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A foolish traveler was on a journey. He was stupid because he was easily tricked. The townspeople took advantage of him. On that journey, he was tricked into giving away all his money, clothes, and shoes. But the traveler was foolish, so when the townspeople lied to him saying, “this will really help,” tears would stream down his face…and he would say, “please be happy.” When he gave away his last belonging…he was naked and ashamed to be seen. So he decided to travel into the forest. Then he met the monsters who lived in the forest. They wanted to eat him, so they tricked him with clever words. Of course, the traveler was fooled and when the monsters asked, he gave up his arms and legs. Eventually the traveler was nothing but a head. He even gave his eyes to the last monster he met. As the monster munched on his eyes…he said, “thank you. I’ll give this to you in return.” and left him. But that was a lie, too. His gift was a single piece of paper that had fool written on it. But the traveler cried saying: “Thank you, thank you. This is the first time anyone’s given me anything. I’m so happy. Thank you. Thank you.” And tears kept flowing from his eye sockets. And while he was crying…he died.

Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket Volume 3, Chapter 17

“…Everyone… laughed. While they laughed I closed my eyes…and thought about the traveler. I thought about the traveler who was tricked into being nothing but a crying head saying, ‘thank you.’ and…I thought…how…lucky…he was. Loss…suffering…its pointless to think about them. The traveler didnt think about them.That might be stupid to some people…but it’s not stupid to me. That I won’t trick anyone, even if other people think that person deserves it. I just want to make them happy.”

BTS before their date


“Ok, I need to get in shape, she likes my back and shoulders the most.”

*ends up his training after 3 hours*


*dresses up*

*eats more*

*looks in the mirror*

*eats again*

“Ye, now I’m irresistible even more than usual.”

*eats a bit more*


*wakes up earlier than he’s used to*

“Oh God, where are my eyeballs?”

*thinks a lot what to do so early in the morning*

*looks at clocks to be sure, what time is it*

*looks around him with suddenly blank mind*

*looks at clocks again*

“I think, I woke up too early. I’ll just go and sleep more.”


“This day has finally cOoOoOoOmEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE!” 

*since morning he’s energizer*

*screams all the time*

*jumps all the time*

*smiles all the time*

*laughs at things what are not funny all the time*

*calms down after he sees himself in some reflection*

*just now thinks about what to dress*

“Should I put some make-up on or no?” *happy-hysterical screaming-laughing in front of mirror* “She said, she doesn’t like, when I wear make-up…”


“Shit, I was so flurried that I didn’t sleep all night.”

*drinks coffee*

*drinks a lot of coffee*

*gets just too much hype*

*breaks every small thing, what is around him in range of 10 metres*

*trying to get in sense by listening to music*

*falls asleep*

*getting up too late*

*that late that his date was like 5 hours ago*



*calmly eats his breakfast*

BTS: “Jimin, do you remember, that you are going on date today?”

Jimin: “… what did you say?”

*running around like hes late for his date*

*sees, that he has much more time than he thought*

*spends 1 hour by enthusiastic running outside while thinking about that one girl*

*showers with his best smelling shower gel*

*tries to find good outfit*

*tries really hard*

*finally decides to go*

*stops and changes his clothes one more time*


“Its heeeereeeeee~”

*eats his favourite breakfast*

*drinks his favourite limonade*

*tweets, how happy he is*

*calls his parents to say, that he loves them and how hes grateful them for his birth*

*jumps around*

*sings his favourite trot*

*tries to rap*

*rather goes back to singing trot but with his own lyrics about his girl*

BTS: “Taehyung…”

Taehyung: “Yes?” *still very happy*

BTS: “Your date is tomorrow.”



“Oh my God, my face…”

*complains about his stupidity*

*tries to eat something*

*he is too nervous to eat so he goes to workout*

*cant workout so he goes to choose some clothes*

*cant choose any outfit cuz hes too nervous*

*asks his make-up noona to do make-up for him*

*looks at his reflection for a long time*

“Argh, even make-up couldn’t help.”

Master list


“Don’t let go,” Kurapika said. Calmly. Seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had turned from a controlled electric field into a force of nature. “Just let it burn out, it’s alright. It’s just St. Elmo’s fire, perfectly safe. You did nothing wrong. Leorio?” He could say nothing in reply. “Leorio, are you listening to me, you did nothing wrong. I had speculated this would happen.”

There was only one question on his mind.


this is my piece for the hxhbb!! I got @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic Cauda Pavonis (which is on AO3 go read it!!). it was such an honor to read this fic (even though I was slow with it) and it was so so good! i’m am honestly so amazed by how wonderful this fic was it was so magical (*wink wink*) and the writing is superb. 

it was a beautifully written dreamseer AU and i cried when i finished it. it was honestly so so good I could go on and on about it, but please go read it.  70k+ words that are completely worth it.

i feel so lucky to have gotten to draw for this (even though i feel I can’t do it justice) and i definitely plan to make more pieces in the future for the fic in general!! i just ran out of time lol. this whole experience with the hxhbb was so much fun and a great way to get to know people and their work. thank you


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 6 | first generation

      Jonathan has been inviting me to these kinds of fundraisers more often after my successful business launch of Fizzle two years ago. Throughout all the years of our friendship, his belief in me and my dreams has never wavered. It’s mostly thanks to his constant support that I finally pursued my dreams.
     My best friend manouvers us between people with utmost confidence, his eyes set on the bar across the room. He seems eager to reach it as soon as possible. Not that I’m surprised by this—he always has a drink in his hand.

