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jack probably routinely forgot mccrees name and often called him jordan/jared/come on gabi give me a hint i know it started with a j

Oh my god u fucking know it

You absolutely know jack would just call him “kid” and “boy” and snap his fingers and expect Jesse to just answer him or do whatever, and I personally bet Jesse did at first b/c who doesn’t hero worship Jack Morrison, war hero, a bit

(He used to hero worship all of the veterans, but Jesse doesn’t hero worship gabe anymore because 1) gabe makes him run laps 2) he saw gabe cry watching a video about a dog helping someone do laundry )

but then gabe teaches Jesse how to self-love and Jesse starts sassing Jack back when he snaps his fingers (not even all that much sass, tbh, just like. Normal levels of teasing) and Jack blows a gasket and tries to yell at him but sorta loses steam when he realizes he has no clue who this kid is

And then gabe swoops in and wrecks Jack for being an ass to his agents and it’s a big giant wreck and Jesse’s half snickering half staring in horror at what he’s caused

“Look, just keep—that one on a leash, gabe—”

“Which one? Tell me specifically who and I’ll keep them off your ass. C'mon, Jackie. What’s their name?”

(B/c like. It’s rude to not care enough to learn your subordinates’ names, for one, and for another, it’s just like Jack to not give a shit about gabe’s people. and gabe is also taking it hella personally that his fave protege, who he’s talked about and bragged about and doted on right in front of Jack, isn’t being remembered by his bf/BFF/whatever they are. So he absolutely drags Jack over the coals on this one )

@kounna | Continued From [x]

Honestly nothing was going as it was supposed to that day. No jobs were up on the board (that were interesting enough to try at least) and no one was in the guild that he even remotely wanted to brawl with. What was going on? So, naturally, being bored- he decided the best option was to go back to Lucy’s place: he could always entertain himself there, right?

Wrong. Even Happy - that traitor!- had gone out with Charle and Wendy somewhere! His Exceed partner had assured him he’d be back by nightfall, but then- where was he? The Sun was already going down! This just wasn’t right- in fact, he’d been so agitated by this turn of events that he’d been in the process of considering booby-trapping Lucy’s entire apartment just to entertain himself. 

- but then her scent caught his attention and he knew he was out of time for that, but hey, that was okay, because he wouldn’t have to be bored! So he’d grinned when the door opened, waved too and just as he was about to shout a greeting- the way she almost tripped over her own feet had his jaw closing and eyes narrowing. 

.. was she going on one of her weird streaks again? “Oi- you okay, there, Lucy?”

Oh no- she was far from okay. She was doing that weird rambling that she’d done the other day again. Only, rather than about loving his hugs it was his- .. his hair? 

Now he knew for SURE he was missing something- he’d definitely have to talk to Happy about this strange behavior again. He just couldn’t keep up with it! Though, he did leave room for her to sit next to him and when she nudged him, he was certain to return the favor, confused stare turning to a grin as he listened to her. At least she wasn’t sick-

- and hey, who didn’t like being complimented, even if it wasn’t making much sense? That’s what he thought to himself, right up until she stood up to walk away and turned around again. Just what in the hell was she doing- did she have some kinda fire under her ass making it where she couldn’t sit still? If so he could totally eat it for her but- … okay that sounded weird. Nope, think of something else like where in the heck as Happy in a time like th-

Or focus on the fact she was grabbing his face again, and kissing him again. Well, not really a kiss, she missed the location of his mouth again, but seriously, why did she keep doing that?! He was so confused, he felt for sure his head might explode!

    “Uh- yeah, sure,  Hey, Lucy- “ Seriously, he could barely even remember the entire thing she rambled about with her pulling stunts off like this, but boy, did he try- “’Course I’m always happy to be together with ya’ too and stuff, but are ya’ feeling sick?” Or on a weird spell-?  Did she drink something funky?

Nope- no answer, she was already walking away again- what in the- ? But with red cheeks and narrowed eyes, her held his intense gaze on the back of her, ears catching what was barely a whisper in the air. Did she just- … ?

      “… I adore ya’ too. You’re the best team mate a guy could have.”

Just, he adored her in a completely different way than she was talking about, didn’t he? And that- that made his gut clench once for all.. 

