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4/17: Happy birthday to the awesome Madeleine (@suzuyahz)!

The Secret of Sherlock Holmes - Full audio

I found it. Here, friends, feast on this, I love you, bye.

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Hi, can I ask you how Ethan, Tyler and Mark would react if the reader constantly wanted cuddles and hugs? Thank you! ❤

absolutely ! this is so cute , omfg .

If the reader constantly wanted cuddles / hugs :


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Ethan (gif): What? Y/N, I’m recording, stop.

Usually it’s Ethan saying “babe, I’m busy,” and then that turns into “okay, fine, just for a minute,” and then the minutes turn to hours and then you both probably fall asleep . You’re constantly complaining when he’s making videos, just walking around the house sighing and groaning and saying “I REALLY WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO CUDDLE WITH RIGHT NOW!” until Ethan’s finally done with his video and tackles you onto the sofa. “Happy now?!” And, obviously, you are, because you got what you wanted. Basically he always caves and cuddles with you no matter what.


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You pouting: Don’t just sit there, hug me!

Tyler, continuing to sit there and laughs at you (gif)

You usually grab is long ass arms and wrap them around you, whether he wants to or not (which he usually doesn’t mind). He’s probably taller than you, so whenever you approach to get a hug, you bury your face into his stomach/chest, and it calms you down almost instantly. He likes to tease you a lot about it, sometimes he’ll even hold you at arm lengths when you’re trying to get at him with hugs and cuddles, until you run at him and lock your arms around him so he can’t get out. He thinks it’s really funny.


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You, holding your arms out and getting slowly closer: You know you wanna.

Mark (gif): I’m watchin’ you.

Mark is so playfully mean about it. Like, he’ll call you needy and whiney, but he’ll always end up cuddling and hugging you, anyway. It’s always, “Oh my gggoooddd, ssstttoooppp,” and “jesus christ, what is your problem?” and then you give a little pouty face, or you hit him in the arm, and he’s like, “fine, god,” and just wraps super muscular arms around you. He’s very playful about it, but you know he doesn’t mind it at all, that’s just how he is.

So I got the chance to meet Liam Payne today!! And let me tell you: that !! shit !! was !! good !!

So basically what happened was we got there around 3, and they weren’t letting people in until about 3:30-3:40. We waited, talked to some cool people, then eventually there was check in. We got all settled in then about 10 minutes later they gave everyone their lanyards and let us into the room. There weren’t seats or anything, just a stage with a couch then an open floor where we could sit (my sister and I got to sit in the third row! And it was extremelyyyyyy close). Anyways, once everyone got into the room one of the radio hosts started asking questions to fans, like asking who was the biggest Liam fan. That went on for a bit before the radio host (Adam Bomb) came in and introduced Liam and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. THAT MAN LOOKED GOOD AS HELL. As you see in the pic above (I’m in the blue btw!), he was wearing a red sweater and he looked so clean and fresh and just so GOOD. He did an interview, talked about Bear and how Cheryl is use to him being gone and how she said that she could do it on her own (in a good way!!). He answered some questions from the fans that had been sent in and for the life of me I can’t remember any of them except this one girl who asked if he likes unicorns??

Anyways, after the whole little interview (which included so many cute moments but I can’t think of them right now because I’m still in shock so maybe if I remember I’ll do another post) he played us his song and out of respect for him and the station, I’m not gonna give any spoilers on it. All I’m going to say is that it’s so much better than what you’re expecting. It’s such a bop and people are gonna love it!!

After that, they had everyone line up and my sister and I were first in line to meet him, but we didn’t want to be first so we went to the back and as we did that, Liam walked by me and looked me dead in the eye and I shit myself it was MAGICAL. We waited in line for about 10 minutes maybe? Probably less bc it went by so quick, but we finally got to the front of the line.

We walked up to him and my sister was first to meet him. She hugged him and he hugged her back (not one of those side hugs, a full blown hug!!) and then basically I did the same thing (also a full blown hug!!) I hugged him as tight as I could in the moment and actually tried so hard to cherish it. As we went to take the picture, he pulled me closer and I sorta fell into him a little bit. After the picture, he was like “I thought I’d go for a different hello there” bc he said it in a really weird way but it was so cute and funny!! After that, we hugged him again (more full blown hugs!!!) and when I hugged him, our cheeks were pressed together and he is sO SOFT GUYS. He smelt sooooooo fucking good. The last thing I said to him was “bye thank you!” And I can’t remember if he said anything back cause it’s sorta a blur :-(

Anyways, we walked away and once outside my sister broke down into sobs because she loves him so much and I was so happy for her omfg.
Basically it was the best day ever and I wish I could go back. I miss him so much and I really don’t wanna go back to reality, but this is definitely something I’m going to remember and cherish the rest of my life!!! :-)

And please ignore the fact that I look awful!! I was just really happy AHHHHH :-)

bitch you better believe i’m taking griffin’s speech about the capacity of love growing every year for taagnus insp

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*sticks leggy out* SO... What are your thoughts on monoizu? >:3c ...Im so alone in this ship omfg


I didn’t put dialogues so you can just come up with whatever you wish for u v u


“i’m not sick. if i were sick, it’s probably because i’m sick of your bullsh-”

(this is inspired by that episode of brooklyn nine nine where rosa is most definitely sick but she refuses to go home until she gets her perp to talk, and terry and gina are shit scared)