     “Jonathan!” calls a feminine voice over the music and people’s chatting. I stop and turn to look behind us. A girl with brown hair and curious eyes, reaching almost to my shoulders in height, is walking toward us in a hurried space. 
     “Aren’t you going to introduce us, Jonathan?” she asks him while flashing a polite smile towards me.
     “Greg, meet Sam. Sam, this is Greg. We done now? I need to find a drink soon.“ He separates from us and starts towards the bar again.
     The girl in front of me hoffs, but tries to hide it with a smile. I get the slight feeling that she’s internally rolling her eyes at him, but gives a pointed look at Jonathan’s back instead. “He knows better than to call me Sam.” She offers me her hand and a smile to go with it. “I’m Samantha. Nice to meet you, Greg.” 
     I shake her delicate hand and offer a “Nice to meet you you too!” back. Something about her makes me think that this won’t be the last time we meet. And, right now, with her smiling up at me, her hand still captured by my own, I’m not sure I mind.


I wanna be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Being a reporter is about connecting with people, it’s about finding hidden truths and sharing it with the world, it’s about service, and about telling stories that need to be told in order to make the world a better, more comprehensible place, and it’s going to make me the best version of myself ‘cause it will definitely push me out my comfort zone. This is it for me, this is my calling.



Day 8: The funniest character

Mikoshiba Mikoto 💕 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

oracleofink  asked:

I looooooooove the way you do colors. You're basically my hero when it comes to coloring and shading because you make everything so lively, vibrant, and pretty! It's really eye-catching and nice, but never overpowering!! Like, sometimes I look at your stuff and I'm like ughhhh so good!! How did you get so good at color theory omfg!!

Thank you! T_T

Color is something a lot of people comment on about my work! I’m really glad, because I struggled with it for a very long time.  For me, I had kind of a “Eureka!!” moment when I took a comic coloring class at SCAD, and learned a really basic principle:  

Warm light makes cold shadows.
Cold light makes warm shadows.

Years ago I made a few tutorials about how to light different kinds of scenes. You can read them in this tag, along with a lot of other misc. art and comic tips from me:

A good habit to have is to check out real life color and lighting situations until you have a good grasp of doing it on your own.  And even then, I still like to check out how lighting looks in sunsets, nightclubs, etc, to get new ideas.

P.S. There are always exceptions to every rule, of course.  Underwater images are pretty much all cold blue light and shadows because water absorbs light!  Reds, oranges, and yellows are absorbed first.  You can learn more about that here!

gentlemangos  asked:

best friends turned super MEGA awkward one-sided crush? or just ever more awkward lovers :0c thanks!!

Sure! (i love these ones so much omg you have no idea)

  • I’ve liked you for a long time now but you keep going out with assholes wtf
  • i keep trying to stay cool around you but you make me so flustered and so you think i’m this super shy nice person but i’m really not
  • i’m usually super suave but you make me fumble over my words omfg i hate it
  • soo we’ve never been in a relationship before and we now have no idea what to do
  • i didn’t know how to ask you out so i took tips from cheesy romance movies and i can’t believe it worked
  • i didn’t know how to ask you out so i took tips from cheesy romance movies and you laughed thinking i was kidding
  • you started avoiding me recently wtf did i make you mad or something???
  • i was writing you anonymous love letters but i accidentally gave you something else instead that had my name on it and now the jig is up

I hope you liked these! :D I tried not to be TOO cliche with them :)


I just hit 1k, (thank you so much guys!!) so I thought I’d do one of these for all the amazing people I follow xxx

Friends <33

floatingkitty ♡ cxstiels ♡ feistymeg ♡ samdreel ♡ musedean ♡ afteritstops ♡ burrytoes ♡ hooly1010

mutuals bolded, you’re all my favourites <3


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anonymous asked:

whats a onew condition...?

????? omg what ??? are you a new shawol?? :DDDDDD OMG I’m trying to find out whether this is a prank or not xD regardless, let me educate you my lost little lamb <33

onew condition (aka onew sangtae) is….. anything that onew does which is rly rly rly endearing soooo endearing where you want to squish his face,

and sometimes it can make you rly worried like when he does this :

Mostly its a lot of falling over, or a lot of body throwing. Back in the days it made shawols think “is it accidental or is it on purpose” but now we just live with it and enjoy it xD its his charm xD 

or when he makes lots of silly korean puns or word play:

here, some videos/ shows where onew condition is in full xD   ~ star golden bell ~ yunhanam 

and all of night star and all of hello baby, and yunhannam xD 

or just when he’s being Onew tbh XD 

theres soooo much more just afaskgjhskjgah basically most things that onew does that includes falling, being cute and making you feel bubbly inside xD 

heres the song



i am such trash what is this welcome to my first follow forever! this is a million years overdue but it seems being out of school hasn’t deterred my procrastination skills in the slightest *quietly sobs*

I just recently hit 800 followers!! I’ve had this blog for sooooo long, but I went through a hundred and two different phases so thank you to those who continued following me even though I didn’t post content they liked/followed! Thank you so much as well to those blogs who followed me when I just got into Seventeen! you guys are the reason why I really got into Seventeen so deeply haha

special mention goes to the lovely participants of Project Toothpaste! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! 

