omfg my kokoro

baekloveschannie  asked:

I would like to see their reaction of getting a brand new puppy!

welcome to my collection. Please meet your siblings

Yixing: loves it dearly but is completely confused about what to do about it

Chen: is happy and turning the pup into a dansheen masheen as well

Luhan: can’t handle the kawaiiness of something being cuter than him

Xiumin: spazzes like crazy 

Tao: doesn’t give a shit

Kai: goes crazy
Sehun: lol this little kawaii peasant!

Baek: turns into cute Baekpuppy and plays around with it

Chanyeol: spazzes and goes all happy virus

Kyungsoo: not a gif but this says it all (omfg my kokoro I can’t!)
Suho: omfg not another thing I have to look after?! *already having a mental breakdown with the beagle line*