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Omfg new cool FFXV writing blog yaaay <3 How about the boyband crushing hard on a female friend but they don't want to ruin the friendship. Or appear to be that guy who is in it for the booty. So they accidentally fess up in a normal conversation and she's stunned. Does she reject them or agree to take it slow? Up to you love <3

Okay so this request got me so excited that I think I’m going to do both outcomes?? like what I’m putting here is her accepting their feelings, but I totally plan to break these boys’ hearts in a separate post. I can’t help it. I gotta do both

Thanks for the wonderful request, anon! Enjoy some nervous chocobros!

(looooong post, guys. strap in)


He didn’t mean to tell you.

He was content with his feelings remaining a secret. He was happy with simply being in your presence, even if you were oblivious to the way his heart raced any time that you were near. If it meant that he could stay with you for a little while longer, he would be just friends for as long as possible.

Then he went and screwed it up, throwing a wrench in his plans with a few simple words.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

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The Sexual Escapades Of The Well-Informed Pureblood, Engaged To The Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch. 3

Whew!  Draco’s definitely not pregnant! (Yet, although we certainly hoping he’s taking his potions now!)  And so to celebrate, our devious little pureblooded Slytherin has devised a way to lure his workaholic fiancé home… With some very, very interesting results.

@l0vegl0wsinthedark and I hope you enjoy this chapter. A lot…er…happens in it.
*dies laughing*

For anyone who wants to read the first book, it can be found here: The Sexual Awakening Of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived

And the previous chapter can be found here: Chapter Two

Content Warnings: Rough sex, BDSM, strong sexual content, awkward sexual situations.


Chapter Three: Time Management Issues

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Meet and Greet

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request(s): May I please ask if you can do a Yoongi x reader where you got front row tickets to their concert and he just stares at you the whole time?//  y/n meets yoongi in a fan meet n’ greet and like instead of being all hyper and nervous and all that y/n is like rlly calm and gives off this calming gentle aura, bc y/n doesnt want to hold their hand or isnt all up in his face screaming and all and it intrigues yoongi and he gives her his number and later they meet just to talk and get to know each other

Originally posted by sugagifs

The lights dimmed down in the large room filled with fans just to amp up the excitement in your chest. The room was quiet but only for seconds when the background music started playing and everyone screamed. The seven boys you had been waiting to see in person were now finally stepping out in front of your eyes. They did their greetings before starting, waving, and smiling at the fans in the audience. Yoongi catches your eye when you notice his glance directed over to you. You wave at him, smiling. To which he bites his lower lip, embarrassed, waving back at you. As the songs start coming out he continues to go near your side of the stage. Around the time they did the song, “Miss Right” he sat down on the stage. At first he was looking around in the crowd, doing his part, but near the end he continued it facing you. You smiled over at him until Jimin came over to mess with him. They laughed and moved to the other side.  All the continuous interactions made you only focus on him, forgetting you were there for all of them. After the concert you had began to file out with everyone else but someone approached you.

“I was asked to bring this to you but please don’t tell other fans. It could cause trouble..” The staff member told you

You look down at the fan meet pass, confused. “Oh but I didn’t-“

“It’s from the members. Please consider it a gift.” She told you before moving her way out of the crowd.

You start walking over to the line for the quick fan meet. You couldn’t help but wonder why they would personally hand them out until you came to the conclusion they must have been handing them out to random fans. You felt happy thinking you weren’t as lucky when it came to the stuff usually and it was a nice surprise. It’s your turn and you walk over, kneeling down in front of the table. Jimin smiles at you.

“I noticed you in the crowd earlier.” He says, signing the poster on the table.

“Really or do you say that to everyone?” you joked, laughing.

He laughed. “No, you were down in the front when I came over to Suga.”

“Hmm. I guess you really did see me then.”

Jimin extends his hands, putting his elbows down on the table to hold your hands but Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Can you keep the line moving?” He said, sitting next to Jimin.

You wave goodbye to Jimin, sliding over to him. He signs your poster fast so he could have time to talk to you.

“Thank you for coming.”

You both look back at each other as he shows off his famous smile.

“I really love your guy’s hard work and music. It wasn’t easy to get tickets though. Those things sell out in seconds.”

Yoongi reaches for your hands on the table that you kept politely in your lap so you lift them up for him.

“How about we fix that problem, then?”

You give him a confused look.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that.”

He flips over the back of the poster, writing as small as he could, to put his phone number down on it. You were honestly stuck in shock.


“Yeah…really. It’d be nice to see you cheering us on again. On and off stage. So whenever we come down here maybe we could meet up.” He told you, whispering the last part up to your ear.

Hoseok nudges him.

“You’re gonna cause a scene..”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and then turned his attention back to you.

“I guess this means I have to let you go…but this won’t be the last time I see you, right?”

You shook your head, giving him a bright smile.

“I’d love to see you again.”

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Baby ignis asks Regis to marry noctis and he never lets them live it down

((This is an AU, so I’ve taken liberties and thrown out the canon plot for the sake of NOTHING BUT A GIANT PILE OF FLUFF. Seriously, it’s too fluffy. This is ridiculous.))

It wasn’t often that Regis had a seven year old demanding to meet with him. In fact, he could safely say this was the first time that it had happened; even the Crownsguard at the doors looked amused as Ignis Scientia stepped into the room and strode up to face the throne with purpose, and a quick bow.

“Ignis,” Regis said, no lack of fondness to his tone. “I’ve been informed that you demanded an official audience with me. Might I ask why?”

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I've just started getting into block b and I was wondering if you could help me get to know them/their personalities☺️ so far I know Zico, taeil, p.o and ukwon, i still need to YouTube them tho I feel like I'm gonna be in deep rip lol

Hi, hello and enjoy, cause it’s about to get crazy in here

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the Block B fever them so excuse if I mess up on some points, I’m rolling on 2013 knowledge ^^’

ZICO - Woo Jiho

  • Since he’s one of the ones you know, I don’t think I will write much and most of it you will probably know.
  • A talented lyricist and rapper who is inspired by other successful artists such as G-Dragon
  • He is the blunt and straight to the point leader who works really hard to achieve success
  • Loves each one of his members, but is the closest with Kyung
  • He actually went to school with Kyung and they were best friends back then
  • He is fun and does not care about his image that much. He wants to be known as a funny guy who just happens to be dead serious about music
  • He can point out a mistake and pick a fight if something goes wrong
  • He does not put on a fake act to seem friendly around people he dislikes, but he wouldn’t be an ass about it either, pretty mature if you ask me
  • Affectionate
  • Talented
  • Likeable
  • Caring
  • BUT blunt and dead honest
  • Lead meme

If you want to see his serious side, watch the making of “Jackpot” <- it’s actually a nice video to get to know them

TAEIL - Lee Taeil

  • The oldest member who just happens to suffer from baby face syndrome (I know the feels)
  • A very dorky member, he has a special charm to him and he can get flustered quite easily
  • He is warmhearted, cute and sweet
  • He’s like honey but sometimes a bit bitter, you know
  • Every member loves to smooch and bother him
  • He has his little crazy moments, he likes to have fun
  • But he loves them too~
  • He’s like the baby of the group, how is he the eldest

Come and die watching this cute compilation, and have something sweet for bitter days /HERE/

B-BOMB - Lee Minhyuk

  • The sexy member
  • Has a nice butt and he knows it
  • He’s a bit awkward and evil
  • My bias wrecker *cough*
  • Mispronounced ‘dimples’ for something extremely inappropriate, I could send a gif but most will probably know what I’m talking about
  • He is a great dancer
  • How many times will I write ‘dorky’ in this post… Block B is all dorky so that’s a problem
  • He never can’t do something, and when he can’t - he can
  • He wants to be influential to people (He’s failing but let’s overlook that)
  • Loves bothering Jaehyo
  • Sexy
  • Awkward
  • Evil
  • But weirdly caring and loves to share kisses
  • Dork
  • Sexy meme

Watch him be evil /HERE/

P.O - Pyo Jihoon

  • ShaMeLEss
  • The youngest but he’s such a freaking boyfriend material
  • He’s a walking angel
  • Like he literally couldn’t stand watching another member clean up everyone’s mess (the loser had to clean up) and he ran back to help him, such a freaking sweetheart
  • He felt like Mino was better suited for Block B and also felt as if he stole his place, this boy gives me feels
  • Extremely derpy
  • Has a good fashion sense… usually
  • He was quite awkward for a long time, but he warmed up to cameras and fans
  • Will give you second hand embarrassment
  • He let a fan touch his eyebrows, this pumpkin >w<
  • Stanning him will bring you happiness and riches
  • Shameless
  • Sweetheart
  • Caring
  • Helpful
  • Awkward sometimes
  • Baby meme

Watch him help Jaehyo clean to have a nicer life!