  • the decathlon team of midtown high are all shit scared rn
  • not because some villain is trying to take over the world,
  • no, that was last week
  • it’s because mj looks like hell
  • and not in a good way
  • they’re going to be practicing for three hours straight today
  • because they really wanna make it to the finals again
  • i’ll paint a picture for y’all real quick
  • her curly hair is in that half up half down thing
  • her eyes are all puffy and her nose is red like so red
  • peter is worried
  • ned and flash are scared
  • the rest of the team are kinda confused but also v scared
  • “hey, mj! you okay? you look a little…”
  • “sick.”
  • she glares at cindy and flash
  • “i’m fine. i don’t get sick.”
  • but she keeps sneezing throughout drilling them
  • and peter thinks it’s so fucking cute
  • bc her nose is all red and she looks adorably dazed whenever she looks up from her cards
  • wow she is the cutest™
  • so then peter zones out
  • bc he has a giant crush on her
  • and his mind wanders to what would happen if he was her boyfriend and if he was sick
  • and her doing all these cute, fluffy domestic things for him
  • and him kissing her even though he’s sic-
  • “PETER!”
  • peter looks at mj and no joke, she looks like she’s about to pass out at any moment so he runs to her
  • and he’s all like
  • “are u ok? do u need anything?”
  • flash is snickering at the back bc
  • whipped!
  • then michelle looks confused for a second
  • and then she’s like
  • ‘no, are YOU ok? you’re zoning out on me, parker!”
  • but her voice cracks at the end
  • and she tells everyone to take five just so she can pull peter aside and yell at him
  • but it doesn’t work because he’s looking at her with those stupid puppy eyes
  • and he’s clearly worried for her
  • so she tells him to go back and she stomps away
  • five minutes, later,
  • she looks like her normal self again
  • her nose isn’t red
  • the bags under her eyes aren’t evident
  • and peter is relieved for a sec
  • but when she sneezes again,
  • he realises it’s makeup
  • and he’s internally like
  • ‘omfg this girl will be the death of me is2g’
  • as he walks over to her and he makes mr harrington drill the team
  • as he steers her out of the hall so he can call her out
  • “michelle, are u wearing makeup just because you’re sick?”
  • “no, it’s because you guys think i’m sick and i’m not! i just look really bad today you need to understand.”
  • she sounds like a five y/o honestly
  • “mj, why don’t u just go home and rest.”
  • “i don’t need rest, i need us to get to the finals!”
  • peter kinda wishes she had super healing too at this point
  • so they go back to practice and
  • she keeps drilling them for one hour
  • and then they take five again
  • and peter runs out to go get something
  • and like the #boyfriend he is,
  • he comes back with a care package for her
  • and some of her favourite tea
  • everyone on the team rolls their eyes
  • bc when will she realise that he’s head over heels for her already
  • michelle is reluctant at first
  • but then she kinda moans when she takes a sip of the tea
  • and peter has to try and focus on everything but her drinking tea
  • and then he forces her to take cold medicine
  • he assures her that it’s the non drowsy kind
  • because he knows she will kill him if it was the drowsy kind
  • so everything is good right
  • but she becomes super hyper
  • and she’s so loud and active
  • and peter’s like
  • ‘oh no’
  • she goes up to flash and tells him that he’s the greatest athlete she’s ever known
  • and she starts jumping up and down whenever she gets a question right in her head
  • by the end of practice, everyone is twice as terrified as before
  • ned pats his back and wishes him good luck before leaving peter w mj
  • peter is left alone with a hyper mj, wondering if he brought this on himself
  • so he walks her home
  • and she keeps on asking him these really weird questions
  • ‘hey, is spongebob actually a tampon? because he lives in bikini bottom, and he’s a sponge.’
  • peter’s life was changed after that one
  • and when they reach her apartment door
  • which he walked her all the way up to, by the way
  • 9th floor
  • she hugs him real tight
  • and she quietly says, ‘thank you for caring about me,’
  • peter wants to cry
  • that has to be the sweetest thing he’s ever heard someone say
  • but then she’s not letting go
  • she’s clinging to him now
  • they resemble a koala clinging to a eucalyptus tree
  • then her mom opens the door to probably leave the apartment
  • but when she sees the two teenagers outside her door she nearly laughs
  • so her mom begs peter for a photo
  • which becomes his lockscreen whoops
  • and then peter explains everything, while introducing himself
  • and her mom is very amused
  • but she thanks peter
  • and when they finally manage to get her off peter
  • she kisses peter on the cheek and says,
  • ‘see you later, babe’
  • and peter has to walk home with the feeling of her kissing his cheek
  • and with mj calling him babe replaying over and over in his head
  • and when may asks him why his face is so red
  • he just smiles and shrugs it off
the struggle of being into astrology
  • me: so when's your birthday
  • person: it's in march haha
  • me: okay, but what day?
  • person: why does that matter?
  • me: i just like wishing people a happy birthday :)
  • person: okay
  • me: haha :)
  • me: [internally] why won't you just tell me when you're born omfg how the fuck am i going to know if you're an aries or a pisces you little piece of shit

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dumb stozier hc but stan is fluent in french and compliments richie in french (like 'if your face wasn't so cute id punch it'). nobody has the heart to tell him richie is also fluent in french.


- Like this one time Stans like “I wish I could shutup you up by kissing you” in French and Richie like just stops rambling

- like dead in the middle of his sentence and kind of just stares and everyone’s like ??? Wtf ??? Richie y u being quiet for

- and then a massive blush creeps falls upon Richie’s face and he like quickly glances at Stan and he’s like “what did you even just say”

- Stan panics and says he said “Richie, your voice gives me a migraine” and Richie’s like - “no you didnt, that sounds like this” and he says it back to Stan in fluent French

-Stan feels like dying rn

I love my boys