omfg simi


Anonymous asked: why do you ship stelena.. you dont seem like the type

Simi said: Woah, excuse me. What does ‘you don’t seem like the type’ mean? I don’t know how to start even. I started shipping Stefan and Elena first because of the chemistry they have. I ship them because of the way he treats her. The way he makes her feel strong, he lets her learn from her own mistakes, the way he makes her feel special. I ship them because she is ready to do anything for him and with her he doesn’t have to pretend, he is just Stefan, not the ripper, the murder, the monster as he is known though the years. I ship them because they are romantic, passionate, sweet, adorable, cute, heartbreaking, emotionruining, breathtaking. I love how they make each other’s day better. I love how after everything she’s been through and everything he did to her he is still the one who takes first place in her heart and he could never even start hating him. Also that he doesn’t do everything in front of her eyes to impress her. He was ready to let her hate him while trying to destroy Klaus. While he was saving her and everyone else from Klaus. I ship them because of the way he handles her problems with her. How she can tell him anything, cry in front of him, be weak but at the same time strong in his eyes. I love how he helped her built a strong, brave girl all over the lonely, confused, little girl who lost her parents. I even love how she let him fight for his self and didn’t run into his arms, crying and saying that she wants him back. She wanted to see him fighting as she does. She wanted to see him fighting for her. I ship them because he fought compulsion, stopped drinking blood, he cares about her enough to let her be with another person if this is what makes her happy. I love how he is simply weak when it comes to Elena. And how she is ready to become a warrior when it’s for Stefan. I ship them because she is Elena and he is Stefan and that kind of love never dies.