U-KWON - Kim Yukwon

  • Mood maker of Block B
  • Shining bright like the sun
  • Always messes up something, but he’s pure perfection so don’t mind it
  • Cheerful and dorky (of course)
  • Loves to see people smile
  • Knows the ‘lyrics’(?) to Ievan Polkka
  • He is supposedly very innocent according to the members but I’m not that convinced
  • He’s random. He accidentally made a word ‘beup’ and used it as a meme in conversations and gave it a defiition. Tsk tsk
  • He is also awkward. Welp
  • But he always makes people around feel more at ease and it’s a truly beautiful trait!

Have a very fun day with this stuck in your head

JAEHYO - Ahn Jaehyo

  • Hates receiving affection from other members. They disgust him (What a loving guy)
  • He has a prince disease (In love with his own looks, very confident)
  • Loves Pikachu and especially his Pikachu onesie
  • He’s the diva of the group. He’s sassy and the failure of others amuses him
  • But also helped a few (two?) other idols get into the kpop industry, so he’s quite helpful!
  • He gets flustered quite easily, but he will never shy away from admitting he has godly looks
  • He has a dorky (omfg can I stop) side to him too. He’s cute and weirdly charming in his own way
  • Yes, he is my bias fml (it’s funny cause he’s not even my type wtf)
  • Members + Affection = NO
  • confident
  • Sassy
  • Helpful
  • Easily flustered
  • Charming
  • Handsome meme

Watch Jaehyo be violated by everyone

KYUNG - Park Kyung (A.K.A. Cucumber)

  • Can’t control his face
  • Produced all the Block B albums with Zico
  • He’s a mess
  • The derpiest of them all
  • I can’t really tell for sure, but wasn’t he like the most perverted member as well? Let’s give him that
  • His smile is contagious
  • His laugh is contagious
  • His voice is freaking beautiful
  • He’s one of the smartest people living, he may not look like it but that boy has a higher IQ than I could ever imagine

And proceed with /THIS/
Then finish off softly with cute little smirk when reminded that he’s the only one who saw Zico shower /THIS/


  • This group took a huge part of my childhood
  • My info may be old
  • But I’m sure it’s still relevant
  • Love these guys, because they need and deserve it

Block B is:

~ Maya signing off

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Hey there! So, something recently made me disappointed with some fans of mysme. I've seen some fans who attempt to change the settings (mostly to Japan or America). I once met someone who full on gave them English "nicknames" because she didn't want to attempt to pronounce or use their proper names. I don't know if I'm overreacting or anything, but it bothered me. So, can you do random HCs to honour Korean culture? Like going on vacation somewhere in Korea, or celebrating a 100 days anniversary?

A/N: why do people do that wtf?? I mean i know we somewhat change the culture when we write certain requests pertaining to how an mc looks because sometimes the culture doesn’t really look kindly on the appearance but as someone who isn’t korean, i can’t get into the mentality to reject a request like that or anything, ya know?? Because it can be harmful and hurt someone (i keep it in the back of my mind what the actual view is so i dont just…. disregard it, but i do feel terrible for not addressing it) but i’d never completely REJECT the culture and change their names or anything because just what the fuck ~Admin 404


I’m sorry it’s so short omfg

               -Okay y'all, I’m pretty sure Zen knows traditional dances and our MC has to beg him for DAYS to teach them one. Any of them. Buchaechum (fan dance), Nabichum (butterfly dance), even Ilmu (line dance). Any of them. All of them. Just- JUST TEACH MC ZEN, DO IT

               -LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL IN HONOUR OF BUDDAHS BIRTHDAY! It’s a celebration that everyone in the group makes time for! Seeing all of the gorgeous lights and lanterns is enough to put everyone in such a good mood! The group makes it into a slight competition- who can bring MC the prettiest lantern? Winner gets a kiss on the cheek from MC! yeees mc, yes

               -Jumin has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL terraced garden you’ve ever seen in your life. He invites you over to help him with it every now and then. It relaxes him and hopes that it could do the same for you! The two of you could spend hours sitting by the lotus pond, drinking some sort of imported and expensive tea this rich guy has to have, talking about anything and everything plus helLO YOU’D GET TO SEE JUMIN IN SWEATPANTS

               -Jaehee. In. Hanbok. Think about this for a little bit. Colourful, beautiful, and just- what else can I saY???? JAEHEE IN HANBOK

               -YOOSUNG LOVES CELEBRATING HIS VERY FIRST 100 DAYS ANNIVERSARY he might not have a ton of money to spoil you like he’d like to, but he does get really creative and goes hardcore. Takes the knowledge he’s gained from all of the clubs he’s been in and makes you a ton of gifts! Coffee, cards, dinner, he makes it all just for you! He does it every 100 days though so he has to get more and more creative about it and sometimes has to go to the rest of the RFA for some ideas (MATCHING SHIRTS AND HE’S EVEN BOUGHT YOU A COUPLE’S RING BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SHOW PEOPLE HE HAS A S/O THAT HE LOVES VERY MUCH)

               -Remember when Jumin called Yoosung’s mother and he was so mad he promised to slap him with Kimchi? Ya know how Kimchi is a symbol for Korea and is considered strong? Well he definitely gave Jumin a hard slap if that counts; MC has it on video and all you can hear is the *smack* and Saeyoung laughing in the background

               -You and Saeran have had a few drinking contests, and Saeyoung cannot believe how many bottles of soju the two of you can go through?? How are you both still breathing?? It’s even worse when you add Zen into the mix, it’s as if doesn’t work on any of you. Yoosung gets one shot and he’s out for the rest of the night

               -Jaehee and MC plan a hike at least ONCE a month because the poor girl needs fresh AIR and it’s good for the both of you, y'all get out there and earn those pajeons (fritters) and dong dong ju (rice wine) at the top of that mountain!

               -You and Yoosung have to drag Saeyoung out of the house sometimes, but the three of you end up at an internet cafe more often than you’d like to admit. One time though, there was one person in LOLOL who kept killing all three of you, and the anger just kept rising- which meant the voices kept rising as well. The person on the other side of you all kept trying to stifle a laugh each time. In the Rage of Saeyoung™, he almost flipped the table until he realized the one beating you all was Saeran on the other side


               - You also can’t tell me that Jumin hasn’t tried to dance along to a few every now and then; MC has a picture they keep to themselves in remembrance

               -You and V watch the movie Shiri almost religiously?? When the two of you have movie marathon dates, it’s played at least once (“IT’S A CLASSIC, MC. CLASSIC”)

               -It’s hard to go on any dates with Saeran, but you did get him hooked on a few different K-drama’s and he reminds you constantly that he HATES YOU because of it. Don’t you DARE watch an episode without him because the boy can hold a grudge

               -K A R A O K E!!! All of you. Almost every weekend. Competitions. Somehow Saeyoung tends to win them except that one time you convinced Jumin to participate and WOW okay

Get To Know BigBang!

New to BigBang? I’m here to help~


Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Originally posted by anko-an


Position in group: Leader of the group / Lead Rapper / Composer / Lyricist

Birthday: August 18th, 1988

Height: 5′9″ (177cm)

Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Get to know him:

  • In Korea he is a household name
  • He’s known for his fashion and style
  • He LOVES cats
  • he’s also said “I like girls who are like cats”
  • He knows how to play the piano and the guitar
  • He can beat box (believe it or not)
  • This man is dainty AF
  • He acts like a prince all the time kind of dainty
  • He gets embarrassed easily
  • He becomes cute when he’s around people he likes
  • He pouts and acts childish often (as a form of aegyo)
  • When he performs he does a 180
  • He always has swagger and tons of charm no matter the situation
  • always
  • He’s been friends with T.O.P since childhood, and friends with Taeyang since teenage years
  • Jiyong is a HUGE fan of Dramas
  • At first when Seungri joined the group, Jiyong wouldn’t talk to him because he didn’t put in as many trainee hours as the other members had, and he was angry that he climbed the ranks so quickly
  • Him and Seungri bonded over a TV drama and became really close afterwords
  • He cries easily
  • He has multiple tattoos
  • His dad is #1 on his speed dial

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P):

Originally posted by jiyongs-g-thong


Position in group: Rapper / Lyricist 

Birthday: November 4th, 1987

Height: 5′11″ (181cm)

Weight: 143 pounds (65kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Get to know him:

