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i HAD AN IDEA HOLY CRAP. okay okay so like pre-shklance and Modern!AU and Keith is introducing Shiro to Lance and he just kinda walks into Lances flat. And lance has this like "cleaning day" where he listens to music REALLY loud and cleans but what if what if what if. Keith and Shiro walk in on lance dancing to Beyoncé or Rihanna or someone and it's like L: I'm bad at first impressions, but this takes the cake as the worst. K: rlly bc you yelled @ me abt toothpaste when we met... and fLUFF/LOVE

Omfg. Yesss. That’s such a good idea. Lance is such s drama queen in my perspective, but at the same time way fucking secretive about things that should be exclaimed. And stuff like that. Keith never understand why he makes things super super extraordinary, even if it’s just about toothpaste, but it warms his heart whenever Lance is passionate about something he is super hype about it (like music and stuff) and it just makes Shiro and Keith’s hearts warm and fuzzy as they watch their blue boy scream/sing his heart out to his favorite songs. Just domestic Shklance in any AU and cute fluffy way. 💜❤️💙🖤

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omfg genos nuzzling and smelling saitama because he loves his natural scent and body spray and it's just like. super intoxicating by the end of the day because he's been in that sticky jumpsuit. pins him against the counter and breathes him in and saitama let's him but he's kinda weirded out by it at the same time. genos deeply inhaling and when he pulls away his pupils are totally blown cause pheromones and shit. I'M SORRY I LOVE THIS

Saitama: Dude, personal space. I’ve been sweating, I stink.

Genos: N-no, sensei, you smell … really good *embarrassed*

Saitama: Okay. Is this like, a cyborg thing?

Genos: Y-e-s….


Quick update of this past week: Podcast time

Like literally, I listened to Alice isn’t Dead a podcast from one of the creators of Night Vale and I thought ‘hey, why not start looking for other podcasts?’….

You can imagine the result

I installed an app and now I’m subscribed to 15 podcasts (or more)

So, what did I listen to? (A list to keep track of all them and some quick thoughts)
-Limetown, I found interesting and engaging, I liked it but not loved it. Finished first season, waiting for the second one.
-Lore, horror-supernatural podcast, creepy tales which are real. Still airing. Up to date.(29/??)
-Kakos Industries, I found it a bit repetitive but I really like the concept. I’ll keep listening. Still airing.(10/??)
-King Falls AM, short podcast, it’s like the little brother of Welcome to Night Vale but at the same time it isn’t. Still airing. (7/??)
-EOS 10, OMFG EOS 10, this is The Podcast, I’m loving it. Just let me listen to all of the current seasons and maybe even I’ll write a review *incoherent noises* Fans are waiting for its third season, just leave me a couple of days and I’ll be the same (S01E04/??)

Podcasts that I usually listen to: Welcome to Night Vale and Writing Excuses

List of ‘to listen’: Wolf 359, TANIS, The Black Tapes, Serial, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City

That is all for today *starts listening to episode 5 of EOS 10*

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Xiumin’s always ready to fight Baekhyun

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Badboy!Mikey treating you like a princess in private, but like shit in public. So one day you get sick of it and you're like "why can't you treat me the same way all the time" and so when you guys go out that night with the guys and he holds your hand the whole time, the guys are obviously poking fun at him which he ignores. Then you complain about your heels hurting and he'd lift you onto his back to carry you and the guys would be like "he's whipped" and he'd smirk and say "it's not so bad"

omfg im sad bc i cant have this :(((

[[tonight’s blurbs]] feel free to send in your own written blurbs or requests for blurb night!

Advice to the signs (from a leo)
  • Aries: u don't always have to act tough all the time, people r gonna love u just the same
  • Taurus: being grounded is totally cool, but make sure to explore the clouds sometime, alright?
  • Gemini: change when it's necessary to u, but don't forget who u r bcos u'r amazing
  • Cancer: get ur emotions out omfg keeping it in is bad for u, but don't try to make urself a pity case either
  • Leo: u may not like urself and be called stuck up, but tbh ppl do like u and u'r sosososo amazing
  • Virgo: take a day off some time and just breathe. slow down, calm down, be u. do what calms u down
  • Libra: b careful what to say to ppl, but also make sure that u say what u absolutely need to.
  • Scorpio: no one likes to tell their secrets, but keeping all of them in is v bad. come out of ur shell sometimes
  • Saggitarus: don't let anyone control u. ur ideas can inspire the world, and u keep ppl on their toes
  • Capricorn: ok tbh don't listen to what ppl say about/to u bcos they're probs jealous since u'r A+ keep goin bae
  • Aquarius: idk y u think the whole world is against u but it's not and acting dramatic will get ppl to dislike u
  • Pisces: u should totally try to accomplish ur goals + dreams bcos trust me u'll feel 10000% better