omfg ship ship ship ship

Literally every ship tag is like this
  • Post 1: why ship *character* with *bad character* when you can ship them with *a flawed three-dimensional character that's perceived as perfect universally by the fandom*
  • Post 2: friendly reminder your ship is valid :) #a fuckton of ship tags"
  • Post 3: when the fic do thing 😩😩😩😩 *supernatural gif* #more fuckton of ship tags"
  • Post 4: anyways if you ship [thing] you're awful, go pee your pants #if you're looking for ship content put a hashtag before your search
  • Post 5: I ship thing but I'm not an anti, lms if you feel the same way!!!!!!
  • Post 6: I need more followers please rb if you post or reblog *list of shit*
  • Post 447: anyways y'all are demons for making nsfw content
  • Post 7462: wow more fucking discourse
  • Post 836025: wow,,,,,,,,, finally,,,,,,,,, i found the Good Ship Content

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?

anonymous asked:

I want Diana to be introduced to super girls group and for literally everyone to be like "oh my god shes a goddess and so strong and beautiful hOLY shit" except for mon hel (who is intimidated by strong women because he hates women) who proceeds to get his ass kicked by Diana and Diana literally throws him in a trash can and breaks one of his arms. Mon hel bitches about it for months but shuts up every time Diana enters the room.


Kara: Mon-El can you please hand me the dung bell over there?

Mon-Ew: well I would, if some crazy bitch hadn’t broken my fucking arm!

*Beautiful, amazing, insanely muscular Diana Prince walks in*

Diana: Hello, Manuel, healing slowly and painfully I hope?

Yawn-El: *sweats* yes! I mean, sure! I gotta go! *runs away*

Alex: *sees white bread running off crying and sprints to the training room*

Alex: DEE! You didn’t tell me you were here! Hold out your arm I want to do pull ups on them!!