. “Um, I will admit, I am more of a shy and laid-back person. I do like to travel though.”

Prince Newt stared at you for a little. You took in what he said. He wasn’t descriptive, not like Prince Peter, but he was simple. You liked that. 

“Pardon my staring, but I think you look absolutely dazzling.” Once again, you blushed. Both boys used different words to explain how you looked to them. They were both good with compliments.

“Thank you, Newt. You look handsome,” you returned the comment. He blushed a little, too. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink and you thought that was adorable.

Eventually, Prince Newt took your hand in his. His hands were soft. Softer than Prince Peter’s. You both talked, and he made you laugh. He was quite the interesting boy as well. Both Princes lived such diverse lives. They both explained their kingdoms were beautiful in different ways. And at the end, Prince Newt gently kissed you. He was so sweet about it, too.

“Would it be alright, my Princess, if I were to kiss you?” He had asked. You told him yes, and he did. Both kisses were different. You felt something with each kiss, too.

After your two hours with the Princes, it was time to choose. Though you didn’t know who to pick. They were complete opposites. Prince Peter was confident, sarcastic, adventurous, and cocky. Prince Newt was shy, funny, laid-back, and polite. You loved certain things from each of them. Prince Peter would bring out a more adventurous side of you, but Prince Newt would let you do your own thing. You didn’t know who to choose.

“My dear, who is it you choose? Prince Peter or Prince Newt?” Asked your father.

“I choose…”