omfg im gonna pee this omg

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who knows if jared is even sitting besides jensen and if thats not just an edit lmao

im gonna pee my pants omfg

like sorry unfortunately Jared could not be here today [flash to Jared turning over turn styles and kicking bags in the customer service line at the airport] *awkwardly forgets to leave enough space to paste him into his normal seat* so they just awkwardly edit him in right next to jensen - like just go ahead and sliiiiiide that pic down…there we go* *Jared awkwardly stares forward in a different direction that Jensen is so it does make any sense to where he is actually sitting in relation to Jensen*

i cant fucking breathe omfg

he does look like slightly the wrong size and sitting awkwardly and lighting is weird omg guys did they fucking edit him into this pic in post production i like cannot i thought you were joking and now it’s kind of super believable

look at his face in relation to Jensen’s omfg u know it’s prob the angle, since we never see the car at this angle but still lololol looks super weird