omfg i was doing this for like 3 hours!

A Director’s Commentary - Auditions For A Project!

“I will bitch-slap the next person that says MacaROONS instead of MacaRONS”

“You did NOT add an accent, goddamnit it sounds good FACK”


“-Trying a bad British accent- Scones~ -References Cryaotic- SCONES, BROWN!!”

“Jesus, you sound like you need to lay off the sugar I Love it.”

“Omfg people would die if I added his line. Hidden easter egg maybe?”


“I wonder if I should ask her to do an accent…”

“I suddenly imagine this as an anime–”


“I love everyone..”

Get to Know Me Tag

I was tagged by @thatnerdyblondegirl like forever ago (sorrrryyy)

•Gender: Genderfluid (biologically female and I use any pronouns)
•Star Sign: Scorpio
•Height: 5″ 3′ (like 160 cm I think)
•Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (female lean)
•Hogwarts House: Slytherin without a doubt Slytherin
•Favourite Colour: THE RAINBOW.. no jk I do love the rainbow but I’d have to say my favorite color is any pastel color really
•Favorite Animal: Do spiders count? Cause tbh I really love spider… IF not then Panthers
•Average hours of sleep: Uhm well it really depends, during the school year like 6-7 hours but during the summer 9-10 hours
•Cat or dog person: Cats! Omfg I might be allergic to them but I will cuddle them until I die… Literally.
•Favourite Fictional Character: I have a lot oml…

I guess I’ll go by series that I’ve read and shows and stuff

Illuminae: MCNAULTY (plz stop reminding me of stuff I want to cry)

The Infernal Devices: Jem 

The Mortal Instruments: MAGNUS FUCKING BANE

Harry Potter: plz don’t hate me for this but TBH Bellatrix

Hush Hush: Patch

Attack on Titan: Hanji because we are literally the same person lmao

Yuri!!!on Ice: Yurio

Idk Imma leave it at that cause you get the point, theres so many though

•Number of blankets: I have a heated blanket so that’s the only one that I use lol
•Favourite singer / band: My favorite kpop band is a really close call but I have to say BTS (Bigbang is the follow up though). Non-kpop though I would have to say that my favorite band is Imagine Dragons
•Dream trip: Tbh a trip around the world to like the captial of every major country would be great
•Dream job: Ahhhh, I’m only a sophomore in high school but I feel like I have this pretty well thought out but it might change. As of right now though I would love to go to school to become a chemical engineer
•When was this blog made: Uhhhhmmm the beginning of this school year… Idk
•What made you decide to create this blog: I have an obsession with social media and also @koreaisanaddiction convinced me to make this

I tag @koreaisanaddiction @yesiamgayyy @alyssa-mc and anyone else who wants to do it


SURE! it’s 7am on Monday morning… but i haven’t slept yet! so that means it’s still Sunday to me and i’m totally NOT late posting this!!! ((.O [ ]O.)) GWAAHHHHH~!!! (-^ O^-) OHHH MAN!!! LOL! well~ regardless! here it is!!! The winning piece for MFM week three! <3 and yeah… i kinda cheated… (but can you really cheat when you’re running something though?!?! LOL!) but  @plinys , @aiambia , and @moonwalkingcrab all submitted Pokemon Go themed micro fics and i just… i just had to do something about it!!! LOL! so i didn’t really want to single just one of them out… so i just drew what seemed right to me! LOL! I debated not doing it, since Pokemon Go is everywhere right now… but then i reasoned that that was exactly WHY i should do it! i’m totally into it AND i like the idea of going back through my archive one day and saying “OMFG yeah! XD that was that time!!!” hahahhaha! (-^ O^-)

Still ~ in doing this theme though, i gave up doing some REALLY emotional stuff… and i’ve been going back through the last three weeks of submissions and i think i’m going to do a bonus week somewhere where i’ll pick something from among the old submissions! cuz there is just GREAT stuff in here!! <3

AMYWAY!!! (-O wO-) i really hope you guys enjoy this one!!! <3 <3 <3 Now i’m gonna go catch a few precious hours of sleep!!!! But i’ll be back on in a few hours to get us all ready for today’s Micro Fic Monday!!! (-^ O^-) so i hope your brains are stirring with little tiny sparks of ideas!!! I can’t wait to see what you all have in store!!! We’ve reach the one month mark!!! WOW!!! So great!!! <3 thank you all so much for making this so enjoyable every week!!! *INFINITE HUGS* be back shortly!!! LOVE LOVE!! <3 <3 <3

Micro Fic Monday info page LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
This weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks winning piece LINKED RIGHT HERE! <3

What it’s like being an artist (or me)

1. Draws until 2 am or longer. Or probably doesn’t sleep at all until the next day

2. Now how many cups of coffee did I drink just now.

3. Tonnes of sketches and doodles that never saw the light of day

4. “The file asdfghjkl_01.sai already exists. Would you like to replace it?”

5. Friend: Hey dude, watcha drawin? *quickly slams down laptop screen* Nothing

6. Incomprehensible screeching when computer or software crashes and you haven’t saved yet.

7. More screeching when you realize you’ve been drawing on the wrong layer the whole time

8. Pixel-y re-size issues.

9. Fucked up the human anatomy goddammit spines don’t work that way you idiot

10. Multiply or shade or lumi and shade god send help

11. 35% or 34% opacity help i can’t decide.

12. DE7171 or DE6666 which shade is better OMG WHY

13. *Tweaks brush setting. OK never mind the old setting still better wait what was the value settings again 

14. Pet distractions

15. Has tonnes of references but barely uses it *I’M A PRO I DON’T NEED REFS OMG I SCREWED UP ANATOMY AGAIN HOW DO FEET EVEN WORK OMFG

16. Tiger Mom: OMG could you PLEASE stop wasting time? *Slams down computer screen. HARD.* Me: OMFG COULD YOU PLEASE F*CKING KNOCK THE DOOR FIRST?!

17. Friend: Oh, you draw? Can you draw my face? Me: Stay still for 2 hours and gimme $50 then maybe I’ll consider.

18. I’m gonna draw that old oc of mine *3 minutes later* how do these fuckers look like again

19. can draw either one of 2 things: superb anatomy or superb backgrounds. those that can draw both god bless you DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HARD I TRIED 

20. How do you draw animals to look at least acceptable or identifiable?

21. *More talented artist you follow likes your post* SENPAI NOTICED ME I CAN DIE PEACEFULLY NOW.

22. Work place is a mess of wires, coffee stains and snacks. and probably pet fur

23. Friend: Hey dude can I see your sketchbook? 

Me: No.

Friend: Why not?

Me: Because I don’t want to xP  *silent thought* Cuz there’s porn in here I’m trying to protect you from the fires of hell okay.

24. Constant track playlist on repeat.

25. Excessive homo ships good grief I need to draw some hetero relationship for goddamn sake. 

26. *Draws for almost 2 hours* Well this looks like crap off to the recycle bin with you

27. It’s late, got class / school early tomorrow, and still drawing; F*ck sleep, like Pearl said; I don’t get tired I get results #whatislife 

add more if there’s anything I missed