  • He loves chairs
  • I’m not kidding this boi really loves chairs
  • Like all his Instagram photos are of food and chairs practically
  • He’s an extremely artistic man
  • he’s legit an artistic genius
  • He has a scar on his hand from a traumatic accident
  • Jiyong has a smiley face tattoo on the same hand, in the same place as T.O.P’s scar
  • Him and Jiyong are extremely close and have been since childhood
  • Bingu T.O.P is the best T.O.P
  • Bingu T.O.P is T.O.P when he’s being weird and silly
  • He’s one of the most outspoken in Big Bang
  • He regularly stands up to anti-fans when they vocally attack his members on social media sites
  • He even goes as far as to take screen shots of their comments and posts them on Instagram with his sassy reply (but they usually get deleted minutes later)
  • He loves making people laugh
  • After his member Daesung was involved in a bad Moter Vehicle accident, T.O.P made it his mission to make Daesung smile whenever he could until he felt better
  • He doesn’t like showing his skin off
  • The only time he’s been seen with his shirt off was in one of his dramas
  • He usually wears multiple layers of clothing no matter the weather
  • He’s also an actor
  • He’s been in 5 Dramas
  • Commitment / Tazza: the hidden card / 71: Into the fire / 19-nineteen / and Iris: the movie are the names of the movies
  • He loves to dance
  • He’s not too good at it, but he always gets a good laugh so he does it proudly

Kang Daesung:

Originally posted by sevnghyuns


Position in group: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: April 26th, 1989

Height: 5′10″ (178cm)

Weight: 138 pounds (63kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: xxd_litexx

Get to know him:

  • happiest man on earth
  • seriously so sunny
  • You will often see him with his eyes covered because of his small eyes
  • However, he’s said that his eyes and nose are the features that he’s the most proud of
  • He will do absolutely anything to make people laugh, no matter what it is
  • He will make himself look completely stupid if you’ll laugh
  • Happy virus
  • Incredible drummer
  • He works hard to stay in shape and to take care of himself for both himself and for his fans
  • He has a competitive side though and won’t loose easily
  • everyone needs to see this man on the TV show Running Man to see this side of him. Everyone.
  • He gets scared really easily
  • All you’d have to say is “boo” and he’d jump 10 feet
  • Hates roller coasters and haunted houses (he’s so cute on them though)
  • He loves mathematics and difficult word problems
  • He’s quick witted and very smart
  • One of his favorite things to do is to support his members and always says how grateful for them he is
  • He’s accident prone when cooking
  • Comedy king
  • Amazing at impersonations
  • Loves his fans more than anything else in the world
  • He had the main roll in a tv show called “What’s up”
  • He was in the Korean version of the musical ‘Cats’
  • He is a devout Christian

Dong Youngbae (Taeyang):

Originally posted by taeyangspecs


Position in group: Vocalist / Dancer

Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Height: 5′8″ (174cm)

Weight: 123 pounds (56kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: __youngbae__

Get to know him:

  • He hand writes letters to his band mates when they’re apart for a long time
  • or whenever he feels that they need extra encouragement
  • He hadn’t kissed a girl until his ‘I need a girl’ Music video
  • He texted the members of bigbang afterwords saying “hyungs I died. I kissed a girl”
  • He’s the literal cutest human being ever
  • Extremely talented dancer
  • He tends to be quiet but extremely sassy when he speaks
  • “To those of you who said my hair looks like a mop, I hate you.”
  • ^^an actual quote from him
  • Plays the piano, guitar, and drums
  • He’s been dating the actress Min Hyo-Rin since 2013
  • He is also a devout Christian
  • He’s been good friends with Jiyong (G-Dragon) since middle school
  • Jiyong, T.O.P, and him decided to become a group of 3 in middle school when they realized how well they got along
  • He’s the motherly figure to the group members
  • He’s extremely kind and caring
  • He believes in eating right and exercise (and tries to get the other members to do the same)
  • He’s one of the only members of BigBang that can genuinely dance

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri):

Originally posted by sevnghyuns


Position in group: Vocalist / Maknae

Birthday:   December 12th, 1990 (THE NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT ON HIS BIRTHDAY OMFG)

Height: 5′9″ (176cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: seungriseyo

Get to know him:

  • He was so young when he joined BigBang that he didn’t know how to cook for himself
  • He made the other members cook for him until they made him learn himself
  • The other members still tease him about this to this day
  • He gets the most freaked out when the other members show too much affection to him
  • The other members show him the most affection just to screw with him
  • He’s a little shit (but we all love him anyway)
  • He sasses the members even though he’s the youngest
  • he calls his hyungs by their names like he’s an equal, even when they get mad at him for it
  • He’s sassy and blunt as hell
  • He gives a lot to charity though
  • like A LOT
  • also, he is the aegyo king
  • K I N G
  • He’s been in multiple dramas
  • Haru / Lights and shadows / Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo / A Message Send To You / and Angel eyes are the names of the dramas
  • He’s known for spontaneously breaking out into English songs while in concert and dancing to them (like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and Rihanna’s ‘Don’t stop the music’)
  • He’s extremely confident in himself as well as his hyungs
  • He is extremely close to his mother
  • literal sass king (his eye rolls doe)
  • he has said before that “even anti-fans are fans”
  • He loves his VIP’s with his entire soul, he loves us all so freaking much


  • Their fans are called VIP’s
  • They are one of the most widely successful kpop groups in the world
  • The members were each able to branch off into extremely successful solo pursuits
  • This included solo albums, musicals, TV’s, movies, etc.
  • They take a really long time to come out with new music because their schedules are so busy separately that it’s hard for them to get together
  • It’s so worth the wait though
  • They are all extremely close to one another
  • YG added Daesung and Seungri to BigBang before their debut because he felt that a 3 man group wasn’t enough

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

A/N: @annyeongminyoongi I hope this helps you a little bit!! If you (or anyone) wants any more information on BigBang, just let me know!! I’m here for you~ Welcome to the VIP world!!

edit: Originally I thought that this post was a little long, but I added some more things to the list because I felt like I didn’t add enough information. There’s so much about them to tell! They’re truely amazing men

2x19 Hail and Farewell

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Okay,he’s not dead sorry not sorry. I’m like… It’s gotta be a shape shifting rune. It’s just gotta be, he’s too important, they wouldn’t kill him of so early. 

Anyways I’m kind of conflicted. It’s funny, really. Beceause of ONE scene I’ve started to pity him a little bit. I’m talking about the scene when he was watching the father playing with his kid on a playground and he had tried so hard to suspened this little smile on his face but it still appeared anyways. I think he wanted to have something smiliar but he knew that he never had and never will have. And then how he despetrely tried to believe in Valentine’s words that he’ll come for him… Shit…

AND THE THEY THROW ON ME DEMON SEBASTIAN ON MY FACE and all of my pity for him flew right through the window for the rest of the episode. I mean shiiiiiiiit… Also those crazy fighting skills… My God I was literally scared (but that’s a really easy thing to do, ask my brother…) Also Seb… Learn how to control your anger issues…

2. Valentine

Men… You shady little f… First manipulating your own son, kidnapping a poor Warlock and siding with the queen but the worst of it all? INTERRUPTING A POOR MUNDANE LADY’S HUSBAND’S FUNREAL!!! AND TURNING THEM ALL TO FORSAKENS!! I mean… have your parents thought you nothing about manners? Dude! No! Simply no!

But well… i have to admit he’s the master mind… Really…

3. The Seelie Queen

BITCH. I hate you even more wtf, you are freaking blind, learn how to be a diplomat! Don’t make your people die beceause you don’t like something. OMG you need to learn how to talk really. Kidnapping Maia won’t make Simon go on your side. And you are a freaking hypocrate. Sideing with Valntine while forceing others to side with you AGAINST Valentine. You two are worh each other, REALLY. Someone do me a favor and kill her…

Originally posted by meliorn


Frick. Man. This voice. OMG. This was so so good! I mean really! All of those moments when he was acting adequately torwards current situation! Nice, nice man! But… FREAKING LEARN WHEN YOU SHOULD SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I know you’ve trusted your freinds but that’s no exuce for ranting a man who’s freking chocking you!

Originally posted by jalecsource


Yes! You go girl! Stay like that and I will actually start to really like you! Really. Being a smart ass and knowing what to do without ravishing Clave’s rules. And she learned how to fight! When? Idk… probably behind the scenes… Ugh… And nice she knew that she shouldn’t ask Simon about a favour…

Originally posted by nephilimdaily


Nice. Really nice scenes, luckily it didn’t come out out of nowhere. I’m glad about it.Still felt a bit off for me but maybe it’s beceause all of the inscect thing that stuck in my head and refuses to go.

