omfg look how startled they are

My Nik/Gwen experience before I wake up and forget details

I’m not going to talk much about the premise of the play because I think that has already been shared, so I’m just going to ramble about all the details and freak out moments while it’s still fresh in my mind and I’m on my adrenaline high. 

EDIT: I just want to add that I am really really really glad I was able to experience that with another person from the JB fandom. It would not have been the same without you, Fleet <3. It was comforting having someone else there who knew exactly what I was going through. I don’t know what I would have done without that support and having someone to freak out with, and I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to go up and talk to them because I would have felt stupid being the only person who was that excited and crazy. So thank you for experiencing that with me :)

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I just like how Sasuke is so protective towards Team 7 in this chapter.

Especially when Sakura arrived at the scene. Look at his startled face: OMFG!

 Then he suddenly blurted out to Sakura or Kakashi (but I think he’s talking to Sakura lol) to be more careful because Madara might come out from the kamui dimension in any minute: 

Reminds me of the time when Team 7 fought Zabuza and Haku and when they protected Tazuna. :’)

Then he repeated it again when Naruto had finally arrived at the scene: 

He sure ain’t hating his former Team 7 and He definitely still cares for them (it includes Sakura of course ;) )

lastrxsorts  asked:

"The pregnancy test is positive." (Lets get some crack up in here yo)

((Omfg–never done crack so let’s see how this goes XD are they dating at this point btw or…?))

Sherlock turned to look at Anderson, a bit startled. “I’m sorry, what?”