omfg look how adorable she looks

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WHY IS SAKURA SO CUTE LIKE????? OMFG though like everything she does makes me smile and squee and cry and every time I see her I feel so warm and happy!! Sakura Kinomoto is the standard for cuteness! AND OMG WHEN SHE LOOKS AT SHAORAN I JUST DIE LIKE HOW CAN ONE LITTLE GIRL BE SO FULL OF LOVE KYAAAAA~!!!! Like i tear up just thinking of her shes so cute and wonderful! TBH if I were Tomoyo I'd be SO hard pressed to let another person have her shesj ust too perfect! !!!

i did not know True Joy until i saw the pure and adoring look on sakura’s face when she looks at syaoran

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this might seem like a weird ask but.... teiko versions of GOM suddenly appearing before the GOM + s/o, and the s/o finds them adorable and the current selves are sorta jealous???

This isn’t weird at all! I’m actually totally feeling this ask like??? Sign me up omfg thank you for the request!

Kuroko: “Tetsuya! Look at how cute he is!” She cooed, grinning at the smaller Kuroko. “He’s so young and sweet!” The younger Kuroko blushed at the compliments, and looked to the older one. “Is this your girlfriend, Kuroko-san?” Kuroko nodded and pulled her to his side, narrowing his eyes at his younger self. “Yes. You’ll just have to wait until you’re older.”

Kise: “____-chii! Don’t pay attention to him! He’s gross!” Kise groaned, having to face his embarrassing past-self. “He’s like twelve!” But she ignored him and hugged the Teiko-Kise, squealing. “He’s so adorable, Ryouta!”

Aomine: He was in a standoff with his younger self. He smiled happily and waved to his girlfriend. Aomine wrapped a firm arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, not letting the little-him get any ideas. “Daiki! He’s adorable! Look at him!” He sighed and glared at the Teiko-Aomine. “I know what he looks like, ____, that is literally me!.”

Akashi: The two Akashi’s smiled at each other politely. “Ah, is this going to be my girlfriend one day, Akashi?” The younger asked, looking to the girl. Akashi nodded and smiled wider. “Isn’t she beautiful?” The younger Akashi grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles. “Indeed…” The older Akashi offered a light laugh but gave him a stare that make him drop her hand quickly.

Midorima: She was eye-to-eye with the younger Midorima, and she blushed. “Shintarou! You never let me see how pretty your eyes were!” She grinned. Both Midorimas blushed shyly, pushing up their glasses almost in unison. Midorima got a little tired of her staring into his younger-self’s eyes so closely, so he pulled her away. “You can look into my eyes later, nanodayo… N-not that I care that you think they’re pretty.”

Murasakibara: She still had to look up to Teiko-Murasakibara. She grinned and hugged him, making him huff but wrap his arms around her waist. “Ah~ You’re were still cuddly even then!” The much taller Murasakibara huffed and hugged her from behind, glaring at his younger self. “Nn… ____-chin should only cuddle the older me…”

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I know Lexa loved Clarke, we could see it clearly, but what about Clarke? I am a Clexa shipper but show me a single moment where Clarke showed any feelings for Lexa, the only thing I remember is Clarke watching the fight and the kiss+ (3x07)

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Lexa saying Polis would change the way she thinks about them and Clarke replying “you already have.” Clarke being heartbroken at Lexa leaving.

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3x03. Clarke not being able to kill Lexa in the knife scene.

3x04. Clarke trying to stop Lexa from fighting and letting slip that “it’s not just about my people.”


Honestly, the whole ‘for my people’ thing. Clarke watching Lexa fight and being scared shitless that she would die. Clarke gasping painfully every time Lexa got knocked down. Clarke sighing with relief every time Lexa escaped death. Clarke’s face at the end of the fight. This:

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and that moment she literally gets lost in lexa’s eyes but I can’t find the gif for and am too lazy to make one now so if anyone has it it’d be really cool if you added it thx!

and this totally necessary touch:

(gif by @fearwanheda, source: x)

and this longing look when Lexa leaves:

(gif by @fearwanheda, source: x)

Clarke pushing through the crowd to talk to bae one last time:

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3x05. Clarke being all smiles as they were heading to Arkadia. “Lexa and I—.”

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3x06. The drawing, my friend. Clarke being bashful when Lexa sees it because she was drawing Lexa (as Lexa, not as the Commander) for herself. Clarke running to Lexa’s side full of concern and comforting her as soon as Lexa wakes up from the nightmare. The hand on the leg:

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3x07. Besides the obvious ones: Clarke defending Lexa against Octavia. Clarke not wanting to leave Polis (read: Lexa) and finding flimsy excuses to stay. Clarke stressing out when she can’t find Lexa and what if she can’t say goodbye?

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this one is when she first sees Lexa after entering her room to say goodbye and it has a line thing on it but I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT HER EYES AT HER SWALLOWING AT HER PURSING HER LIPS SHE’S LIKE “OMFG LEXA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MY HEART JUST SKIPPED A BEAT I LOVE HER SO MUCH”

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oh look I found it SEEEEE, the look of ADORATION in Clarke’s eyes:

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Also, the fact that Clarke stayed in bed with Lexa and spooning her. With Niylah she walked away because obviously it was a one-night stand. But with Lexa she stayed, and she would have stayed longer if not for her duty to her people.

Honestly idk how being a clexa shipper you didn’t see Clarke’s feelings in any of these moments. Either you haven’t been paying attention at all (Alycia is stunning, it’s hard to take our eyes off her, I know, but COME ON), or you’re insulting Eliza’s acting, or you’re actually a Blarker.


Omg, look what I got. Yesterday, we were out shopping, using my daughters’ gift cards at various stores and when we were at Toys R’ Us, I saw Rey from Star Wars and I was like, “Must have!” 

Then, even better, later on we were at Hot Topic (saved 60 bucks!) and I saw the dolls at the back of the store and I was like, “This, this, this and that” and then I saw ELIZABETH AND I WAS LIKE OMFG. I seriously fucking love Elizabeth, she is in my top 5 female game characters ever. I was so excited. I still am. Look at how precious she is. 

Rey is awesome too.