omfg is the timing even right lmao

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I was wondering if you did speed paints in like one shot or do you edit it ? Cuz I would make them but it takes me quite a time to finish a piece

HELL NAH you think i can sit and draw for 2-3 hours straight? 

I record in lil mini sessions that can range from 10 mins to 40 mins. Its hard not to get distracted on the internet so I often take breaks to watch videos, eat food, or just browse social media lmao. 

Then on iMovie I put all the clips together and nobody’s the wiser…until you check the time on the top corner of my screen and see I will start a drawing at 1 pm and finish it at 2 am lmao but I wasnt sitting there all day

It’s actually a pet peeve of mine when I watch SPs where the artist will write “BRB” on the screen and it just stops for like an entire minute omfg like….pssst… do know you can edit that out right? Or even…stop recording for a damn second…just a lil youtube secret shhh 

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I’m such a hermit lmao. So I have two of my close friends sleeping over my house for the second night in a row right? Like I’ve seen them throughout this entire week and even though I love them to death, I’m the type of person that needs space bc I’m introverted– So I get REALLY drained after hanging with people too much (unless it’s my bf). So for the past two weeks I’ve been surrounded by someone and I haven’t had any solid alone time in a while. Because it’s a Saturday night, one of my friends said she’s going to go out with her bf and then the other friend said she going to hang out with another friend. Instead of joining them, I just gave one of my friends my house keys and told the other one to text me when she comes back LMAO. I wanted to stay home to finish homework and take a nap instead haha.

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I'm a slut for yamaguchi so could u do a scenario where he's feeling rly insecure about his freckles and his s/o is just like "oh my god, shut your fuck, you're even hotter with the freckles" 😂 (I highkey had to lmao)

Omfg you do realise I’ve wrote that in to the scenario because that is amazing right?! And who isn’t a slut for Yama? 😏😏

Yamaguchi had been staring in to the mirror for quite some time, poking around at his face. His expression was sad, saddening the longer he stared at his face. His s/o had been watching him for a little while, standing outside of the open bathroom door. They pushed it open wider, the creak of the door making him turn his head.

“Oh _____, don’t mind me. I was just about to come out anyway. The bathroom is all yours.” As he walked to come out, his s/o stood in his way. “Is there something wrong?” He asked.

“That’s what I should be asking you. Do you not like something about your face?” They asked. Yamaguchi turned his head to the left and sighed.

“It’s just the freckles, nothing to serious. They’ve just been bothering me lately.” His s/o grabbed his face and began inspecting it.

“I don’t see anything wrong with them. They’re perfect.” They smiled. Yamaguchi followed it with a sad smile of his own.

“It’s just that everyone on the volleyball team don’t have freckles and I feel like it makes me stand out more. To be completely honest, sometimes I wish they weren’t there.” His s/o was not happy with his response. How could he say that about such a cute face?! It was just so lovable with the freckles. His s/o retaliated and decided to defend him and his freckles.

“Oh my god, shut your fuck! You’re even hotter with freckles!” Yamaguchi couldn’t help but let out a small snicker at their words. “I wouldn’t want you any other way! Those freckles are important to me and they make you who you are! One of the first things I fell in love with were your freckles and how they were placed so delicately across your nose.” They smiled. Yamaguchi genuinely smiled and pulled them in to a hug.

“Do you seriously mean all of that?” He asked.

“Hell yeah I do! For each freckle you have on your face, I can think of a reason for why I love it. If there are one thousand freckles, I’ll come up with one thousand reasons!” They confidently said, urging Yamaguchi to ask for all of those reasons.

“Do you think you can give me one thousand reasons?” He laughed.

“I can damn well try!” They proudly said back. And so, he and his s/o were sat on the sofa together while he listened to them for hours as they gave him hundreds of reasons why his freckles were amazing.

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Lmao Grant doesn't like karaoke and he chose RHTY as the show theme song or WA's theme song 😂❤ love it 😉

LOL, so do I. 

omfg, the timing and phrasing of that second fan’s question made the pettiness even sweeter, in that she asked what theme song he’d choose for Barry and it was right after that nonsense, b/c he awkwardly sings summer lovin’, and then he just come back and is like, “Runnin’ Home to You is the theme song for Barry and Iris’ love story.”



heyyyy im back hahA exams are finally over sorry for the wait

even tho i’ll have nightmares with 50s fashion for the rest of my life this was incredibly fuN to draw ngl

i was also gonna add slang from that time but when i read stuff like ‘kookie’ and 'get bent’ i knew i wouldnt take it seriously lmao