      “Hey, let’s cook somethin’ and not let Happy have any of it. Call it 
       punishment for being late!”

Clarke Griffin (The 100)

Commander Lexa (The 100)

Alycia Debnam-Carey (Guest Star™)

Alicia Clark (FearTWD)

Alexandria Woods (modern au fanfic)

Laura  (Friend Request)

Woodson?! are you fucking kidding me   ∑(O_O;)

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Could not for the life of me figure out your posts about "d3h" because I am such a nerd I could only think about the point group d3h that is used to describe chemical bonding of molecules with a certain symmetry omfg anyways now that I realized what you really meant it all makes sense now

lmao i didnt even type that but im sorry for the confusion



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"watching stuff while drawing stuff i can't post" sunny are you drawing nsfw

Anon: “while drawing stuff i can’t post”  Sunnyyyy I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

omfg that’s not what I MEANT hahah

I’m just drawing some things personal projects and stuff B)

// woah wow i just realised i am so terrible with backgROUNDS CREY SOFTLY

But aaaah this is my secret santa thingy to Ask-RBraun !!! Hehehe when I got your name i was like omfg yes perfect we are meant to be I so totally know what I’m doing for you even when I don’t read your wishlist omg but

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A LOVELY NEW YEAR and thanks for being an awesome Reiner sama aaaa <33333

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How would BTS' Jin, Suga & J-Hope react if you were clubbing together and you danced really sexy on the dance floor, attracting other guys. (You're not dating, but maybe you two have feelings for each other?)

Jin would have that inner anger, or slight jealousy—but wouldn’t act on it. He’d be fully aware that you aren’t his yet and would restrain himself from ripping off his princess dress and beating the shit out of any guys that touch you that night. I can see him being the “protector from afar” type of person. Meaning he’d be at the bar, having a drink and would only intervene if you asked him, or if a guy got a little TOO touchy.

“Don’t go to the club by yourself—EVER…okay? Only go if im with you…I need to keep an eye on you…” whatever you say princess~

Suga would get beyond pissed—more at you than the guys you were attracting. He’d scold you, pulling you out of the club more roughly than he needed to and calling a taxi to get both of you home. This would be about the time you’d have a itch that “hey, maybe Yoongi likes me a little?”. He’d give off the feeling that he was jealous, he’d be like a kid throwing a tantrum but would deny anything you say about his feelings.

“You shouldn’t be wearing a dress like that out in the first place! I told you that before we left! and why are you dancing with other guys instead huh??? you came with me didnt you???— No other man should be looking at you like that! don’t be stupid no, i’m not jealous” why are you even here with me you should be sleeping like usual

J-hope would be angry, jealous, and somewhat peeved that these guys thought they were good enough to get with you. He’d get right up in there and dance with you. He’d dance with you in a way that the guys around you would know you were his even if you weren’t HOW SAD He’d give the guys a look that that could literally kill on site he isn’t capable of making often because he’s a ray of sunshine jfc Hoseok would be thinking it through less and would just be going with his actions on impulse—so don’t expect his sexy dancing with you to stop even after the men you attracted the attention of leave. He’d either make his feelings known, or leave you possibly more confused than you were before. butoooooo gurl he’d put those dancer hips to work WHAT AM I SAYING OMG IM A FETUS 

/Cue grind on me playing in the background OH MhY goWD PLS STOAHPP/


i…hope you enjoyed…. e_e


-Admin Rina

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I have this headcanon that Natsu realizes Lucy's pregnant before she does because the hormonal changes make her smell different and he asks her about it and she's like no?? but takes a test anyway and they realize he was right


I share this headcanon to an extent! Because it’s canon that Natsu (and the other dragonslayers) have a very keen sense of smell. I like to think that Natsu would definitely pick up on the subtle changes in Lucy’s scent–he’d notice for sure.

But…I’m not sure that he would know what those changes mean.

People’s scents can change (through perfume, or shampoo, or even because of heightened emotions) and it’s not like pregnant women all share the same exact smell. So he’d take note and maybe ask her if she changed her soap or something (to which she’d be like “??? no??”).

And when they do finally realize that Lucy’s pregnant, there would be that AHA! moment for him, where he goes “omfg so that’s what that meant…cool