omfg shes so annoying

  • person: *is obsessed with a shitton of shows & movies*
  • me: *is watching only 2 shows*
  • person: omg ur so!!! obsessed!!!!! why do you watch so many things!!!
My thoughts.. and theory.

Unpopular opinion, but I’m actually satisfied with today’s ATR.  Granted, I would’ve loved more information being the huge fan that I am, but it’s all good.  I’m pretty bad at keeping up with things since I’m really busy anyways, so I don’t mind the slow pace at which they’re releasing information.  If anything, it’s a really good tease and helps me speculate more things and keeps us all guessing.  I love guessing and making theories.. and when they’re canon, I just love getting all, “YES.  I SO CALLED IT.”  I also like how they’re giving it time so that new fans can get into it too.  I just think we all need to be patient.  Yes, I know everyone’s been waiting for the past 9 years for this–I’ve been waiting for this since I was 12, and now, I’m 21 and graduating from uni this year.  However, if they released everything all at once today, they wouldn’t have anything left to say during the next few months up until the release.  We’d only just be getting the same trailers over and over again, and I’m sure many people would complain about that.  No matter what, people will always complain, but I for one, refuse to complain (except, the only complaint I have IS THAT SOMEONE ATTACKED MY PRECIOUS LIL BAE LUNA UGH HOW DARE HE) because I appreciate SE’s hard work and efforts into building this game + taking fans’ opinions into consideration.  I mean, for crying out loud, they climbed mountains and all that good stuff.  

And now, for my theory… Luna may be the evil character that opposes Noctis. According to Nova Crystallis, Leviathan will be summoned by a female.  My only guess is that Leviathan will be summoned by Luna.  Let’s just say that, because in this scene where Noctis is in Altissia: 

Luna is also waiting for Noctis in Altissia, but from what we’ve seen and know so far, she’s the only female that we know that’s in Altissia–making her a possible candidate as Leviathan’s summoner if there were other females around.  Now, we know from this image:

Luna is on the evil side.  This image was presented when FF Versus XIII turned into FFXV, so I think it’s safe to assume that it’s Luna we see in this image (give or take, the earrings and moles because shit man Regis and Prompto went through redesigns but hey, they showed Fringe lady’s render here at the ATR so…?  Yeah LOL).

We see from this concept art here, that she’s in tattered clothing, holding a ring and escaping from Insomnia? Maybe Niflheim was staging Luna’s death.. so then she’s on her way to Altissia after that.  That’s why the tanks are facing away from her and not attacking her?  She’d probably look more distressed if she was being attacked, but she has such a calm look on her face.  Perhaps she took off her engagement ring because she ain’t in love with Noctis.  Well, if she don’t got a ring on it, I like it so I kinda wanna put a ring on it lololo jokes jokes

Perhaps she’s truly evil–to an extent.  Now, they didn’t say she was a protagonist, so I’d like to assume that she was an antagonist.  Since the supposed marriage between Noctis and Luna is arranged, I think they’re using it as a lure.  Maybe Luna’s a total yandere, and she acts innocent for senpai in order to lure him into danger.  After all, she told Noctis that she “had something” for him and was “waiting in Altissia.”  Since she’s waiting in Altissia, maybe she was the one that summoned Leviathan in an attempt to kill Noctis and “sever the line of Lucis once and for all.”  

What if.  However, maybe she has a change of heart in the end and realizes that Niflheim’s morals are skewed as hell… and that she finally has a mind of her own and betrays them to do what’s right in the end.  anyways, I still think she’s hot as fuck and I’d go so fuckin lesbigayyyyy for Luna 10000/10 would bang

Please be excited.  LOL jk.  Thoughts?

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Imagine Tessa's face after the invention of tampons and pads omfg

omfg she must have been so annoyed they weren’t invented sooner… but hey she has eternity to enjoy them after they were invented right?

(a moment of silence for tessa, who will forever get her period)