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HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE (W/ CHIPS ON THE SIDE) I HAVE 4K FOLLOWERS!! Jeez, I never thought I’d reach such a milestone of followers, ever. T___T; Every single one of you is amazing & I honestly wish I could hug each every one of you to thank you personally. Thank you for tolerating me & still loving this messy garbage multifandom dump ground I call my blog. ^^;

Blogs under the cut because the list is really long. Lmao :) Also, I may or may not have forgot blogs (I do follow like 450+ blogs afterall ) so if I follow you & you’re not listed, I’m sorry but I still love your blog okay!! <3

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Electrophoresed Desires (M)

Warning: graphic dom!Yoongi smut

Word Count: 3,027


“Aah?” answers a masculine voice with a detached air. The male in question stretches in his chair, his body flexing like a feline.

“Do you know where the glacial acetic acid solution is?” you ask as you prepare to run a chromatography column program using the laboratory computer.

“Isn’t it with the other solutions in the cabinet?” he replies, looking up from his work station to look at you.

“Nope, I already looked there. I couldn’t find it,” you answer as you adjust the running buffers at your station for the column.

You hear the small wheels of his rolling chair as he pushes himself out of his work station. He walks toward the cabinet to check its contents for himself. You can’t help but admire his backside as he searches the cabinet. He drops down to crouch as he looks at the lower shelves.

‘Yoongi-sunbae is so good-looking,’ you think to yourself as you daydream about his firm butt in his skinny jeans.

“Huh, I guess it’s not here,” he mutters. He glances at you in time to see you blushing furiously as you realize you’ve been caught in the act. He doesn’t appear to notice or comment, if he notices. “I guess we can look in the stock room to see if it’s there.”

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