Originally posted by takemetohometoday


Yeah boyyyyy!! Stand up for your gf, she didn’t actaully need this but it was nice! And all of his sluttering was adorable! Besides… his humour is also back! Simon “Yes Clary I will help with everyhing you wa… Noooo I won;t go to the Seelie Queen are you out of your mind” Lewis! But he still went there… And dragged the Queen’s ass dow, YES BOII! too bad that Maia has to suffer because of it…

Originally posted by simplyshadowhuntersgifs


Poor, poor girl. Queen is fucking carzy. OMG… But Simon and Luke are loking for her soo… She’ll be all right? Right? Please? And I like that “beta” trope even if that’s not actually a thing XD

Originally posted by soft-santiago


Yeah good alpha Luke trope! Sign me tf up! He’s thinking about his pack and is a good leader and stilll thinks about a Queen’s offer as a bad thing, yes! And cares for Maia. And knows what to do. And is done with everyone’s shit. Bravo!

Originally posted by magnusizzy


Dude. Please. I feel you! I really do! But ugh… I think emotions are clouding your judgment. And the alhocol. It’s definitly alcohol. I mean… Don’t drink this much it isn’t a way! Gathering warlocks in your loft is a good idea, yes, but accepting the Queen’s offer… NOT. SO. MUCH. I know that he’s in pain, heartbroken and confused but… Man… Please… At least rethink it… Like bazziliopn of times… And HEAR Luke. Because you listned to him but you didn’t HEAR him.

Originally posted by soft-santiago

11. ALEC

I’m gonna repeat myself. YOU ARE A GREAT LEADER OMG. And thos fights. Mhm yess sing me tf up. He just carlessly shoot trogh two people right through their foreheads and being like “ugh nothing difficult”. God, I love him.

Originally posted by dailyaleclightwood


They are gonna be fine. They will. Magnus is still thinking. Alec is trying. Next week hell will break down. And they will fight TOGETHER, SIDE BY SIDE I’m sure of it. But.. OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PICS?! SO, SO CUTE OMFG! And Alec is officialy a master of subtweeting…. We all know to who those words were directed to…

Originally posted by dailymalec

13. IZZY

Trust A Lightwood To Care, really, And don’t mess with them. Izzy is a perfect exapmle of it. Oh, you’ve almosted killed her baby brother? Beware, you don’t know the time nor day when she’ll come to kill you in her heels lookng so badass. Like wow she dragged Sebastian down with her whip looking stunning and mad af. You go Izzy! <3 And I’m glad that she and Raphael are okay. Ship? No. Brotp? Yes, sure!

Originally posted by candzk-25

14. Rapahel

Hi. nice you understand your dad. Really. But please talk to him. And also you too rethink Queen’s offer. You, like Magnus, know Shadowhunters from their softer side… You should understand… :(

Originally posted by rizzygifs

15. Catarina & Madzie

The Queen has come. And she’s beautiful. And I already love her. She is truley amazing and she said like two sentences, lol. It’s so easy to but me lol…

Originally posted by nephilimdaily

And Madzie! Omg! Long time to see! She was as cute as always! And she talks! yes! Catarina has a good influence on you kiddo!

Originally posted by softshumjr

14. Imogen

Hi… And bye.. At least you are accepting Alec as a Head of the Institute…


This episode was… Good. Not amazing, but good. I liked the tropes, the battles are amazing and I see you writers I know what you wanna do… But I fucking begging you… Not more jump scares like this one with the real Sebastian Verlac… Shit I was so scared that I actually had to stop the video… And don’t do this again with those zombies either… But putting this aside… i really liked the fighting scenes… And I wanna play Madzie… No, not even because I would get to play in Shadowhunters BUT HARRY SHUM JR WOULD LIFT ME UP AND HUG ME (though I’m heavy so idk…) Speaking of which today’s prize for acting lands to Will Tudor, Alan van Spraang and Dom Sherwood. Oh and… the scene “I’m gonna go with Alec/I’m gonna go with Izzy” made my laugh so hard and I don’t even know why…

Rating: 4/6

See y’al in the FINALE


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KiSCon 2017 Report from a Newbie POV

This is a long ass post on my own personal experience with KiSCon. I felt I should write it down, cuz well, I want to keep KiSCon going for a long time and felt that if I shared my experience, it might make someone decide to join us next time. And the next.

Speaking of - the next stop is Seattle in 2019!!

So, as this was a lot of firsts for me, I felt like I was a newborn going into this (regardless of how long I’ve loved Star Trek) and it gave me a big ol heaping of anxiety about attending KiSCon. In fact, if not for @plaidshirtjimkirk and my spouse, I wouldn’t have gone. Big hugs to you both. ❤💙💛

In addition, I knew no one personally, especially being relatively new to contributing to the fandom. I had no roommate, and was apprehensive about doing all the things alone, especially being 1000+ miles from home. Ya know, as anxiety tends to make the mind swirl in that self-degrading sort of way.

And then there were the expectations I wasn’t sure could be filled and so, after all that worry, to also be disappointed once I got there, if it didn’t work out?

But I really wanted to meet peeps who cared about K/S the way I do and just be able to talk about them, without a filter and have someone understand.

(Side note here: Because I have never fit society’s limited box of expectations, I have always felt ‘outside’ for a variety of reasons. Too 'aggressive’ for most men, not 'girly’ enough or 'feminine’ enough for everyone else, my humor is 'unique’ and 'too sarcastic’ and just…yeah. My less than 'meek and mild’ personality, outspokenness and tendency to cuss like a sailor, have lead to me being called a 'bitch’ in my life more times than I care to count. Add my pansexuality to the heap, and it makes stuff more complicated.).

So going off of past experience, I wasn’t expecting to fit in easily, be accepted readily, and find and meet and make friends.

But I soooo wanted to go and gush about my OTP and even if it was a whole weekend of meta and discussions in the panels without making any human connections, at least I had that experience, right?

But it really was everything it said it would be and more.

I made myself join the visit to Leonard Nimoy’s gravesite and go to the Thai dinner later on Thursday night. After all, how could I meet people if I stayed in my room? I was absolutely glad I did. It was a wonderful way to start the con.

I met soooooo many people I admire. People who’s stories and fanart and vids and creativity keep this fandom going.

And let’s not talk about my fangirl moments, of which there were several, once everyone had their name tags and I was like: OH FUCK, I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!?!!?!?

The panels were AMAZING. Seriously, like a whole weekend of talking, and discussing, and meta-ing, and new ideas, and what Star Trek means to all of us and just absolutely phenomenal immersion in our love for K/S.

Then you add the Babel Banquet, the cosplay (there were some AWESOME costumes), the fanvids (OMFG THE VIDS), the art, the dealers, the auction and it’s just incredible.

And the closing ceremony skit? Let’s just say that I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. And I might still be a little bit scarred. 😜😜

The amount of time and effort everyone put into this weekend, particularly our two captains, is to be commended.

But the best part? The people. I met so many people, so many, who were delights and easily accepted me and others into the fold. In fact, I think about 1/3+ of the attendees were newbies to KiSCon.

But what was surprising, was I never expected to go there and it get so….deep and personal?

I remember one conversation that turned to talking about sexuality and queerness, and I said that as someone who is pan, it’s hard because, I feel like I’m not queer enough for some and yet, I’m not straight, so I feel lost, accepted by neither side. And I got the biggest hugs from two very dear people who said I was absolutely queer enough. ❤❤❤

And you know, to go there and find those people, and relate to so many stories, is an incredible feat, imho.

There really is something about Star Trek and it’s message and K/S that resonates.

And I wasn’t expecting to go and have it make such an impact. I mean, Kirk and Spock and Star Trek have been a bright spot for me for a long time, but to add this to it? I’m gonna be forever grateful.

And now I have these new, wonderful budding friendships. Ones I hope that will continue to cultivate and flourish and remain for a long time.

Plus, they’ve finally gotten me using this blue hellscape. lmao! So watch out! 😂😜

But seriously, come to KiSCon 2019. Save and prepare. Because it’s worth every minute.

Hope to see you in 2019!


M is for Marriage

According to the laws of England, you must be married a full year before you can file for divorce.

Harry’s well aware of this, as is Eggsy, because it comes up during their briefing several times, offered up as a point of contention if Eggsy so wishes to protest against this ludicrous mission.

“It’s a full year of being legally married,” Merlin warns, “under your real names.”

Eggsy shrugs. “It’s just on paper, yeah? It’s not like it’s going to change anything important.”

“Of course not,” Harry says, and the words are cold and sour on his tongue.

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anonymous asked:

mc/becca admitting they're in love with each other for the first time fic please <33 thank you so much omfg you're amazing

Yasssss! Love the request!!! Thank you so much for being patient as I’m just getting around to these! And thanks for the request!

