omfg idk what am i doing

Tbh the reason I don’t have a clue as to what I want to do with my life is bc I didn’t thINK I’D LIVE PAST 16. SO I DIDN’T PLAN THAT FAR AHEAD.

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(subjective a little since I have a lot of idle / hiatus muses that I keep so I will mention those what have been most active currently??)

-   Pepper, Local Cool-Mom and stereotypical Loud and Rage against the Machine Brujah 👍

-   Tabitha, Trouble wears pink and lives in Pennsylvania 👌

- Augustine, @skeletonglue sentient free-willed skeleton ‘cursed’ in fae magick forced to stay in one place while enjoying wearing wigs and doing the Charleston.


(TIME WILL TELL I AM OFTEN BREWING UP A THOUGHT ON A CHARACTER siigghhhh but uh I guess for want to play more of my ocs come to mind?)

- Paul Henry, hard-bitten somber ass nosferatu fellah who talks very little and even in death never broke the habitual compulsion to chainsmoke.. will blow smoke in your face..

- Nadia, sort of not social non-binary gangrel of a mantis-like persuasion

(I’m just gonna mention my hiatus group as best as I can recall here I guess like I get inspiration for them that comes and goes! Also those I RP;d off tumblr.. tho I have some ocs from sooo long ago I can’t think to list them… LIKE back when I only RP’d as Yautja hunters (aka the Predator!) and damn it will take me a lifetime to write little snide comments about my own characters hahah so just if you want a personality quickie on anyone just ask me!!)


Pyronica, Gravity Falls @hotfootmania


[vtm ocs]

Donald @anythingbutdonnie

Gloria @rubiesandfallenstars

Madonna @peelbacktheflesh

*Shelly, young contemptuous tzimisce living with Madonna and her husband Zhernaboh, as his sired childe specifically.

*Cataleya, Madonna’s own childe who seems high af a lot??? I said her attachment is a fanatical love obsession but I neglected to say it is like on-top of air-headed cult follower like demeanor

*Emma, malkavian often tagged along with Gloria. Suffers OCD and age-regression somewhat might have displacement of her area awareness

(there is.. probably more??? somewhere)


[Bleach Ocs +intended for repurpose into fandomless - multifandom ocs!]

Buru Anko

Atieno Basque

Pritha Ourania,


[witcher ocs]

Five ALPOR sisters: Sweetbrier, Nutmeg Anne, Box, Hollyhock, Mallow @wail-of-thealpor


[Borderlands +Multifandom or Fandomless]

Betty Ka-Boom @alittlemorebounceinyourbetty

Cass @mouthfullofgrit


[TES ocs ]

Umbrielle Grulul

Lilas Mossbrook

(also like +6 other tes ocs but they rp exclusively with a buddy on teso with me)


[THE ONE surviving Yautja oc I still play]



[ OCs ]

Jureill   - I am most well-known for this asshole specifically lol

Rudee @kinleuxdkla

Desta Miona  - briefly and still needs lots of work!

Rowen - one close to my heart and something that built my friendship with bones lmao ahhhh

Petula - my special cyclops baby! second best known for???

Fairuza  - cyclops slime monster o)

*Angus - cyclops monster who lost his blog and is being worked on lowkey he use to be in the Monsters University fandom loosely.

*Noel - briefly for a rly short time over skype she is a cannibalistic demon with a fucked up appearance I’m talking literal chicken-legs, face peeled back to reveal a bone jaw, and tentacle appendages from her head and back of arms.. all eyes… and some mouths..

(these are all the ones I can think off the top of my head right now at least!)


(See upper list???)


The signs skipping class

Aries: “I feel cool asf.”
Taurus: “Lol what do we do now”
Gemini: “Let’s go find the squad”
Cancer: “What am I doing with my life”
Leo: *screams and runs around school grounds*
Virgo: “We’re gonna get caught omfg.
Libra: *Bitches about everyone*
Scorpio: "YYYAAAASSSSSS later losers”
Sagittarius: “I’m bored.”
Capricorn: “I wanna go back to class kinda”
Aquarius: *sits in corner and scrolls through Instagram*
Pisces: “Why don’t I do this more often”



It’s #asianinvasion and you know what? I’m tired of racism. I’m tired of my people being fetishised. I’m tired of the fact that I’ve been called shit like “ching chong” and “beijing” and a “fucking Asian” and being bullied throughout my primary and high school life by white people and now I see them appropriating and associating with my culture and saying they’re “appreciating” it by trying to look and be one of us. No. I’m not having my culture, the only thing that makes me who I am, taken away by the exact people who oppressed it. You want to be Asian? You want to deal with the racism, slurs, stereotypes, belittling, fetishisation, strict culture, or being labelled as “submissive”? No? Then don’t try to be us. We don’t want you here.

#AsianInvasion #MyCultureIsNotYourCostume #IAmNotYourFetish #IAmVietnamese #IAmChinese