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also special thanks to the two networks I’m part of: hotshot-network and wonwoo-net!!! I’ve just joined but I hope to become closer to all the members!!

and now onto the lovelies I follow that everyone else should too! i didn’t bold anyone because I love all of these blogs and this entire list would be bolded anyway OTL. also sorry for weird formatting and also if I mention you twice bc I’m a piece of shit haha ;;

# - G
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I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting someone, but just know that I love each and every one of my followers and followees!!

now, for the very last bit! these are the very very very special mentions haha

the8soo: gen gen gen, my lovely gen. you were my very first close friend on tumblr and I’m so happy I got to meet you. I don’t think I would’ve been as confident and carefree on tumblr if it weren’t for you taking the first step and offering the hand of friendship to me. I love you and thanks for being really fucking amazing. (also good luck on your studies!! I know you’ve been working extra super hard haha) let’s be friends for as long as we can!

l-eechannie: you little shit who changed your url without telling me. You are such a precious human being and I am really happy you worked up the courage to message me because I can’t imagine life/tumblr/the internet without you. we could have been twins if it weren’t for the tiny issue of age difference (and birthdays lmao) but I consider you one of my best friends and I’ll love you forever! here’s to a long-lasting friendship :)

actually this is the actual last part haha. shoutout to my irl friends who follow me despite me posting things they don’t care about (or even if they do care about whatever)

pandaroll445: yo you probably have no idea what a follow forever is bc you just got a tumblr but you’re cool and awesome and thanks for being a great friend even if i was a crazy mofo when we first met. everyone go follow my friend she posts amazing art and she’s very talented!!

twir-ling: xandra you piece of shit why didn’t you tell me you were becoming a young dancers counselor. anyway idk if you know but i dropped my phone in the toilet so i literally can only communicate through tumblr and facebook but hi thanks for being an awesome friend for like forever of my life and please let’s hang when you get back yeah? idk if this is even the right blog but ok everyone please follow my friend she posts random stuff but she also has a book blog which is probably linked on this blog so go check her out!

minghahahao: everyone probably knows by now but this is my little sister. you’re a piece of jack but whatever you’re cool like 50% of the time so it’s nbd. she posts dance covers and her own edits and other random stuff but she has a great blog so follow her too!

chelseaa143rice: (your url is so boring yo) my crazy kpop friend!!!! you’re literally like the only person besides my sister irl who understands my kpop obsession and we totes need to talk more at school! too bad we most likely won’t have classes together next year bc I’m taking 5 APs (kill me pls) but let’s hang some time yeah?

I probably also forgot some irl friends but I wasn’t going into this thinking I was going to emerge completely successful so I’m very sorry and I still love you haha. I’ll end this here before it gets too boring oops. Thanks everyone for being amazing and making my experiences on tumblr something I’ll never forget!!

anonymous asked:

bellamy + clarke zombie apocalypse AU [bc u slay my entire ass my love]?

okay I’m so bad at zombie apocalypse AUs so here’s a Mad Max: Fury Road Au- I hope it’s okay! sorry it took a million years, it’s bc of who I am as a person

When Bellamy Blake comes to, the first thing he registers is the burning of his back. As he slowly takes in his surroundings, he remembers the needle, the awful sting as the War Boys carved information into his back. They had finally captured him last night, after weeks on the run. They cut his hair and extracted some bone marrow before shoving him into the cage he’s in now, hanging from the wall with a drip flowing his blood into the vein’s of one of the sick War Boys.

He’s still waiting for the day when his survival instincts finally shut up and tell him it’s not worth it. Now that he’s lost Octavia, there’s not much to live for anymore.

“Treason! Betrayal!” A War Boy comes sprinting into the dungeons, heading for the pile of wheels in the corner. They all look the same: pale, bald, and sickly, with tumors and growths sprouting from random appendages. “There’s an Imperator gone rogue!”

“An Imperator? Which one?” The War Boy draining Bellamy’s blood perks up and turns to look at the other. When he turns, Bellamy can just make out his name, hastily tattooed at the bottom of his neck, right below the symbol of the Immortan.


“Griffin,” the other War Boy says, grabbing a wheel. Murphy’s eyes narrow and he draws himself up to his full height.

“That’s my wheel. You’re just my lancer, Dax.”

Dax smirks. “You can’t go anywhere without your bloodbag. This is my ride.”

Murphy lunges forward, grabbing the wheel and slamming his forehead into Dax’s. The latter stumbles backward, losing his grip on the wheel, and Murphy rips it free of his hands.

“We take my bloodbag with us.” He looms forward over Dax, grinning widely and showing off his chipped yellow teeth. “And if I die, I die historic on the Fury Road.” [AO3]

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