Title: Let me love you

Pairings: Becca x Mc (Katie)

The door slammed, shaking the walls of the house. Everything fell silent, the others in the house retreating to their rooms as Becca’s furious voice rang out. “I can’t believe you!” she shouted, her loud voice echoing through the halls, rattling the windows. 

“Becca! Calm down!” Katie whined, kicking her shoes off. “It’s just a small bump on the car! It’s not a big deal!”

“They had to tow your car, Katie! They told you that you couldn’t drive it until they fixed it! I can’t believe you weren’t paying attention!” 

Katie groaned, putting her hands on her face and rubbing her eyes. She didn’t say anything as she fled to the kitchen, trying to ignore the blonde that was screaming at her. Becca followed her, stomping as she walked, her face beet red with anger. 

“You’re ignoring me!” 

“I’m not ignoring you,” Katie lied. “You’re just being overly dramatic.” 

A few hours ago, Katie had called Becca from the side of the road. She was driving in her car downtown, her mind full of thoughts for her next writing piece when she ran a red light. She began to apply pressure to the break but it was too late. The passenger’s side of the car was struck, setting off the airbags. 

The side door was indented, the wheel axels getting crushed, unable to drive it until it was fixed. No one was seriously hurt, minus a few bruises and scratches. The other person luckily had just started pulling out and started driving, only going a few mile per hour but it was enough to do some serious damage. 

Katie called Becca, her voice shaking and she told her the whole story. She was taken to the emergency room just in case there was internal bleeding or she had hit her head too hard but she was sent home with a clean bill of health, she was only supposed to rest and take some pain killers for the bruises that would begin to appear over the next few days. 

Becca rushed over to help her girlfriend, scared she would have broken bones or internal bleeding or something worse. She was relieved that she was fine and that she would be sent home, but soon her relief turned into frustration and annoyance. She didn’t understand how clueless and careless Katie could have been. 

“I just… I’m just really angry with you!” Becca yelled, her hands crossing over her hips. 

“Wow, I couldn’t tell,” Sarcasm in her voice, she rolled her eyes, thinking Becca couldn’t see. 

Becca blew hot air out of her cheeks, her face becoming hot, her fists balling up. Her body tensed and she felt steam coming out of her ears, squinting harshly at the brunette in front of her. 

“Well I’m sorry I love you so much that I care if you live or die,” she turned to leave before they both paused, falling silent, becoming aware of what she had just said. 

“What did you just say?” Katie asked her tone flat, not sure if she had heard her girlfriend correctly. 

Becca swallowed hard, slowly turning to face Katie as she spoke, “I said I loved you.” 

There was silence as they both tried to process what had just happened. Katie then stood up straight and looked at her, staring into each other’s eyes for a few long moments, neither of them moving, or even breathing. 

Katie walked over to Becca, no expression on her face, her face inches from Becca’s. She then leaned in and kissed Becca hard, gathering the small girl in her arms. Becca reacted immedately, her hands going straight for Katie’s face, smiling against her lips. 

They pulled away, pressing their foreheads together, “I love you, too.” 

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Your bnha hcs are amazing! Do you have any for Kiribaku?


- y’all would think bakugou would be the ler in this relationship mostly but surprise…. he’s usually the lee. and thats because kirishima is the BIGGEST ler. he doesn’t mind switching tho, but god he loves tickling bakugou

- when they first got together, it was like… 3 or 4 weeks until kirishima discovered about bakugou being extremely ticklish okay. they were on a date and waiting in line for something and kirishima slipped his arm around bakugou’s waist. bakgou was wearin just like a tanktop, and kirishima’s fingers brushed his waist and he wasnt expecting it and bakugou flinched and leaned away

- kirishima IMMEDIATELY knew what was up, and he grinned and pulled bakgou closer and pressed his fingers into bakugou’s side and bakugou of course was wearing one of those douchebag tanks with the really low arm holes so kirishima could get to bare skin. bakugou choked on a noise before he glared and shoved kirishima away and kirishima just laughed and put his hands up in surrender

- “are you ticklish???” kirishima teased, keeping his hands visible so he could move closer to bakugou. and bakugou just glared harder.

- “fucking die”

- needless to say kirishima let the topic drop for the moment but BOI DID HE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT LATER

- kirishima discovered that tickling a sleepy bakugou was the foolproof way to accomplish the task, because bakugou doesn’t fight it as hard, so one morning kirishima flopped on top of bakugou and dragged his nails up bakugou’s bare sides, and bakugou gasped and arched his back but he was ultimately too sleepy to try and fight his own laughter, and he growled quietly around his giggles

- it was. SO cute. and kirishima got a bruise from being thrown onto the floor after bakugou fully woke up but it was SO worth it. and kirishima made it his mission to discover all of bakugou’s most ticklish places

- his conclusions: bakugou’s most ticklish along his waist/sides/ribs. the space right above his top rib makes him actually scream, and it’s easily kirishima’s favorite place to tickle

- ok but kirishima tho: he’s most ticklish under his arms. like, Super ticklish there. bakugou didn’t even need to ask. kirishima just told him cause kirishima doesnt mind being tickled. so now whenever bakugou has had Enough, he’ll shove his hands under kirishimas arms and press in mercilessly until kirishima is practically crying ok

- its a good time

- this is long sorry. i think…. kiribaku is my otp. i could talk abt them for Hours i stg omfg. i cant wait to write fIC FOR THEM ahHg

Daddy Kink Series: Jung Hoseok

Park Jimin  Kim Namjoon  Kim Taehyung  Min Yoongi  Jeon Jungkook  Kim Seokjin

Hyun-ju scooted in closer to Hoseok as her finger swiped down rapidly on the story she was reading. Her heart thumped against her chest in hard, spaced out beats. She nibbled on her bottom lip as she rubbed her legs together. 

Hoseok had one arm around her and the other on his own phone. Normally they’d be giggling, play fighting or something fun. However he was exhausted from the concert they had a few hours earlier and just wanted a silent cuddle with his girlfriend. 

As Hyun-ju read progressively, she felt the warmth around her grow. She would never admit or address what she was reading, because she knew she’d never hear the end of it from Hoseok. Hyun-ju had a secret daddy kink, and thrived for any written material she found online. Pornography wasn’t really her thing, and she would never have an opportunity to watch it when she was in the mood. 

Since Hoseok was so tired, Hyun-ju decided to let herself get all worked up and excuse herself to use the bathroom and relieve herself. She tried her best to not be obvious that she was beyond horny, since Hoseok could always tell. Hyun-ju practically fought back tears because she was so ready to hurry up and cum.

As always, curiosity got to Hoseok. He felt Hyun-ju wiggling around and his eyes hovered over her screen. As he read, he slowly understood why she wasn’t initiating sex. The poor girl was barely comfortable enough to ask for blindfolds during sex. 

At that moment, Hoseok decided to play a game. He flipped over on his side and placed his arm around her waist, pulled her tight against him. “Can daddy take care of you?” Hoseok mumbled into her ear, rubbing her thigh. 

Hyun-ju’s whole body froze, her breath left her body. “What are you talking about?” From instinct, she instantly closed her phone and put it down.

“Baby, you’re a terrible liar and I can see your phone.” Hoseok’s lips nipped at her neck, his hands roaming further and further down. His fingers lightly grazed over her clothed center over her shorts, earning a small moan from her. “Call me daddy, baby.“ 

Closing her eyes, she tried her best to fixate her focus on his touch. Hyun-ju tried to grind against his fingers as best as she could, but the two layers were too thick to relieve herself. "Daddy..”

That simple, five lettered word make a big impact on Hoseok. He groaned and sucked down on her neck, pressing roughly against her clothed clit. He didn’t think he’d ever get off to being called daddy, but he could already feel his cock hardening against her ass. 

A sudden detachment made Hyun-ju look up. She saw Hoseok stripping vigorously, obviously ready to get down to business. Catching on, she started practically tearing off her clothes as she felt her excitement getting the best of her. 

Hoseok waited till her thong was thrown to the side before he pounced on her. His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them open as his tongue slicked over her lips, a low groan escaping his. As if it was instinct, his fingers pushed into her center as he rested his head in her neck. “Say it." 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as Hoseok started finger fucking her. "D-daddy.” Her fingers laced into his hair, tugging at it as if it was her lifeline. That only made his fingers thrust into her faster, making her closer to cumming. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum." 

Hoseok immediately pulled back, looking at her. "I want to save that for me, baby girl.” He smirked as he sat back, taking a deep breath as he looked down at Hyun-ju. Gripping his cock, he pumped it a couple times as he readied himself. “What do you want daddy to do?" 

Sitting up to lean against the pillows better, Hyun-ju smirked to herself. "I think you know.” Keeping her legs together, she fought back the need to go ahead and pounce on him. 

