omfg my fingers

“Different yet the same…”

little drawing i did with my phone at a tournament. it was fun but man, it’s hard to draw with your finger on a tiny iphone screen:)))))


I was at comic con today and I met John Barrowman and cosplayed (?) Rose Tyler and it was great tbh (ignore of my face on the picture with John lol)(I was so excited = I smiled like an idiot)


making all our plans in the Santa Cruz sand that night, thought I had you in the palm of my hands that night, screaming at the top of my lungs till my chest fell tight, I told myself that I’m never gonna be alright // @5sos

 canon sterek scenes
↳ Chaos Rising, season 3 episode 2.

“What do you- What do you think you’re gonna do, Derek? You’re gonna punch through the wall?”

“Yes, Stiles. I’m gonna punch through the wall.”

“Okay big guy, let’s see it. Let’s see that fist! Big ol’ fist, make it c'mon, 
get it out there. Don’t be scared, big bad wolf. Yeah, look at that." 

prettyboyviktor  asked:

How do u feel about Eggsy constantly getting in trouble just so he can get sent to guidance counselor Harry Hart who talks to him about his potential also so he can fantasize about kissing the man

You know Eggsy, he never really gets what he wants, unless it involves a little bit of mischief.

The first time he got sent to Dr. Hart’s office, it was because of fucking Charlie. Eggsy was minding his own business, and he guessed fucking Charlie was as well, but then the posh git got pushed into his chair and they both fell down.

“Fucking poof…” Fucking Charlie had muttered under his breath.

Fucking Charlie got punched so quick, Eggsy thought his mates might have felt it when his fist connected with the git’s jaw as well.

And then Eggsy finds himself in Dr. Hart’s office.

“Why did you do it, Mr. Unwin?” Dr. Hart, Harry Hart, asks him, looking all concerned and curious and sort of really sexy and comfy in his grey jumper and navy suit jacket.

“He called me a poof, after bumping into me and knocking both o’ us down.” Eggsy answers, timidly now; his bravado all but gone the moment he saw Dr. Hart. “’S a bit rude, innit?”

Dr. Hart removes his glasses and smiles at him. Eggsy can feel his heart flutter and his face heat up.

“It is,” Dr. Hart agrees, “and since Mr. Hesketh provoked you first, I don’t think this can be written off as your fault, so you can leave.”

And then Eggsy never saw Dr. Hart again. Literally. Not even in the hallways. The man is like a fucking butterfly. Eggsy thinks to himself that if he wants to see Dr. Hart again, he has to create destiny for himself.

They’re standing outside the school. There are firefighters. All of the students are soaked, including Eggsy and Dr. Hart.

“What happened, Mr. Unwin?”

“Yeah, so, um, I’m really, really bad at Chemistry, yeah? You can, you can check my, um, my marks. You’ll, uh, see that.”

“I don’t think I can go inside and check the records, Mr. Unwin.”

“Yeah, anyway, so how was your day?”

“A bit wetter than I anticipated, but given that we live in England, I can’t say I’m not prepared.”

“Well, you look like you got pecs under that sweater o’ yours…”

“I beg your pardon?”

“No, nothing. I’m jus’ mumblin’. You wanna go sit over there?”

Eggsy finds out that Dr. Hart’s hair is curly when it’s air-dried, probably soft as well. He has to stop himself from touching.

“Dr. Hart, there’s a student here for you. Mr. Unwin?”

Eggsy can’t hear his answer, but the teacher waves for him to go in. Eggsy pops into the room and sees dreamy Dr. Hart looking more focused than ever.

He sits down on the chair, feels like it’s his.

“What seems to be the problem, Mr. Unwin?”

“I think I’m gay.”

Dr. Hart stops typing and looks over at him.

“An’ I think my step-dad knows an’ I think he wants to sell me.”

Dr. Hart turns away from his computer and leans onto his desk. “Mr. Unwin, that is a very serious matter, I hope you are joking, because if not, I will be forced to call social services.”

Eggsy stays quiet and worries his bottom lip between his teeth. Too much information. He has to back down.

“Ya kno’ me so well, Dr. Hart.” He grins and sees the tenseness leaving Dr. Hart’s broad shoulders. “I thought ya needed a bit o’ a laugh.”

“Trust me, Mr. Unwin, that is no laughing matter. In fact, you got me in quite a bad spot.”

“Yeah? How come?”

“I am very protective of my students and I hope to not use extreme measures to keep them safe.”

Needless to say, Eggsy doesn’t joke about being a prostitute anymore. Not when Dr. Hart looks at Eggsy like he wants to do more than just protect him.

“I really am gay, though.”

“I know, Mr. Unwin.”

“How d’ya know? D’ya spy on me or summat?” Eggsy winks.

“I think even a blind man can tell that you’re gay.” Dr. Hart huffs.

“What does tha’ suppos’ ta mean?”

“It means that you set the experiment on fire on purpose so you don’t have to get into trouble to see me; that you ‘joked’ about your step-dad thinking about selling you as a prostitute, when in fact, he has probably done it; and that every time you come in here with a problem, it’s just an excuse to talk to me and hope that I won’t notice every time you carry your eyes all over my body.”


“But of course, that could also just be me talking nonsense. Would you like some tea?”

“…Please, ta.”

Heyo!!! (Woj here btw! I made an art account) Recently, (aka about an hour or two ago) one of my friends told me that Adobe Draw is a good app for digital art on iPads, so I made this drawing of Lou Ellen from the Heroes of Olympus series! This is inspired by


’s fan art for Lou Ellen, which is seriously amazing, you should go check her art out!