omfg seunghoon

Name: Kyu, Seunghoon (규승훈)
Age: 17/18 (korean age) (July, 19, 1998)
Unit: Rap
Height/Weight: 179cm, 65kg
Personality: Seunghoon is friendly to everyone he meets and does silly things and likes making others smile. Aside from his meme-self is very caring to the members and tries to help around.

  • Rap
  • English
  • freestyle rapping (for rap battles lol)
  • quickly bagging groceries
  • animal imitations


  • yellow
  • animals
  • giving piggyback rides to the members
  • shorts
  • naps
  • convenience store food


  • having a bad day
  • cliffhangers of korean dramas ;;

Backstory: Ever since watching his seniors rap and perform on stage, Seunghoon always dreamt of becoming a rapper himself. During highschool, he would practice rapping with his buddies whenever he had free time. Rap would help him when he was feeling down and it especially made him feel like a cool kid. He adores his younger brother and because of financial situations, Seunghoon worked at a convenience store after graduating highschool early so that his brother could afford to attend school.
how/why they decided to become an idol: During his work at the convenience store, he saw a flyer ad from Flare Ent. looking for members to recruit. Seunghoon figured that becoming an idol would be a way better job that his current work and he could do what he always dreamed of— Rapping! He auditioned with his rapping and
made the cut, tearing up and giving hugs and shaking hands with everyone at the company.

Other info:

  • Nicknames: Hoonie, red sneakers, sleepy bear
  • He has a mole under his right eye
  • His name meaning: Seung means ‘success’ Hoon means ‘service’
  • extra motivated when chicken is involved
  • often challenges the other members to dance battles and often loses (hilariously)
  • can do the “woop” adlibs in songs and helps with rap harmonies
  • pets any dog he sees walking by
  • up-to-date with the hottest memes
  • laughs at lame jokes
  • makes songs about chicken
  • wants to save the world from an alien envasion !!!!
  • dabs sometimes when he sneezes.. its just a reflex uh-
  • animal imitations on point
  • Has a younger brother he adores
  • Working at a convenience store helped Seunghoon with being able to quickly bag groceries and his English skills improved when talking to foreign customers.