Clicking his tongue, Hoseok shook his head. “Are you trying to be a bad girl? Daddy doesn’t like that.” In one second he had her legs spread wide open for him, the tip of his dick pressing against her clit. “I’m going to ask you again. What do you want daddy to do?” His teeth lightly pulled at her ear lobe, his hot breath sending chills down her spine. 

“I want daddy to fuck me.” Hyun-ju bit her lip and braced herself, closing her eyes as she waited. About ten seconds had passed before her eyes slowly opened to see Hoseok smirking at her.

“You’re really kinky aren’t you? Fine by me.” His hands grabbed onto her thighs as he slammed his dick into her, making her yelp in pleasure. Licking his lips, he shifted her down slightly before lifting one of her legs above his shoulder, helping him slip deeper into her. 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as Hoseok fucked her deeper and deeper. Her slender fingers clutched onto the bedsheets above her, already a moaning mess. She couldn’t help but be so turned on, her secret fantasies becoming true.

Grunts above Hyun-ju suggested Hoseok was just as turned on as she was. His grip on her thighs tightened ever so slightly every time his dick was fully in her. “Say it again, baby.” His eyes lazily looked at her as he fucked her, watching her breasts bounce by the force. 

“Daddy.” She moaned out his new name, feeling her insides clench around him. The sudden hard flick of his hips told her he loved it just as much. Taking a shaky breath, she decided to push him a little further. “Y-you feel so good, daddy." 

Hoseok couldn’t take it anymore. He dropped her leg and leaned down, his hands grabbing her ass to lift her up as he fucked her the fastest he could. His lips left dark purple marks all over her neck as he felt himself pulsing with need to cum. 

"Daddy I’m-” Her dripping cunt already started cumming before she could finish her sentence. Hyun-ju screamed as her body completely arched in ecstasy, her legs wrapping around Hoseok. 

“Hyun-ju..” Hoseok moaned in her neck as her throbbing insides made him cum right after her. He stayed buried deep inside of her as they both caught their breath, a film of sweat chilling them. 

Hyun-ju moved Hoseok’s sweaty hair from his eyes as she kissed his forehead. “Thank you, daddy." 

Smiling meekly, Hoseok nodded. "Let’s do that again.”

((This took so long omfg late Hoseok birthday present af but Jimin is next 👍))

Housemates! NCT Part 10

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1700ish

send your thanks to my favorite trash @fruitlatte for this update :))) 
lauren, irl: so…what you updating housemates? 
(i love her lmao)


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 11  | Part 12

Also check out my College! thing, too! I’m working on a Johnny one at the moment, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Yuta…


Jaehyun | Ten

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On and Off Screen

Author’s note: Eek, I can’t believe I finished this today! And omg it’s super long, too, I literally did not see this coming. //sweatdrop

Summary: AU. Nagisa and Rei are co-starring in a drama series that is about their fictional lives as boyfriends. Unfortunately, there is one scene that ends in a tickle fight in which Rei’s character has the upper hand and Nagisa doesn’t like the look on Rei’s face once they start rehearsing. At all.

Word Count: Almost 4k of pure Reigisa fluff! Hope it’s okay~ ♡

[Bonus: I used their voice actors’ names for their characters, lol
Also, maybe I can go by heart!Anon -if it’s not taken of course- because I’m too chicken? //hides]

Note to author: THIS IS THE CUTEST REIGISA FIC IVE EVER READ AND THIS AU IS SO REALISTIC!! *dies* everyone be prepared, read and die of fluff.

They were about to film the new episode and Nagisa was probably the most flustered person in the whole world because the last scene they had to film was a playful moment with his fellow actor and boyfriend, Ryuugazaki Rei. Usually he’d be jumping up and down at the thought because them playing a lovey-dovey scenes in this series was what made them fall for each other in the first place, but this one scene… Eh.

At first, Rei had been very distant and shy about the whole dating thing and the only reason he’d decided to audition was because he wanted to participate in showing the world that it was totally normal to be in a gay relationship. It was definitely not one of his first roles, which shone through his amazing skills; something that had made Nagisa question himself so many times for the first few months. Rei’s eyes held so many emotions whenever he was looking at him when they were filming and if Nagisa hadn’t pushed himself to take the first step, he wouldn’t have ended up in a real relationship with him.

It was true that Rei had been acting in the beginning, but after their first kiss on camera, Nagisa could definitely tell he was into it and after confronting him, Rei awkwardly admitted that he had indeed developed feelings for him. And so, they started hanging out in between takes and going on dates whenever they could. 

As usual, they received the script for the next episode two weeks in advance and Nagisa had happily been skimming through it until he reached page 28 where it said, “Daisuke playfully tickles Tsubasa… end act 7.”

Nagisa’s face had become bright red and he quickly turned to the next page, looking for his next scene. The butterflies in his stomach stopped him from focusing, though, because oh god, he didn’t want to get tickled by his boyfriend on camera. He’d probably get extremely flustered and make weird noises and ugh.

Slowly but surely, Nagisa let himself slide down the couch at the thought of Rei tickling him in front of twenty other people with at least five cameras pointed at them. Not to mention they were going to be practicing this scene multiple times and had to record it at least another ten times.

As icing on the cake, Nagisa knew that he was beyond ticklish and Rei was probably going to use it against him in the future.

Turned out he was right because they were at the studio now, going through all the lines and Rei was sitting next to him, holding his hand under the table; a habit they had developed in their first week of getting together. Their scene was coming closer and closer and Nagisa tried to shrug it off, but his heart ignored him and continued to ram itself against his chest. Luckily he managed to somewhat stay in character throughout the whole thing for which he patted himself on the shoulder.

Matsuoka Gou, the director, suddenly looked up from her script and clapped her hands. “Everyone, I’d like to take a small break. Good work so far!”

Everyone bowed and got out of their chair to go grab a drink, talking to each other excitedly about the new episode. Nagisa was about to get up, too, but Gou had walked up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Can I talk to you and Rei-kun for a sec, Nagisa-kun?”

Blinking, Nagisa let go of Rei’s hand and rose to his feet. “Sure? Everything okay?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Gou laughed and looked around to check if everyone had gone. “I just find it important to know what my actors are comfortable with and what they’d rather not do.”

Uh-oh. Nagisa already knew where this was going and resisted the urge to snort nervously. Instead, he nodded to indicate that she could continue.

“Obviously, it’s important that Rei-kun hears this, too. I’m assuming you’ve read the whole script of this week’s episode?” Another nod. “Right, so are you okay with Rei-kun tickling you? I know for a fact that my brother hates being tickled, like, he will seriously hurt you if you even think about trying, so I thought I’d ask to make sure.”

At least he wasn’t the only one feeling awkward, seeing that Rei’s cheekbones had also turned red, which made him feel slightly better.

Of course it was a normal question, asked by a professional on top of that, so Nagisa cleared his throat and put his hands behind his back because he couldn’t stop friggin’ fiddling. “I’m okay with it, yeah.”

“You sure? Because if you’re not, we can just replace it with a kiss and then do a fade out.”

Now she was just making it worse. How was Nagisa supposed to answer that without it sounding wrong. How.

“We can see how it goes and if he gets uncomfortable, we can always replace it with something else,” Rei spoke up and put his arm around Nagisa’s waist, rubbing it reassuringly. “Does that sound like a good idea?”

“Yes, excellent! Thank you for your time. I’ll leave you two alone, then.” Gou practically skipped to the nearest vending machine and Nagisa snickered to himself.

Rei pulled him down onto his lap and slipped his other arm around his torso as well, laying their hands over each other. “So, it’s safe to assume that you don’t dislike being tickled?”

The day had just begun and it was already getting out of hand. Rei sounded a little nervous, yes, but the smile was still evident in his voice.

Nagisa blinked and looked over his shoulder to see Rei looking up at him with a curious yet playful look. That idiot was enjoying this.

“You’re really mean, you know that?”

He shouldn’t have said that because the next thing he knew, he was trapped in a tickle hug. Nagisa squealed in surprise and pulled his knees up to his chest, wiggling around aimlessly in the other’s grip. Rei had strategically crossed his arms over his torso and was squeezing and tweaking his sides repeatedly.

“N-no! Rei-chan! We’re not shooting yehet!” he managed to giggle out and threw his head back against his boyfriend shoulder.

“All right, all right, sorry,” Rei chuckled and adjusted his grip on Nagisa to get more comfortable. “Can I at least know your worst spot?”

“Rei-chan, no.

