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because a lot can happen in a year… | happy 1 year bangtan!

commiescum420  asked:

5, 8, 14, 17, 42, 46, 62, 72 for the ask thing

5. Are you in love?

ummmmmmmm ^^;

8. Describe your crush

i have a few so ima talk about my BIG IRL crush lmao. my crush is…….rly beautiful?? she’s got beautiful brown hair and smells rly nice and dresses kinda punk n skatery and listens to a lot of diff music and it’s all rly good she could play shit for hours and i’d listen to all of it. she makes me laugh like no one else omfg.

14. Do you have a crush on anyone?

yeeeeeeep im juggling affections for like 3 or 4 ppl right now lmfao

17. Do you like kissing in public?

definitely!! as long as i’m sure i won’t get weird stares or like verbally abused for it by cissies ya

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?

my hands wander almost immediately i like feeling the person im kissing’s body

46. How many times did you have sex last year?

lmao i aint counting that

62. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?

tie me up~

72. What words do you like to hear during sex?

i flip between loving dirty talk and cute flirty talk. also love being called a good girl lmfao

Can't Wait to See You

This was written for my friend @asgardxprincess and with the help from @avenger-nerd-mom.
This is my first one shot…so be kind and enjoy 😊

“Warning suggested sexual situations, and Fluff”, NSFW

You are waiting at your gate, for your flight to be announced, for boarding. You are both excited and sad at the same time…excited that your finally going to meet up with your boyfriend…but sad that it’s only for a few days, cuz your work schedule is very busy at the moment. You try to focus on the happier part…while your sitting and waiting your phone buzzes. You noticed it’s your boyfriend Chris, you get butterflies in your stomach and answer.

C. Hey! Sweetie….getting excited?

Y. Yes, but it’s taking forever for the boarding to be called.

C. Is the plane at the gate?

Y. Yes, must be taking longer for the flight crew to do their check list.

C. Well just think in a few hours you’ll be here.

Y. Ya.

C. What’s wrong?

Y. Just really missing you, that’s all, wishing I was already there.

C. Soon, babe, have you looked at your email yet?

Y. No! Why?

C. Well FILA sent me the finished photos from the shoot in December, and I sent them to you. They want me to pick the first few to be released, so I sent them to you….so?

Y. Give me a minute and look….I’m going to put you in speaker….

So you open your email….and….OMFG.

C. Hey babe?

Y. Oh sweet Lord….are you trying to kill me?

C. Are you smiling?

Y. Something like that, but thank you, I need that.

C. So which one is your favourite?

Y. The one with the blue jacket, blue jogging pants…which I would love to get you out of…and the backpack.

C. Good! Thought you would like that one…..

“We are now boarding aisles 1-5, please make your way to the gate.”

Y. That’s me, babe. See you in a few hours….love you.

C. Love you more.

After that you board and find your seat. Well for next next few hours all you can do is stare at the photos. When you land and get your bags and head out, you see a sign with your name on it, and head over to the man. You find out Chris sent a driver, so now it’s only mere minutes until you see him. When you get to his house, and he opens the gate and drive in, you get your bags and head to the front door….it opens and Chris is standing there In the exact FILA outfit….you say thank you to the driver….and close the door….with a wicked smile…knowing that your going to have fun getting him out of it.

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