omfg just let him see her!

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Okay I just wanna say, like, just say if Tina hadn't brought Newt in and immediately just let him go because she liked him, people would have complained that she put him above the law even though she had just met him! Realistically, someone who has a career in any form of government would bring in anyone that they see breaking the law, they wouldn't just let them off because they talked to them once or twice. People never know what they want these days! #MoreLoveForTinaGoldstein <3<3<3


If she had just let him go because he was cute or whatever, there would have been HUNDREDS of complaints from the haters saying that she’s “weak” or whatever for putting a man before her career…? And yet they hate on her for being career-driven, just because “OMFG NEWT IS SUCH A CINAMMON ROLL I WANT TO MARRY HIM AND HAVE HIS BABIES!!!!!1!”

Like, I LOVE Newt too, he’s awkward and adorable but like…? He’s not perfect, he WAS breaking the law, Tina did the right thing by bringing him in. We see Newt through movie-goer goggles, so our perspective of him is rose-tinted - but in the universe of the film, Tina did what any law-abiding Auror would do and she does NOT deserve hate for it!

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#MoreLoveForTinaGoldstein #ProtectTinaGoldstein2k17 #TinaDeservesMoreLove

Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook react to: You being on your period and they’re awkward

Requested by an anon: Can you do a BTS reaction to you being on your period and they’re really awkward about it

YOONGI:  *Sees you on the couch holding your stomach*
YG: Uhh Y/N are you okay?
Y/N: *Groans* NO I’m not okay, I’m on my period and I have awful cramps right now.
YG:*Scratches his head* Well um… You… How do I say this 
Y/N: What do you want Yoongi just spit it out
YG: Fine then  I need you to move the fuck away from my spot on the couch I want to sit down
Y/N: *scoffs* Are you serious right now… *sits up so Yoongi can sit down*
YG: *Pulls her head  gently on  to his lap* Just lay there and try to sleep, maybe the cramps will go away *kisses her forehead*
Y/N: *smiles* Will do sir

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JIMIN: *sees that you have been sad all day and tries to cheer you up*
Y/N:*sighs* You’re super cute Jiminie but I’m not feeling cute today sorry *frowns*
JM: Why, is there something wrong honey?
Y/N: I’m on my period and I’m not feeling so hot today 
JM: Ooh I’m sorry? ‘Uhh so what do I do  now?’ Can I help you with something?
Y/N: Why are you so stiff Jimin  you’ve never  had seen your girlfriend on her period?
JM: Actually no I haven’t so this is new to me … Hey don’t laugh at me!!
Y/N: You’re so cute Jimin  *laughs*

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JUNGKOOK: (You just told him that you’re on your period)
JK: *confused* What’s a period in lady language?
Y/N: ‘Omfg this kid’ Well. *can see from a distance Seokjin running towards you* Oh for fucks sake let the boy live!
SJ: *Starts running faster*
Y/N: Oh fuck I’m out peace bitches *runs off*
JK:*Still confused as fuck* So whats a period?
JM: *Sighs* It’s a challenge mother nature gives girls every month or so and it lasts a few days 
JK: Ohh…  What type of challenge?

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Hidamari ga Kikoeru Limit 5 Thoughts

lmao i lied about these hgk update posts dying i have an amazing friend (ty ty!) who is letting me see her scans of the new chapters SO I CAN STILL FANGIRL OVER HGK

  • kouhei is getting prettier with every page wth boy stahp 
  • idk, i just really liked seeing them just sit together alone?? is that weird? idk it was just really quietly intimate and honest, and I really liked that
  • taichi in kouhei’s clothes omfg it’s so baggy on him //heart eyes
  • and taichi’s after shower hair is so cute al;sdkfj;aks
  • and also…
EXO reacting to a sex scene on American horror story

Hey anon! So I’ve never watched that show but I googled it and saw some weird stuff O.o Anyways~ here you go! Love you too <3

This contains mature content. 


Suho: When the sex scene starts he would be in shock, raising an eyebrow in disbelief he will start questioning you…

“What… Huh? But she’s dead? Wait, is that a rubber man?” *Traumatized*

“Why…is she offering him sex? Isn’t he trying to kill her?” 

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun will secretly love it, cuz we all know he’s a pervert with a puppy innocent face. He would lick his lips a LOT and poke you, 

“Haha so you’re into these stuff?… what kinda mess are you watching jagiya…” *Is actually very. Very turned on.*

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Chanyeol: The giant baby will be so shocked, he will sympathise  with literally everyone on the show and comment on everything that he see..

“Ouch! that must hurt! WAIT, WHY IS HE CRYING? IS IT THAT BAD? That poor guy…” 

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Kyungsoo: He’d watch in silence but glance at you occasionally judging you. 

*Tf is she making me watch.” 