It was no wonder people kept asking him if he had gotten a sunburn because his face was now permanently red. They went through the scene and Rei teasingly poked Nagisa’s side when they got to the tickling scene, making him jump and squeak and the entire crew laugh and coo. While Nagisa squirmed awkwardly in his seat, Rei patted his knee and whispered a soft apology in his ear, which made him relax again.

He had no idea what was going on anymore. It was common knowledge that most people didn’t really mind being tickled, some even liked it, but in Nagisa’s case that was kind of hard to get a grip on because he didn’t know whether he was just embarrassed or excited. Sure, his high school friends had tickled him a few times during lunch breaks and sometimes during swim practice, but that was about it and left him with little to no answers. He was usually on the other side, knowing fairly well how to tickle someone until they begged for mercy, so he had no idea about his feelings towards the receiving end. Pretty much any kind of psychical contact was fun in his eyes, so maybe he liked tickling as well.  

Nagisa curled up his toes at the thought of him finding out soon enough without having a choice because they would start rehearsing in a few days and before he could even blink, he and Rei were lying in bed, dressed in their own clothes still, cuddling in front of their crew.

Rei threw a crumbled up piece of paper at the trashcan next to the desk and purposely missed.

“Ah, damn it.”

“It’s okay. Not all of us can do simple things,” Nagisa giggled, already mentally preparing for the upcoming tickle attack.

“What did you say?” Rei turned to him oh so calmly and even though they had practiced these lines a few times already, he still felt goosebumps appearing all over his arms and legs. His voice did that thing were it lowered to a certain pitch that sent shivers down his spine and it made his heart flutter excitedly.

“That you can’t throw to save your life?”

Lazily throwing the blankets aside, Rei slung a leg over Nagisa’s waist and smirked down at him, making the other gulp in anticipation.

The next twenty seconds were of Nagisa laughing hysterically, Rei easily pinning him down and tickling him into oblivion. Rei’s fingers were everywhere, squeezing, grabbing, poking, scratching, scribbling, basically testing out different areas and techniques to see what kind of reactions he would get.

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punk!alpha!phil fighting with punk!omega!dan behind the school, but phil thinks dans a alpha because he told everyone one he was but then dan gets his heat and you can choose what happens from there (thx m8)

Omfg my dude this is an a+ idea ily!! I hope you don’t mind that I made Dan a short cutie patootie

(Also this is the third ask today I’ve answered involving heats?? Lmao y’all are kinky but it’s ok because I am too)


- “Look, Howell, I’m tired of your bullshit, always acting tough,” Phil says, examining his nails with a bored expression on his face. “Meet me by the dumpsters after school, yeah? I’ll finally wipe that bullshit smile off of your face.”

- “You’re on, Lester,” Dan answers with a sneer, slamming his locker.

-The day seems to creep by until school is finally over, and Dan makes his way behind the school, where Phil is already waiting. Dan’s knees go weak when he sees Phil; his leather jacket has been ditched, leaving the older boy in a tight black tee that further accentuates his pale skin, dark hair, bright ink and brilliant blue eyes. He clears his throat to get Phil’s attention, watching with smug satisfaction as Phil jumps in surprise.

- “Finally going to back up your talk, kid?” Phil asks, tracing his eyes over Dan.

-”I’m not a kid, I’m just a little bit short, especially compared to an awkwardly tall noodle like you,” he retorts.

-In answer, Phil just laughs. “It’s so hard to take you seriously, you’re just too… I dunno, cute.”

-That’s the last straw. If there’s one thing you do not call Dan Howell, it’s cute. He’s a badass punk with tattoos and piercings, goddamnit! And just because he’s tiny due to being a biological omega doesn’t mean he’s cute.

-”You’re such a dick,” Dan yells, and since he’s too short to properly punch Phil, he knees him in the crotch,

-”Son of a-” Phil starts before interrupting himself to shove Dan backwards into the brick wall of the school building. The breath rushes from Dan’s body at the impact and a soft gasp puffs past his lips at the display of dominance. “I can’t believe you’d deliver such a low blow,” he growls.

-However, Dan can’t focus on his words, because he can feel the stirrings of heat in his stomach. He internally curses because he must’ve forgotten to take his suppressants. “I’ve gotta go,” Dan breathes, trying hard to control the scent that he knows will radiate off of him, and the slick that’ll coat his inner thighs.

-”What’s the matter? Too chicken to fight me?”

-”Phil, please,” Dan begs.

-”Begging, really? What are you, some slutty omega?”

-”F-fuck you,” stutters Dan and tries to push Phil away, but the Alpha is too strong. Phil rolls his eyes and inhales, freezing for a moment before looking back at Dan, pupils dilated to the point where they nearly swallow up his irises.

-”Are you an omega? Going into heat, right here, where anyone could just… take you? Use you?” Phil asks with a smirk, placing his arms on either side of Dan and caging him in.

-Dan throws his head back against the wall. “Seriously, fuck off.”

- “And if I don’t?”

-Smirking, Dan meets Phil’s eyes. “Well, I suppose you’ll have to fuck me, Alpha.”

-That’s when Phil loses it, bending his head down and biting at Dan’s neck possessively. Moaning softly, Dan tilts his head to the side submissively and tries to tangle his hands in Phil’s hair.

-”No touching. Be a good omega for me,” Phil murmurs, grabbing Dan’s thin wrists in one large hand and pinning them above the brunette’s head. As he nips down to Dan’s collarbones, he pushes one thigh between Dan’s legs for the omega to rut against. Desperately, Dan ruts into it, straining his arms in Phil’s grip. Finally, Phil smiles lazily and kisses Dan, licking at the seam of his lips until Dan’s pink mouth opens to grant him entry. He submissively whimpers into the kiss as he spasms against Phil’s leg. Soon, Dan’s coming and crying out, but he’s not yet satisfied. Phil puts a hand beneath Dan’s bum and lifts him up, humming in satisfaction when a pair of long legs circle around his waist. Phil promises to fuck him into the mattress once they’re back at his house.


I hope this is what you were looking for! xx

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Surprise Perfection (JJ Request)

“Hey gorgeous!” JJ grins as soon as he opens the door and you chuckle at how excited he was.
“Hello babe” You smile, stepping through and automatically feeling his lips on yours quickly.
“The guys are filming so don’t worry” He laughs.
You weren’t particularly the girl they expected to be with JJ and though they thought you were a lovely girl, they were unsure as to whether you were right for him. In all honesty, you questioned it yourself in the first few weeks of your relationship after seeing how loud he was around his friends. He had told you the opposite however. He reminded you that he was with you because he wanted to be with you and that was what was important to him.
JJ was loud around you and he made you laugh but he was also sweet and calm when he wanted to be. And you felt like around him, your shy self could finally come out of its shell and not care what he would think because you knew full well that he found it hilarious and he loved that side of you.
“Alright we’re filming a scary game video because I figured you’d at least not have to worry about talking as much because I know you’d hate that. And there’s no punishments or anything because you wouldn’t want to do that in your first video which is fine I don’t want to do anything like that” He explains as he leads you upstairs.
“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to film a scary game either” You laugh.
“Very true but at least you’ll be more comfortable” He smiles that adorable smile you instantly fell in love with.
He has already set up everything for the video and knows you’re bound to be anxious.
“Is what I’m wearing okay?” You ask, looking down at your burgundy blouse and jeans.
“Of course babe” He laughs, “They don’t care about what you’re wearing!”
“There’s over 15.5 million of them JJ” You point out.
“Right gorgeous” He turns round, taking his hands in yours, “If they say anything and I mean anything then they can go fuck themselves. Like I said when the guys seemed a bit uncertain, I don’t care. You’re my girlfriend and that’s what’s important to me alright?”
He knew it upset you when you heard the boys talking. It was all three of them in the kitchen and before you went in you heard them mention your name. It wasn’t done in a necessarily malicious way. They were simply saying that they were unsure whether you were right for their friend. Looking out for him really. You were the shy girl that had done well in school and did three years of hard work at university and rarely drank and did your best to help other people. And JJ was known as the loud crazy one of their group. With no cares anymore. The one that would do anything for ‘bants’ as they called it.
But, nonetheless it upset you simply because you had tried so much to relax around them and be the girl you were around JJ but you guessed your nerves had got the better of you. As soon as your boyfriend found out what they had said, he went to speak to them and tell them exactly what he thought. That they needed to be respectful of how he felt and how much he liked you. They did like you. They just thought you were perhaps too ‘nice’ for Mr KSI.
“Its ya boy KSIOlajideBT and today we have a bit of a different video” Your boyfriend starts, “I’m with (y/n), my girlfriend!!!” He cheers.
“Hi guys” You smile.
JJ chuckles at how polite you are and begins talking again, “So we’re doing a scary game today because we all know they’re my favourite!” He comments sarcastically.
The pair of you start and you can already tell he is anxious at what is to come.
“Go left JJ” You mention, “No go left!”
“I don’t want to go left! Its dark! I’m gonna stay here” He shakes his head, turning into the corner of the room.
“No come on we-” You start before a face jumps up on the screen as the ‘jump scare’ of the game.
JJ screams and jumps back in his chair, leaving you in fits of laughter.
“Flipping heck” You chuckle, “What did I say?”
“How did you not even jump at that?” He exclaims, gesturing to the screen.
“Oh come on that was so obvious” You scoff, “That’s why I said go left”
“It’s a good job you’re hot” He grumbles, “Right you take the controller this time”
“No no no you can do it. Conquer your fears” You joke and he stares at you for a while.
“Alright, but you tell me where to go” He nods and starts again.
After a while, you and JJ are on your way to escape the house and he’s been doing surprisingly well.
“Yess! We’re fucking doing it!” He cheers.
“No babe go right” You laugh, though he is too busy celebrating to hear you.
“Wait what? Right ahead?” He questions, running down the corridor straight on instead, “Ahh fuck! Fuck shit! He’s after me!”
“I said go right for gods sake!” You reply.
JJ screams yet again and throws his controller down.
“This is why you need to listen to me!” You exclaim, giggling all the same.
JJ laughs and sits back up.
“You can finish the video. I’m done” He shakes his head, taking his hat off to run a hand over his now growing hair.
“Alright guys that’s all for today. I think we’ve realised JJ can’t do anything right on his own and-” You start and he jabs your side to tickle you, “JJ go away!” You squeal, darting across the room instantly.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You and JJ are cuddled in his bed by the time his video has gone live as he tries to teach you what is happening in the arsenal game as much as possible.
All of a sudden, you notice your phone start to buzz with Twitter notifications tagging you and your boyfriend.
‘Omfg never seen JJ in love so much😍’
‘This guys fallen hard. Good on him’
‘Couldn’t find someone better for JJ. They’re so cute already!!!!’
“Looks like people liked the video baby” JJ mumbles from beside you, shuffling so his arms are still firmly around you.
“Who’d have thought that?” You comment, still scrolling through the tweets until you see one with a screenshot of the end of the video where JJ’s eyes were fixated on you talking.
“Alright alright we don’t need to see that do we” He says quickly, locking your phone and putting it on the side, “Come here”
You snuggle closer into him and he tries to explain what is happening on the video and neither of you notice Simon come into the room.
He quickly takes a photo of the pair of you and instantly posts it to twitter- 'You guys are right. They’re perfect’

