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I don't know you stance on Voltron ships but is “ Dance with me! ” + Allura/Shiro okay? (Clarify, for your daily writing thing.)

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[song that I love listening to while writing waltz scenes like this]

“Dance with me!”

“Princess, I’m not-” Shiro stumbled over his feet as she tugged him forwards, and found himself pulled into an easy waltz, their hands loosely clasped. He couldn’t help but wonder if her hand was cold, resting against the metal of his arm, and wished that he’d been leading; at least then he could have rested it against her back, so the fabric of her dress would stop the chill. “Shouldn’t I be leading?”

“Altean culture,” Allura said, growing a few inches on him, and grinned at the sight of his wiry smile. “Besides, isn’t it true on Earth that the tallest should lead?”

“Well, no,” Shiro said, wishing there was some way to discreetly rub his sweaty hand on his pant leg. “Men are meant to lead.”

“The more talented dancer should lead.”

He laughed and caught how her eyes crinkled at the corners, glittering just as brightly as the stars through the windows. “Then you have me beat there, Princess.”

“You’re just as good at other things, Shiro,” she said as the music trailed into a long string of gently tapped keys, sounding like a peal of bells throughout the empty ballroom. Coran had found old music tracks and had run off in delight a few moments ago, eager to find the other Paladins and teach them Altean dancing, but Allura had obviously found someone else to study with, and picked up the four steps of a waltz with all the ease that she picked up anything physical. Her lips twisted in amusement as Shiro glanced down at his feet, much more unsure of his own dancing skills, “You say ‘Princess’ very nicely.”

“How flattering,” he mumbled, almost catching the end of her dress, and forced himself to take a deep breath and look up, knowing it was just nerves that made him fumble and trip.

He probably shouldn’t have, he thought a moment later as he stepped on Allura’s dress and they both went sprawling.

With a yelp and a bang both of them went down, and tingles shot through Shiro’s arm, racing along the few nerves that connected his prosthetic to his bicep. He hissed, cradling his elbow, but found himself soon after more preoccupied with Allura, who was still sitting on the ground, her bent knee by his thigh.  

She looked so startled, skirts spread out in a pool of colour, and guilt immediately surged through Shiro. “I’m so sorry-” he said, staggering to his feet and holding out his hand for her to take. However, her shocked expression had already faded into laughter, and Shiro found himself blinking at her in confusion. “Allura? Are you okay?”

“I suppose I should have listened to Keith on how bad a dancer you were!”

Shiro felt his cheeks burn, embarrassment racing through him quick and fast, but Allura wasn’t paying attention to that, instead laying back down on the floor of the castle, her hands behind her head. Shiro found himself settling back down on the floor next to her, the soft fabric of her skirt against his skin-and-bone knuckles. “Thank you for dancing with me anyway, Shiro.”

“Anytime,” he replied, and the smile she gifted him with made it all worth it.


#okay but i’m still not over it#these scenes are literally the same#with even the ashes falling over them#the rise of a savior#and the rise of a pirate#emma started out as a thief#killian started out as a naval officer#and if you think about it they are the complete opposite#in 1x22 we are shown emma finally becoming the savior#in 3x05 we are shown killain becoming a pirate#how certain things led them to be the people we see now#how it changed their lives forever#and it’s no wonder they had a connection from the moment they met#because they have an understanding#because they are kindred spirits#because they see themselves in each other#and just these scenes alone prove that

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I follow you because I don't really have any friends and it's always nice to anonymously message you something and have you always respond. You're always there for me when I really don't have anyone else to talk to about anything and it really helps me to not feel so lonely. Thank you Diane for always voicing your opinion on things too. Please never change.

y’all really must be trying to make me cry oh my god 🤧💖


Wes also touched up on Benji’s back and filled out more of his sleeve today.. aka I just ended up doing a complete rehaul of his back and left arm bye.