omfg i'm so excited now


Jake and Harriett’s day of fun part 30000000. Today we went to the zoo!! And I got to feed a giraffe!! Twice! Because Jake gave me his share of the food to give to the animal! And it was amazing!! That giraffe is my life now. Also, Jake pretended he was a flamingo, we visited the bird sanctuary, and got the best lunch and subsequent icecream I have ever eaten in my life. All in all, a successful day.

dipper used to be such a smol awkward nerd in the beginning omfg. he’s so much more confident now. he looks a little older, stronger. and on one hand that makes me really happy, but on the other hand it breaks my heart to think of the horrific circumstances over the summer that forced that change on him. his confidence came at the price of his happiness. he’s so sad and tired.