omfg its so awesome

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Omfg!!! That manga with the chubby boy!!! It's so awesome!!! I love it!! Do you know some other manga with chubby ukes? Because they're always so smol and fragile but he isn't as much! I love it so much uwu

Chubby Uke:

Deri Pocha - Yajuu no H na Gohan - Egaki Oroshi Mana Paper Zuke

Dame BL

Hoppe ni Himawari

Sweet Bitter Candy

Ai no Gebokutachi


Koi no Enchousen

Aitsu no Daihonmei

I have found these, hope you enjoy them~~

PS: Feel free to message me if anyone has other recommendation^^ 

090522 - Mirai Souzoudow

You know what other occupation DBSK could’ve had if they ever decided to venture out more? Cooking show commentator, or anything to do with food, really. Their reactions were always priceless.