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Kai: At the start of the scene he would be just watching in shock, as soon as things get intense he’ll get up with an uneasy expression on his face…

“Jagi, Bedroom. Now. You need to take responsibility for what you’ve done.”

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Sehunnie: After the scene is done you will look next to you and he’s nowhere to be seen. Looking around the house you’ll finally find him in the bedroom half naked waiting for you, “Finally, now come here we need to reenact that.” 


“That was not a question.”


“We’ll see about that.”

*Ends up seducing you anyways. Cuz Sebooty. /dies/dat ass doe. omfg. ujhdbailhfaeiufh*

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Xiumin: “Daaaaaaaayum she just humped a damn corpse” 

*Blunt af, so turned on and doesn’t even try to hide it*

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Luhan: As it starts Luhan would be watching with no expressions, more like bored.  But as it gets intense he will start getting naughty thoughts that involves BDSM.

“I wonder if she’d let me do that to her…” He’d mutter, and when you look at him his gaze will wander on your body and he’ll start licking his lips to seduce you… cuz he is a freak. huihuihui.

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Kris: He will be uncomfortable from the start, and as it gets weirder and more intense he will turn away looking at you, unconsciously he will lean in and start kissing you 

“What are you doing Kris!”

“My cute baobei shouldn’t be watching such things”  He will smirk and push you softly against the couch continuing to kiss you until the scene ends. Then you two will start a scene of your own IfYouKnowWhatImean ;)

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Lay: *GIF*

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Chen: He will just laugh and say stupid comments constantly  “BRUH! HAHAHA! WHAT THE HELL! HAHAHA! THOSE PEOPLE ARE THIRSTY AS FUCK!” 

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Tao: He will hide behind you and complain desperately,


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Reactions for StarCo moments

*Marco starts crying because he thought Star won’t be back again*

Me: Oh you poor baby lemme hug you.

*hearts fell from the sky*

Me: Oh gosh…

*Star fell then Marco huggged her then she hugged him back*


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After capturing the elephant-looking ‘princess’ Marco and Star were sitting on the roof. Oh gosh, under the moonlight. *heavy breathing*

*he lets out his notebook thingy*

Star: *gets his glasses and starts motivating him*

Me: You guys are CHEMISTRY.

Then I found out about the next episode where the realease is on July 20.


I will patiently wait until July 20.

*fangirling intesifies*

N: This would be a sight for sore eyes, but in a very good way. It doesn’t matter what you wear because N would find you attractive regardless, but sprucing up your look with something skintight would be a very pleasant surprise. “Oh? Well…this is surprise. Are you trying to impress me? You don’t have to go out of your way to look good for me, dear. *Looks at your boobs* But, it’s working. Um, will this be a frequent thing?”

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Leo: Imagine Leo tugging on his collar because you decided to step up your dress game. Very, very good thoughts would enter his mind just as fast as bad thoughts of random dudes staring you down because of your outfit. He’s prepared to knock someone out on your behalf though. “Wow. What’s…the occasion?”

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Ken: Since you don’t normally dress that way, expect Ken to exaggerate his reaction. He’ll do this as a means of compliments, and he really just wants to make you feel good and boost your confidence. “Hot damn! Well, you can’t be the only sexy one walking around. I need to go put on something sexy, too!”

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Ravi: Silence. Well, he might be verbally silent, but other parts of him won’t be. It’s not a regular occurrence you dressing that way, so he won’t know how to react. All he can do is just sit there and admire, watching you sway your hips and loving the way you have no idea what effect you have on him. “*Inner thoughts* I’ve been in her closet. I’ve never seen that outfit before.”

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Hongbin: There’s always that one person that’s so surprised and shocked that they think what you’re doing is because of some over the top reason. Well, that’s going to be how HongBin feels considering your abrupt change in attire went from normal drab to hella f*cking fab. “*Jaw drops* What…why are your dressed like that? OMFG are you cheating on me?!” Calm down, son!

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Hyuk: Hyuk will like your new attire most definitely. And he’s going to let you know, of course, just not directly. He’ll play around with it, up his flirting game to make you know that it’s affecting him. This is not one of those times where he can be annoying in fear of you not ever dressing like that again. “Well, excuuuuuse me. But, who the heck are you? My girlfriend is supposed to meet me here and she doesn’t wear clothes where I can’t see the entire outline of her perfectly round ass. You haven’t seen her by chance have you?”

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so are people really saying farkle doesn’t love riley (even as a friend) JUST because he literally didn’t say he loves her back in ACM?? OMFG are you serious???? he was in shock over her gift and speech he had no words at all!! she made him so speechless and if you can’t see that he does love her in some type of way even if it’s not romantic, then you are blind. he has told her he loves her plenty of times so please stop saying he doesn’t love her bc he didn’t say it back one time bc he was so in shock over how much of a wonderful person he has in his life.