omfg im so happy

I am so in love with this commission made by the wonderful @istehlurvz oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for this :’) I am truly going to appreciate this…ahhhh!! ; v ;


Different press conference, same boredom.

“근데 니가 마크형랑 밥 먹으러 갔잖아”
But you went to go eat with Mark hyung.

Super mega rushed drawing I did because I JUST HAD TO CELEBRATE OSOMATSU-SAN ANNOUNCING A SEASON 2!!!!! I may have cried many tears of joy after hearing the news.

Whilst I was unable to refine this one coz uni classes are a thing I have to be awake for, I’ll make sure to draw SO MUCH stuffs tomorrow onwards!!!

im regretting falling into rare pair hell coz omfg its so freaking hard to find a good fic of them but at the same time im so happy to have fallen coz omfg once i do find a good fic it just pierces through my heart like “bam heres your rare otp enjoy it to the best of your abilities”


T H E  H A N G E D  M A N

Wanted try out an art style called “trash polka” and what’s better for it than my trash fave… in a tarot with… tentacles :’) 
sketch for this was nearly a year old but I’ve been wanting to do that and good to try out a style for pre-existing sketch ~
ah those tentacles turned out cool 8)



Let’s get a little music going. Ah, i’m the DJ.