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Chizuru Analysis (1)

 People often criticize Hakuouki, specifically because of Chizuru–making such complaints that she is a passive character, that she does nothing for herself, that she’s not on equal footing with the men. They like to set up comparisons against Western female leads in video games, such as Fem!Shepherd. It basically amounts to “Chizuru is weak” which is undoubtedly a word you’ll see used to describe her frequently if you peruse the tags for any duration.

“Weak” and “strong” are very subjective terms. What makes one person stronger than the other? Does one character taking the initiative to kill people make them better than a character who refuses to kill anyone? It’s really hard to judge objectively. That’s why I prefer to evaluate characters on a reactive-proactive basis (which tends to be more objective in my opinion). Although keep in mind, one is not necessarily inherently better than the other as many people enjoy reactive characters. That said, the accusation that Chizuru is weak usually stems from people viewing her as a reactive character.

It is no understatement to say that many stories, otome or otherwise, Japanese or American, have reactive characters that only ever respond to what is happening around them without ever taking a role of their own to drive the plot. Hakuouki and Chizuru do not, however, fall under that category.

Chizuru is actually a proactive character. It is true that her going to Kyoto is in response to the lack of letters from her father, but it is an active move to decide to leave Edo to go to Kyoto–to dress in boys clothing and carry a weapon despite her vehement disdain for them.

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  • Me: I just don't understand why in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, dir. Joss Whedon, Sam Wilson was not enlisted to help evacuate people from Sokovia during the final battle against Ultron, considering his job used to literally be pararescue while he was in the military. Those were the exact kind of qualifications the team needed to help them get people out of Sokovia quickly... Where was he? He was already in the beginning of the movie, where did he go? Where did Sam Wilson go? Did no one think to call him? Why wasn't he there? They called in Rhodey real quick, why didn't they call up Sam too? I don't unders--

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Imagine with calum post break up with y/n and he's in an interview and they try to get him to bad mouth y/n but he doesn't and says something sweet so people send the like to y/n

so you two would break it off because the both of you were too busy to be in a relationship with one another, but you still cared and loved each other very much. even though it was a mutual agreement to break it off, it still hurt a lot because the both of you felt as though you were meant to be together- that you were eachother’s end game in life. so when you came up in conversation during an interview, calum immediately sensed the fact that the interviewer was expecting him to completely blame you for some stupid stuff that wasn’t even really so that tabloids could twist his words and make their pockets fuller with his nonexistent “dirty” feelings towards you. however, when he was asked a question that was more than likely to set him up for some snarky comment about you, calum simply said “we just decided to break up because it was more painful to be together but not be together at the same time you know? it sucked because she was- she is the person that is my end game and what i want to have in a relationship and i love her still. she’s a great person and whatever she does, i’ll be proud of her- even if she’s not with me on a romantic level.” and that would emit some swooning hearts because calum was actually in love with you and you’d get a couple of thousand tweets or instagram mentions or whatever about what calum said about you and you just couldn’t stop smiling about the fact that he was still having the same feelings that you were having. who knows- maybe in the future you guys will be able to still be end game for one another :’))

sometimes i just LOVE talking about my friends so much, like not in a bad way, but just because im so damn proud of them i just puff up like a damn momma duck talking about her little ducklings