Why Can't Anyone Hear Me? (Part 3)

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Angst, Fluff (More fluff this chapter)

Warnings: Rape, Depression, Mental Issues, Cursing

Words: 2,025

Summary: Summary: Dan and Phil have a healthy, happy relationship that has been on going for five years and one day when they get into a fight, Dan wonders off to a bar to be hit on by a stranger.

A/N: Okay so I got more than 30 notes on the last chapter so here is the promised chapter 3. I really didn’t want to write this in third person so I switched to Dan’s POV so please don’t murder me oh my god. I know people prefer third person but I have an easier time writing it in a certain persons point of view ok this will probably make it less amazing. Sidenote, I loved those anons I got from you guys. They were fkn adorable omfg you’re all so sweet and supporting and I can’t thank you enough. If you want to check out my other phanfics, click here. This will probably be the last chapter, but even if I decide to write a chapter 4 (which is not unlikely) it will be later on this month. Much later. I’ve been getting bad grades and my mom is trying to make me do better by taking away my laptop. Algebra is fucking hard. Ugh but I love you guys and thanks for reading.

Okay and for the rest of the story, click on these links.

Part 1 Part 2

I also don’t feel like this was good. Idk when I was writing, I kept getting annoyed at myself.

If this gets to maybe 60 notes (say whaaaaaat i know that’s a lot) then I’ll force my mom to let me on the computer for a little while longer and hopefully get another chapter done possibly. Sorry this one was short. I’ma stop talking now ok bye


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all yours | jungkook

Originally posted by donewithjeon

“____, come get in the hot tub with us.”

Jungkook stood at the doorway with the water from his clothes dripping onto the floor. His hair was flat against his head with the droplets running down his face.

“Nah i’m fine Kookie but thanks for the offer.” Your eyes verted from his chest that was prominent through the soaking shirt. He was getting bigger and you was so in love with the enchantments. You bit your lip when he smiled with an ‘okay’ before leaving back out to the rest of the boys. 

Fuck, why did you like him so much?

You jogged back to your room and picked up your phone, face timing your best friend. “Um yeaaas love?” Her voice echoed around the quiet room. 

 You smiled, “I’m bored boo.”

“Go suck Jungkook dry then.” She said nonchalantly without even looking in the screen and doing whatever else she was doing. You laughed and covered your face before taking them down.

“Yeah, no thanks.”

“Where is he anyways?”

“Outside. Him and the boys are enjoying my hot tub.”

“Get in that hot tub! Get me a rub in on Taehyung for me.” She smirked.

“Taehyung doesn’t want a bum like you.” You joked but your best friend face went straight and hung up. 

That was hilarious to you though.

After much debate you threw on a t shirt and mini shorts just so you would feel comfortable around 7 guys.

“Ayeee there she is!” Hoseok grinned.

You smiled and climbed into the hot tub, taking a seat next to Jimin and Jungkook. Taehyung splashed water in your face and made you struggle just to chill. You wiped your face and pulled the wet strings of hair behind your ear.

“Tae stop!” You giggled and lightly splashed water back in his direction.

 Taehyung smiled at you before shaking his head and turning his head to talk back to Hoseok. You could feel someone soft hand touch your thigh. You looked to your side to see Jungkook looking at you already. You grabbed his hand and pushed it away with a shy smile. Everybody was talking and playing around but at that present time it felt like it was just you and him.

Jungkook moved closer to you. “Why are you acting so shy?” He whispered so only you could here. He dipped his head closer to your face. 

You shrugged, “I don’t know…”

“Look at me.” 

You looked up at him. His eyes was reflecting off the sunset.

“Yes Jungkook?”

“You look cute.” He smiled.

 You giggled, “So do you.”

“I know.” He smirked and placed his hand back on your thigh. You scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“You two are sickening.” Yoongi inputted in his opinion. 


 You stepped out the shower and got yourself together to go watch a movie with the boys. After drying your body and putting clothes and lotion on, you grabbed your phone off the dresser and walked out the room. You could hear the TV blasting some kind of action movie. The boys were sprawled out over your big couch and floor with covers and pillows everywhere. There was light snoring coming from Namjoon’s mouth and you smiled before turning off the TV. 

You didn’t see Jungkook anywhere in the bunch and was confused. “Where is he?” You whispered to yourself. 

You pondered on the question while going to turn off the lights for the sleeping boys. “He’s in the guest room,” Taehyung mumbled before turning his head deep into the covers.

You lightly jumped at his voice and quickly tip toed out of their way. You bit your lip while standing at your bedroom door. Should you go in there?

Yeah, you should.

Walking down to the room he was in, you opened the door and saw him laying underneath the covers. You turned to close the door back. You made your way over to the other side of the bed and lightly sat on the bed.

“Kookie…” You whispered and shook his arm lightly.

He groaned and turned towards you but was still sleeping with his mouth open just a little. You pulled the sheets up and climbed underneath and moved closer to him. Your body was heating up at the fact you was actually bold enough to do this. His arms wrapped around your frame and you looked up to see his eyes in yours. You looked down blushing and snuggled closer to his warm body.



“Look up for me,”

You looked up to Jungkook leaning down to leave his lips on yours. You leaned in more and kissed him back, heart starting to tingle from his soft lips. He parted from your lips and worked his way down your neck. He slowly moved on top of you and pulled down the pink tank top down just enough to leave little love marks over your chest and neck.

“Jungkook,” Your breathing was heavy.

He hummed and trailed his lips from your chest up to your cheek, leaving pecks over and over. You grabbed the sides of his face and pulled his face down to leave a sensual kiss.

“You’re killing me babe.” Jungkook moaned after pulling away from you.

“Babe?” A huge smile started to come over your face but you tired so hard to fight it.

Jungkook noticed and laughed, “I wouldn’t be doing this if you wasn’t my girl.” Your smile finally had finally over your face and you wrapped your arms around his neck before pulling him all the way down onto you.

“I’m your girrrl, your only girrrl!” You sing songed in his ear.

He chuckled into your neck and got comfortable on top of you. “Yeah you are. My only girl.”

 —  kay 💓 idk what this is but i love jungkook omfg