omfg is that a person!

their love is the purest thing there is, it clears my soul

TV show: This is a TV show called Shits&Farts. It is about shits, & farts. The main characters are two men named Shit, & Fart. They tell shit & fart jokes to each other for the whole twenty-minute runtime.

at least one person you follow on tumblr, instantly: omfg im WITHERING from last nights ep….. the dynamic between shit & fart is so fucking  tense and erotic……im still fucking sobbing i hate my sweet babies….. why do they treat each other like this im fucking BATHING IN ACID….. its so good…….. im EMBALMING MYSELF and then DESECRATING MY OWN CORPSE…..

Can we please kill the stereotype that NTs are cold, dispassionate people? I mean we might actually be planning your murder but I can assure you we’re passionate about it.

me and @forsaken-spirits have been wanting to do a Klance collab for a while so here it is! Keith and Lance doing a jacket swap ouo and here’s a speedpaint of it!

I did the lines and she did the colors 💖✨

The Devil wears Prada is such an interesting movie because there’s just something about it that IMMEDIATELY clicks with lesbians.

The strange thing is that, despite being so extremely obvious to lesbians, it flies right over straight people’s heads. Straight people see no tension, no hint of anything even remotely gay (even when I made a slideshow for my mom, yes I actually did that, she still didn’t see it) and yet this silly little movie which came and went back in 2006 still has a following/fandom 10 years later. There is still content being created for it. Lesbians kept it alive …It’s always nice to know you’re not weird, straight people are just oblivious haha

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