omfg it took me forever

R.I.P ALFRED #alfred’slifematter

Arthur: Why would I even name my dog after my best friend?? 

Arthur doesn’t need another Alfred in his life 

lmao s to p 

this is reserved for alfred’s son

Arthur: I will not name any of my pets after my father and brother’s name!

//sobs r.i.p winston :’((

((wtf these are adorable names))

((I shall consider naming my future pets with this ))

(( nice try guys  ))

but omf Alfur sounds good 



Ye s!! I’ll just have to draw the third part of the birthday comic to reveal it


it’s still kaworu’s birthday i’m not too late!!

i’m not good with character deconstructions or whatever and i had to rush this in order to make it on time for this angel’s birthday but my idea was along the lines of kaworu making his own choices since being with seele, the idea that “kaworu” does not matter (’merely a tool for instrumentality’) is repeatedly engraved in his mind and maybe he thinks about it though kaworu seems pretty cool most of the time! but with shinji, he probably truly felt/feels love for being who he is!! idk! something like that but anyway!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAWORU!!

hotshotfeelthatbeat  asked:

hello i've recently gotten into coin so can u tell me about them literally anything

boy oH BOY CAN I!!!!!!!!!

(i’d like to start w a disclaimer that coin is my all-time fav band and have literally never done anything problematic (srsly not even kidding) and i’ll probably go way overboard but i LOVE THEM)

coin crash course:

so coin (COIN) is a four-piece indie rock band from nashville, tn! they formed in 2012 and released their first album (self-titled COIN duh) in 2015 and it was a banger. their most recent album, how will you know if you never try? was release in april 2017 (and has that one song that you heard on every radio station last year u kno the one)


chase lawrence (@chase_lawrence) / he sing and he play piano

literally best human being alive. will remember you no matter how many times you’ve seen them or how many shows he’s played. 11/10 hugs, altho weird smiles in pictures. will never shut up once you get him going (wrote hit song about this fact). nicest person i’ve ever met?? I LOVE HIM!!!!! SO Much Hair like Ridiculous Amount of Hair how does he see? he doesn’t. also referred to as trace florence and guess whomst invented that it was me and he loves it

zach dyke (@zacharydyke) / he play bass

saddest human alive. will complain that no fans come and talk to him, yet actively avoids any fans and attempts to talk to him. has to be forced into hugs. kinda boney. 9/10 hugger. strangely fit lately. most depressing twitter feed on earth. enjoys taking intentionally awkward photos. can’t think of many situations where a red lobster giftcard would come in handy. looks like he’s waiting for the Sweet Release of Death during shows and guess what? he is. jk. pls love him.

joe memmel (@JoeMemmel) / he guitar and sing

jesus hair. actual middle child of the band, constantly forgotten. and why!!!!! he is the best!!!!! has some hozier-like sense of mystery around him. who is he. very good person. 10/10 hugs. solid player. constantly dresses way too warmly for shows. sweaters are never a good idea on stage, joe. so kind. sometimes has strange shoe choices. loves his nephews. sweet boy. 

ryan winnen (@RyanWinnen) / he drum

hooboy. ry win. most beautiful angel man to exist. kindest boy ever, also very good memory of fans. 16/10 for enthusiasm on hugs, 2/10 bc he Always Sweaty. like always. i have never seen a human being go as hard on the drums as ry win does. loves cleveland. loves smilin’ :) seems like scary aesthetic blogger on twitter and instagram, actually a bright beam of sunshine bubbly human being. adore him. i’ve kissed him twice and that has no baring on this i just like to talk about it.

so that’s coin……………!!!!!!!!!!!!

the signs as clothing styles
  • aries: dominant - leadership; new york style and shows importance
  • taurus: casual - boring; a plain tee and jeans
  • gemini: creative - one of a kind couture; homemade, added something personal, or original attire
  • cancer: comfortable - pajamas; hoodie or big tee and sweatpants
  • leo: hipster - popular girl attire; brand name shirts, skinny jeans, and brand name shoes
  • virgo: clean - perfect; always ironed, no stains, and freshly washed
  • libra: matching - uniformed; shirt matches shoes and/or matching accesories
  • scorpio: sexy - slightly revealing; mini skirts, skinny jeans, and v-neck shirts
  • sagittarius: merch - band supplied clothing; band shirt and jewlery
  • capricorn: professional - business attire; pencil skirts, blouses, and blazers
  • aquarius: grunge - 90s to now; tennis skirts, platform shoes, tight crop tops, and choker necklaces
  • pisces: cute - adorable attire; skirts, blouses, and flowery garments

(ooh look at that i made a banner - it looks stupid and nothing is centered but bear with me, i didn’t even use photoshop and this was my first banner ever sooo)

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make me choose: Oscar Isaac or Rami Malek (asked by roykhaan)