omfg i'm really not okay


#okay but i’m still not over it#these scenes are literally the same#with even the ashes falling over them#the rise of a savior#and the rise of a pirate#emma started out as a thief#killian started out as a naval officer#and if you think about it they are the complete opposite#in 1x22 we are shown emma finally becoming the savior#in 3x05 we are shown killain becoming a pirate#how certain things led them to be the people we see now#how it changed their lives forever#and it’s no wonder they had a connection from the moment they met#because they have an understanding#because they are kindred spirits#because they see themselves in each other#and just these scenes alone prove that

Giraffe Sero and Unicorn Ashido!

Yet another piece for my BnHA Kigurumi Series! You can absolutely tell how much I’ve improved with this digital art thing since I first started. Ashido is a pleasure to colour omg I love that girl

Uraraka&Iida | Jirou&Kouda


Wes also touched up on Benji’s back and filled out more of his sleeve today.. aka I just ended up doing a complete rehaul of his back and left arm bye.