omfg is the timing even right lmao

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I was wondering if you did speed paints in like one shot or do you edit it ? Cuz I would make them but it takes me quite a time to finish a piece

HELL NAH you think i can sit and draw for 2-3 hours straight? 

I record in lil mini sessions that can range from 10 mins to 40 mins. Its hard not to get distracted on the internet so I often take breaks to watch videos, eat food, or just browse social media lmao. 

Then on iMovie I put all the clips together and nobody’s the wiser…until you check the time on the top corner of my screen and see I will start a drawing at 1 pm and finish it at 2 am lmao but I wasnt sitting there all day

It’s actually a pet peeve of mine when I watch SPs where the artist will write “BRB” on the screen and it just stops for like an entire minute omfg like….pssst… do know you can edit that out right? Or even…stop recording for a damn second…just a lil youtube secret shhh 

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Hwat the fuck m dude..youre the only person i follow who ships allurance!! Klance is still my no.1 but after the development of allura and lance's relationship this season i would be satisfied if they ended up tgt. If theres 1 thing klance/allurance have in common its that their relationships developed rly well from s1 and i bask in it.

RIGHT,,, allance/allurance (can we please make it allance omfg allurance is used for tags other than the ship too lmao) ALLANCE IS SO GOOD!!! at first i was kinda iffy on it because the way lance was around allura all the time but it started growing on me and THEN THIS SEASON HAPPENED and they bonded!!! and lance has matured and is treating allura so respectfully and he even kinda let allura in on some of his insecurities 😭 they have so much potential even as friends,, im so happy with this season. im still rooting for klance but i’d totally be down if allance was end game!

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Lmao Grant doesn't like karaoke and he chose RHTY as the show theme song or WA's theme song 😂❤ love it 😉

LOL, so do I. 

omfg, the timing and phrasing of that second fan’s question made the pettiness even sweeter, in that she asked what theme song he’d choose for Barry and it was right after that nonsense, b/c he awkwardly sings summer lovin’, and then he just come back and is like, “Runnin’ Home to You is the theme song for Barry and Iris’ love story.”


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Name: Ariane Pearl (not even kidding thats my name 2/4th of my name right there)

Nickname(s): Ari, chilipadi, um black pearl???? pear, pea 

Gender: Female
Star sign: Leo!
Height: 167cm lmao
Sexuality: Straight lol
Hogwarts house: According to the official website I’m a hufflepuff!
Favourite animal: everything fuck u for making me choose
Average hours of sleep: 3-5 probs
Dog or cat person: i have a dog but i’m more of a both person
Blanket you sleep with: i,,, any blanket?
Dream trip: to my bed
When I made my blog: i made it a long time ago and used it for other fandoms? i started off looking for worth it blogs and fics and couldn’t find any LOL and then i found out about the bfu fandom? originally i didn’t ship them as much as i shipped the worth it trio but LOOK WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW 
Followers: i don’t even know how i’m at 197 right now
Why I made a Tumblr: tbh i was hella into MidoTaka from knb? and it escalated from there lmao
Reasons for my url: OKAY I DONT EVEN REMEMBER HOW I CAME UP WITH THIS I THINK SOMETHING POSSESSED ME i think i was waiting for my mom in the hair saloon and boom a second later i made an account named weirdo-ing


heyyyy im back hahA exams are finally over sorry for the wait

even tho i’ll have nightmares with 50s fashion for the rest of my life this was incredibly fuN to draw ngl

i was also gonna add slang from that time but when i read stuff like ‘kookie’ and 'get bent’ i knew i wouldnt take it seriously lmao

you guys don’t even know how mad I am about this omfg I cannot believe I was right the first time

it’s like when you’re taking a math test and you erase your answer because it looks wrong and do a different method and put down a different answer that seems more right

and then it turns out your original answer was right and you just hate yourself

I fed you all false information


K SO this is the last post for tonight~

I really want Sheen and Cosmo to team up again because that chaos is just omfg

Also LSFJLKSDf the Randy and Jake team up has to happen I MEAN THEY’RE EVEN BOTH IN DISNEY LIKE OMFG COME ON

Also I wanted to draw the bottom pic liek a screenshot but that never works out for me cuz I can’t seem to ever figure out the right lighting, lining, consistency or watever sobbbb I just want to know how SO BADDDDD SLFJLSF anyway I just pretty much drew/colored it the way I usually do except this time I had fun will a little more of a color combo? idk lmao sdlkfjsklf I’ll post up some kind of story for this pic though or follow up comic for it later~ <333